NZ Cell Site location information - Now with Google Fusion Tables!

, posted: 26-Aug-2011 13:00

Many of you may know that I have an existing blog entry with KML files you can download or load up in Google Earth here:

So... Now thanks to Mark Hansen and is great work he did drawing all the links nationwide

I've come to learn of Google Fusion Tables.  Now the super cool thing about Fusion Tables is you can map data from a table in fusion tables directly into Google Maps and not have the annoying 1000 Placemark limit you have with KMLs plus sluggish response when loading a KML file into Google Maps.

With Google Fusion you can either map directly from with Fusion from your dataset, or write up a small web page and do some pretty stuff.  I've got the web page so then I can add a Fusion Tables style in so all the place marks have a "T"/"V" etc depending on if it's a Telecom or Vodafone site.

Try V2 of The NZ Cell Information:

If you look in the html it lists the Fusion Table data that I extracted out of RSM which can be found here: 1355049

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Comment by SteveON, on 26-Aug-2011 14:41

Had no idea that Telecom was the only network on Stuart Island... With an entire manolopy of 400 people :-)

Comment by codyc1515, on 26-Aug-2011 17:40

@SteveON: I'm curious as to how they get the data over there? Satellite?

Comment by Pete, on 26-Aug-2011 22:41

According to wikipedia, its a radio link (I´d guess digital microwave) as there is a Telecom link to the top of Bluff hill on the mainland

Comment by McNulty, on 27-Aug-2011 13:10

Good use of Fusion. I'm curious to know what the spreadsheet looks like that generated this map. Care to share a line or two?

Comment by DjShadow, on 27-Aug-2011 20:49

At the top of Bluff hill there is a Microwave station, you can clearly see the island from there

Comment by kiwitrc, on 28-Aug-2011 22:57

Really interesting, explains why almost everyone in the South Wairarapa seems to have a Telecom mobile.

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