Startup nCube launches nCube Smart Home platform

, posted: 11-Jan-2018 14:31

London, 8 January 2018 – UK-based smart home technology company nCube is today pleased to announce the launch of its modular smart home hub platform as well as a new range of branded smart home devices at CES 2018. The new modular design comprises of the new and improved nCube Base, the nCube Security module, the nCube Storage module and the nCube Voice module, all available for purchase in February 2018.

Following months of research, planning and lengthy discussions with customers, telecommunication companies, energy providers, insurers and retailers, nCube have identified the demand for a smart home hub with numerous capabilities including mobile network connection (back-up in the event of home network failure), battery back-up, at- home camera footage recording, voice control such as Alexa and the continued ability to support many wireless protocols.

With customer opinions split on having voice controls in the home, privacy being the main concern, the new nCube modular home hub is a great solution. Staying with the original award-winning blue square box design, the three new optional modules can be stacked magnetically in any order by simply placing one on top of the other. Power supply and connectivity is all provided through the stacking design.

The nCube Base is a full redesign on the existing nCube hub which is no longer Raspberry Pi based, but has a fully customised board embedding Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The base can support both Wi-Fi connection to the home network and simultaneously allow Wi-Fi smart home devices to connect to the nCube base. No longer will smart home users require a myriad of different smart home apps to use for each product as the nCube base helps to integrate the different devices together for a one App home automation system that works effortlessly. The ability to connect to the home network via Wi-Fi is a very popular feature and the ability to allow Wi-Fi smart home devices to connect to nCube means the new base also acts as a firewall for all connected smart home devices. The base even includes 4 LAN ports so LAN connected smart home devices can be directly connected too.

The nCube Security module provides mobile network back-up and battery back-up for approximately 12 hours. This means the whole nCube platform continues to function in the event of either or both a power failure and internet connection failure and is therefore more advanced than many other DIY smart home solutions from a security perspective.

The storage layer provides 1Tb SSD storage for home security camera footage recording for consumers that are wary of cloud storage. Optionally, the user may opt-in on an ad hoc basis to cloud storage accessing recordings when a security incident has occurred.

The voice layer provides voice control such as the existing Alexa integration. With all modules being optional, the consumer can choose exactly what they want from their smart home hub instead of being forced into accepting voice for example.

The development of local storage, battery and internet back-up and the continued ability for the nCube hub to run entirely local (no logic runs on the nCube cloud) demonstrates nCube’s continued commitment and leadership in privacy and security in the smart home industry.

Combining usability with an eye-catching design, nCube has a strong focus on getting devices to work together with the below benefits:

  • Advanced security: learning user lifestyle habits for peace of mind so the home looks lived in whilst occupants are away
  • Harmonised wake-up: a comforting start to the day throughout the entire home
  • Warm return home: a rewarding welcome in the evening
  • Reduced bills: a better way to manage energy consumption and costs

nCube new smart home devices
In addition, nCube is launching a range of branded smart home devices in recognition that consumers expect smart home providers to provide packages of pre-connected devices as well as supporting as many other brand products as possible. The new range of nCube products include a Colour-changing LED bulb, SmartPlug, Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, Water sensor, Light Switch range and nCube multi-socket PowerBar. All products will be available for UK, EU and North American markets.

Pricing and Availability
nCube is available from NZ availability is confirmed however there is no time frame just yet.

About nCube
nCube Home is a tech start-up and the creator of a smart home hub that aims to integrate all your smart home devices with each other. With its unique privacy settings, offline feature and the way it adds comfort and convenience to handling all your devices at once, we call it "the brain at your home's heart" - for making your home truly smart. In 2017 nCube was included in the 12 UK internet of things start-ups to watch on Techworld.

The full product brochure is available Here (Google Drive).

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