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The (IPv6) Internet is for Porn

By Craig Whitmore, in , posted: 13-Apr-2007 20:04

There has been a little talk of IPv6 around the internet in the last week about if/when etc it will take off, and it is a chicken and egg problem. No content so why enable it, and why enable it when there is no content.

A website decided to do something about it, by offering a large amount of Porn via IPv6.

I have done the same and you can get Internet Porn for free if you have an IPv6 connection.

You can see it by going to If you don't have a IPv6 connection it will link to information via IPv4 for you to get it/enable it etc.

The Original Idea is taken from which will have content via IPv6, but only later in the year.

- Lennon


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Comment by johnr, on 14-Apr-2007 20:35

Am I reading this correct!!! ROFL

Yes you are..

Comment by Walkabout Tigger, on 21-Apr-2007 08:53

This is how Bit Torrent got its start, so why not IPv6?

Good Idea..

IPv6 Torrent Server.....

Comment by benj, on 25-Jul-2007 19:37

Note: the IPV6 Tunnel stops once in a while, but it is resolved now.

From a v6-enabled institution in the USA, your routing seems broken.

$ host -t aaaa has IPv6 address 2001:388:f000::285

$ traceroute6 2001:388:f000::285


6 (2001:418:0:2000::2e) 2.967 ms 2.948 ms 3.065 ms

7 (2001:418:4000:5000::a) 3.594 ms 5.415 ms 7.973 ms

8 (2001:388:1:20::1) 162.852 ms 155.835 ms 156.113 ms

9 (2001:388:1:5001:2a0:a5ff:fe4b:ae3) 157.151 ms 156.677 ms 156.889 ms

10 (2001:388:1:5001:212:1eff:fe8e:51fe) 156.114 ms 156.517 ms 156.112 ms

11 (2001:388:1:5001:2a0:a5ff:fe4b:ae3) 157.755 ms 157.174 ms 156.872 ms

12 (2001:388:1:5001:212:1eff:fe8e:51fe) 156.267 ms 156.359 ms 156.407 ms

13 (2001:388:1:5001:2a0:a5ff:fe4b:ae3) 156.931 ms 157.195 ms 157.106 ms


It then goes into a loop.