HP Discover 2011 Press Conference

, posted: 7-Jun-2011 05:07

I am sitting at the HP Discover 2011 press conference, before the conference opening. I will update this post as announcements are made.

Jan Zadak, Executive VP, Enterprise Sales and Marketing takes the stage to welcome the press and make the Instant-On Enterprise announcements.

Instant-On Enterprise is an enterprise where everything and everybody is connected. Everyone expects immediate gratification and instant results. The Instant-On Enterprise reacts instantly to external inputs.

HP Application Transformation business is 2nd largest in the world, with 60,000 application specialists., more than one million applications and 2.5 billion lines of code.

HP converged Infrastructure has 18% of enterprise servers, storage and networking market.

The four key industry trends: Converged Storage, Converged Systems, Private/Public Hybrid Cloud and Alternative Data Centres.

HP is announcing today new storage, systems, solutions and convergence.

New HP POD, with up to 88% faster deployment.

HP StorageWorks brand being retired, new HP Storage branding replacing it. New storage systems and software being unveiled today. "Most storage used today was designed 20 years ago". HP launching new storage architecture, where everything is "big". This is the new "HP Converged Storage".

Converged Storage provides multi-tenancy features (performance and security) as well as virtual features.

Paul Miller, VP HP ESSN Alliances and Solutions on stage now to talk about applications. Paul says only 32% of IT projects are a success and on average new application deployments take up to 18 months.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 HP appliance one button update demonstration.

Vertica introduces the HP Vertica Analytics System, a powerful system capable of evaluating big data, including the avalanche of data coming from sensors, the Internet-of-things, social networks data, telecommunications operators. Demo showing 600 billions row of data per hour being loaded and analysed on a system. Real-time analytics of live data for instant results and actions.

Looming datacentre capacity crisis. How to deliver increased capacity, considering the energy used by datacentres? In the U.S. alone, 2.5% of all energy consumed is used by datacentres.

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Comment by Kristina Dobreva, on 8-Jun-2011 21:20

Hi, I am a bit curious about the forthcoming announcements..When should we expect them? Many thanks. Krisi

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