Fun with Snapper - Take 1

, posted: 20-Jul-2009 08:15

After getting a Snapper USB I thought I would look into what it's all about a bit more, and see if I can see what's going on and look into the card using Linux. Firstly it took a while to figure out where to find the USB Driver software, as the Snapper site isn't exactly obvious on where you download it from: <- The main start page <- Download the ActiveX control <- Download either the USB or Snapper Feeder driver Or direct links: <- Phone home to see if it all works. Ok, so you can start off with getting the ActiveX control installed, this is why you need IE (ugh) Then after I had the drivers installed I found out it's a Smartcard, in fact it's a JCOP 3.1 card as per its ATR. Using standard smartcard interrogation tools, I found the ATR for the USB is: "3B 69 00 FF 4A 43 4F 50 33 31 56 32 32" which means it's a JCOP 31 v22 72K as per: Ok, so it's a pretty secure card, banking quality so doing anything untoward is pretty much out. Now on to see if I can get GPShell working with it: ... Watch this space.

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