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SEO, PR,Popularity,alexa,... what is it all about?

By Craig Whitmore, in , posted: 25-Sep-2006 23:29

So.. you have a website, spent months writing it and no one goes to it and it doesn't pay for itself. So what is the problem?

You haven't promoted it.. Ah you say. ok.. lets just buy 100,000 email addresses and email them to visit your website.. BIIIZZT WRONG..apart from being wrong it is illegal in alot of countries and its against the T&C of most ISPs and will get you kicked off whatever ISP you are on.

This is the problem I had a year ago. I had a website, but no one went to it. So what are some suggestions to get more people to your site and make $$ from it. So here are a few suggestions.

- How do people know you exist?
- Why would people go to your website?
- Why would people continue to go to your website?
- So you have the people.. start making $$ of them

All these questions + more will be answered as time goes on.

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