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Impending InstallFest!

, posted: 10-Jan-2014 23:19

Back in April 2012, I hosted an InstallFest to celebrate the release of the latest Ubuntu LTS release. The idea was to get all my own computers upgraded to the latest version on the day of release, and anyone who wanted to join me would be welcome to make use of the installation media I would be creating. I burned DVDs and made bootable flash devices to install pretty much any Ubuntu Precise Pangolin flavour from, including both 32bit and 64bit versions of the desktop, server, and alternate versions of Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu. I had spent heaps on refreshments for the day, buying chips and dip, softdrink, pizza, cake, etc. The event was held at Tangleball, my local hackerspace/makerspace, which happens to have an APT cache configured so that downloads of apps from repo's are cached. There was lots of preparation for the InstallFest, and I was there all day, installing Precise Pangolin on all my home computers.

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts to invite others to participate, I was there alone, and struggled to eat all the food!

This year Ubuntu is turning 14.04 LTS, Trusty Tahr. I'm looking forward to the new version and I intend to host another InstallFest to celebrate. This year the LTS version will be released on or around 17th April 2014. That will probably mean it will be released on the 18th April NZT. Perhaps the InstallFest should be scheduled for the following weekend, say Saturday 19th April? I'll take this to Tangleball's weekly meeting next Tuesday, as a proposed date. The venue will need to be booked, but I'm hoping this will go ahead and be more successful than it was two years ago. This time I'm not spending as much on refreshments. If people want to come along and contribute something to eat and/or drink, that would be great. Tangleball will probably expect a gold coin donation each for the use of their premises too. It is still a few months away yet, but I wanted to get the idea out there early this time.

Comment by pkball1968, on 11-Jan-2014 11:18

That is awesome i am new to Ubuntu and have jumped in head first and installed and so far have enjoyed the whole process-- my original aim was to do everything that i do on my windows 7 on my ubuntu 12.04---i am still suprised that more people don't go down the Ubuntu rabbit hole and install and reconfigure. Your idea sounds awesome i would be keen please keep me posted

Author's note by Frittmann, on 11-Jan-2014 14:48

I'm only quite new to Linux as well, having installed Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron in a virtual machine (VM) under Windows XP sometime during 2008. I then made the change in 2009 and installed Windows XP as a VM, with Ubuntu as the host OS. In 2010 I did the upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, and I have stuck with the LTS versions of Ubuntu ever since then. Every two years now I make it a habit to wipe my computer hard drives clean and install a fresh new OS with the release of the next LTS version.

I'll keep you, and any others who are interested in the InstallFest, informed both here on my blog and via email.

Comment by ajw, on 12-Jan-2014 17:50

Running Xunbuntu 12.04 at the moment, hope to try Linux Mint when the next long term version is released in April this year.

Author's note by Frittmann, on 12-Jan-2014 20:00

I'm thinking of changing to XFCE as my desktop environment this time around. Being that I tend to stick to LTS editions, I haven't yet been affected by the contentious Amazon / Shopping Suggestions search adverts issue that started appearing in Unity from Quantal. To avoid it altogether I think Xubuntu is going to be better for me than Ubuntu + Unity 7.x under Trusty.

Comment by Altan, on 28-Jan-2014 20:12

Just joined the Tangleball mailing list. Long time TUI Debian VPS user - Looking at getting a Work laptop dedicated to ubuntu/debian any suggestions based on experience? (value for money)
Also an FYI if you are getting advertising/shopping suggestions on ubuntu take a look at https://fixubuntu.com/Altan.me

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¹ Source: http://www.inc.com/kimberly-weisul/temple-grandin-on-happy-aspies-autism-and-startups.html