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, posted: 26-Sep-2010 14:52

I have extracted the data out of the Radio Spectrum Management Database Spectrum Search Lite which is the Government agency who controlls all radio frequencies in NZ. They kindly put up their whole database as a Access 97 DB free for download (Yay for Open Govt!).  So this is the frequencies that the companies are allowed to transmit from, not necessarily an actual Cell Site.  But more often that not it IS a cell site.
First I transferred the Access Database into a SQLite Database using mdb-sqlite. Then using a SQL Query and Saxon I manipulated the files into KML Files.


I've been playing around with Google Fusion thanks to Mark Hanson's great entry showing how he used the RSM data to get all the radio links:

Now I have a Google Fusion site showing all sites.

Update: I've just added Carrier specific kml's with icons at each site saying what frequencies are transmitted from that site.

Update, this is a work in progress with updated data and displaying the data slightly differently.

RSM Database dump 20 June 2011

If you want a copy of the whole archive to create the KMLs from the RSM Database download just PM me and I will send you the link.

All Sites

All Cell Sites by Carrier:
This lists all Cell Sites broken down by carrier.  The Google Maps 1000 Feature Limit means that it won't load properly in anything other than Google Earth.
KML and Google Maps Link

This has just Telecom, Voda, 2Deg and Woosh, and all the frequencies on a per-site basis.  It still doesn't open very well in Google Maps due to the large number of Placemarks.
And a GPS with the Site Name - Provider and Location all in the Name string: or Google Maps Link


All Telecom Sites: CDMA, XT850 and XT2100
KML or Google Maps Link

Telecom CDMA:
KML or Google Maps Link
Telecom XT 850 Mhz:
KML or Google Maps Link
Telecom XT 2100 Mhz:
KML or Google Maps Link


All Vodafone Sites: 900, 1800 and 2100
KML or Google Maps Link

Vodafone GSM 900:
KML or Google Maps Link
Vodafone GSM 1800:
KML or Google Maps Link
Vodafone WCDMA 2100:
KML or Google Maps Link

Note: I'm not sure which 900Mhz sites are 2G and which are 3G Extended.  This isn't registered in RSM since Vodafone own the frequency and can do what they like with it.

Two Degrees

All Two Degrees Sites: 900, 1800 and 2100
KML or Google Maps Link

Two Degrees GSM 900:
KML or Google Maps Link
Two Degrees GSM 1800:
KML or Google Maps Link
Two Degrees WCDMA 2100:
KML or Google Maps Link

Custom Two Degrees Maps

And New Cell Site Locations (that only have microwave backhaul so far).

KML or Google Maps Link

And All 2D Locations across the country.

KML or Google Maps Link


Woosh TD-CDMA 2067.5:
KML or Google Maps Link

Any other mobile networks I should add, just PM me.

Feel free to redistribute in any format you want, as this is public information from RSM anyway.

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Comment by Alex, on 26-Sep-2010 18:28

Hi there, well done on doing all that.
It's very interesting to see - no wonder I have poor coverage!
Is Vodafone's WCDMA 900MHz network information available or is virtually identical to that of their 900MHz GSM network?

Comment by Neville, on 27-Sep-2010 07:00


Would you have any objection to me converting these files into suitable formats for use with Garmin etc. GPS units and made available free for public use?
I would acknowledge your effort as the source.
The likely place for publication would be here -

Neville Young

Comment by Oncop53, on 27-Sep-2010 13:23

Like Neville said, it would be great if these were in Zenbu, which then become POIs in the NZ Open Maps.

The good thing about Zenbu is that the locations can be corrected based on satellite images, There are a few towers here which are a few tens of meters out.



Comment by simon14, on 28-Sep-2010 10:44

Very nice - interesting to see, thanks!

Comment by abrahamt, on 29-Sep-2010 09:16

You are a legend!!!

did you by any chance come across the the copper/fibre network equivalents (local exhanges and roadside box/distribution locations)?
I would be more than happy to help put these up in the same way.


Comment by jonathan hall, on 2-Oct-2010 09:13

I have taken the same data set and converted it into an augmented reality layar that you can browse from your iphone or android phone. It allows you to see the closest cell sites from where ever you are.

Download the application "layar" from the apple store or android marketplace and then search from within layar for "nz cell sites" .... enjoy

Jonathan hall

Comment by codyc1515, on 25-Oct-2010 09:35

It says near the bottom "Feel free to redistribute in any format you want, as this is public information from RSM anyway."

Comment by denis Wadsworth, on 22-Nov-2010 17:27

Very good and useful maps but they do not show the Vodafone cell at Mokau or the one on Coronation Ave in New Plymouth :-)

Comment by DonGould, on 15-Aug-2011 16:38

BT, can you put 30km rings around each site to show gprs range so we can see which areas are not covered yet?

Also does this info include the RBI funded upgrades?

Comment by Mark Hansen, on 24-Aug-2011 20:10

Hey, thanks for your instructions on using the dataset!

Thanks to your examples, I made a map of the point-to-point links at


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