Enhanced HP CloudSystem Delivers Industry-first Dual Bursting Capability

, posted: 8-Jun-2011 16:57

Press release received during the HP Discover 2011:

HP today announced an update to HP CloudSystem that delivers industry-first dual bursting? capability to enhance enterprise agility during peak periods. The new capability allows enterprises to dynamically scale and provision IT resources either via a public cloud provider or through an onsite pay-as-you-use cloud model.

This innovation helps clients to easily and quickly manage uneven service demands and ensure service availability at all times, while choosing the best approach to fit their needs. Clients are able to select expanded resources from a catalogue of HP-authorised Cloud Bursting partners. Others who want to maintain IT onsite can use pay-as-you-go resources from their own private clouds.

Either way, clients gain the agility required to capitalise on market opportunities, such as retailers expanding operations to handle increased sales during busy holiday seasons.

?To exploit the full benefits of cloud, like speeding innovation and time to revenue, clients need an integrated approach, not piecemeal solutions, said Kevin Rooney, Director, Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking, HP South Pacific.

?With HP CloudSystem, HP is providing an integrated solution that provisions IT resources on demand, increasing agility as business needs change and ensuring application availability in peak periods.

HP CloudSystem provides the most complete, integrated and open platform that enables enterprises and service providers to build and manage services across private, public and hybrid cloud environments. HP's unique ?dual bursting? capability for managing uneven service demand using HP CloudSystem delivers the following benefits:

- Meet unanticipated demands through rapid deployment of IT resources by simply selecting the public bursting service from the infrastructure provisioning portal. Services will be offered by a network of certified bursting partners, under the HP CloudAgile umbrella, including launch partner, Savvis, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions for enterprises.

- Reduce costs of peak capacity with the HP Utility Ready Computing service. Through integration with HP CloudSystem, this service enables customers to burst to infrastructure that resides on their own sites, paying for resources only when they are in use. The service delivers compute capacity at a fixed price per blade per hour to reduce the risk of investment in underutilised equipment, smooth the acquisition process and move capital expenditures to operating expenses.

?Together with HP, we will enable clients to use the power of the cloud to ensure business process availability,? said Brian Klingbeil, general manager, Hosting, Savvis. ?Savvis will deliver extra bursting capacity to CloudSystem clients rapidly and with ease, so that they can quickly meet business demands.?

The enhanced HP CloudSystem additionally automates and simplifies provisioning management to improve operational efficiency by:

- Enabling clients to provision and manage a heterogeneous infrastructure from a single infrastructure portal, including VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines running on servers from non-HP x86 vendors.

- Automating provisioning of multitenant storage for the cloud with HP 3PAR Utility Storage, which can now be fully managed from HP CloudSystem. As a result, clients can improve operational efficiency of storage management tenfold and cut storage costs by up to 50 percent.

New HP CloudSystem configurations

HP CloudSystem is now tailored for the requirements of enterprises and service providers at various stages of cloud maturity with three offerings:

- Entry configuration for private clouds and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) with HP CloudSystem Matrix that lets customers provision infrastructure and applications in minutes;

- Full-scale deployment of private and hybrid cloud environments with HP CloudSystem Enterprise, which lets customers unify management across private, public and hybrid clouds and adds advanced application to infrastructure life cycle management;

Advanced capabilities for service providers with HP CloudSystemService Provider, facilitating deployment of public and hosted private clouds that deliver complete service aggregation and management. CloudSystem Service Provider is the foundation of the Infrastructure as a Service offering within HP Cloud Service Enablement portfolio for Communications Service Providers that enables Service Providers to launch their new services rapidly and expand easily.

HP CloudSystem bursting through CloudAgile partners is expected to be available in the fourth quarter of the year. Other noted enhancements are available immediately.

More information about HP CloudSystem is available at www.hp.com/go/cloudsystem.

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