Moteck Motor Setup on a Dreambox

, posted: 18-Jan-2008 13:44

After playing around for a while deeply confused why I couldn't get my newly purchased Moteck Satellite motor (ex trademe!) to correctly point to Optus D1 I figured out my problem.

I found on another site the following:

The file you need to modify is the /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/config file. The Diseqc 1.2 motor settings are in the line starting with 's:/elitedvb/DVB/config/lnbs/0/RotorTable'

Example Settings are:

Yours may/will well be different but you get the idea..... The format is:
Entry "-0300014"
"-0300" = 030.0 West (Hispa)
"014" = stored position 14


+0192 = 019.2 East
002 = stored position 2

Whenever I load a new image I select diseqc complex setup, untick the USALS setting, save and exit, then load captains settings, reboot.

So What I needed to do was change:


As I had configured D1 (160.0 East) to Stored Position 0. So I needed to remove that and set it to:


This then meant that the GotoXX was always used and hopefully (once the motor is up on my roof!) the motor will move to the right location for each satellite!.

that took me ages to figure out!

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