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, posted: 31-May-2018 11:53

So today I had an interesting issue where I was unable to access a web site from a customers internet connection.

It seems that Akamai IP Reputation Filter has for some reason decided that the reputation of this IP address has some random issue that will prevent me from accessing their web site.

The sites I can't access include:



When I attempt to access the sites I get:


Access Denied

You don't have permission to access "http://www.jbhifi.co.nz/" on this server.

Reference #18.67ff6dcb.1527719015.a6cebb8


At no point in the above do you have any idea this is related to Akamai Web Application Firewall blocking you. There are a number of not particularly helpful posts on the Akamai community talking about the issue.




And none of them provide any real resolution apart from contacting the site you are trying to access and then they can contact Akamai and figure out why.

So after a lengthy conversations it turns out the only way to resolve the issue is to send an email to "support at akamai.com" and then hopefully get to the bottom of why you are blocked.

My first email consisted of:


Akamai does not block users from accessing our customers’ websites. However, our customers can use tools and policies which may in turn block you (the end user). Our customers use these rules to protect them and you from malicious actors on the internet.

We have checked the logs you provided and have found you are being blocked because of a Web Application Firewall rule being triggered by your IP address. The most likely reason that a company or an end user may be blocked from several sites is due to Reputation-based blocking.  Billions of IP addresses interact with the Akamai Intelligent Platform every month, and the Client Reputation module provides information regarding the reputation of each of them. Customers with this module enabled can block IP addresses whose reputation exceeds a certain configurable threshold.

Some of other reasons that a block may be happening are:

Explicit IP blocking / blacklisting

Location-based blacklisting

Rule-based blocking (i.e. web application firewall protections)

HTTP request rate controls (e.g. DoS protections)

We cannot unblock your IP address as it is the Akamai clients who make up the rules to block certain customers. You can check directly with the website owners why your IP is being blocked if you feel you have not done any harm or any illegal activities on the site you are being blocked. 

Having said this, I have checked x.x.x.x and its not being blocked.


So that's no use at all, as we are still blocked. When I finally manage to figure out how to unblock our IP address I will update this blog.

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