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iPhone Bugs + Other interesting things...

By Craig Whitmore, in , posted: 21-Jun-2009 11:31

Updated: 26/06/2009 (More iPhone Bugs Found)

Since I started writing iPhone webapps I found some well interesting bugs and things you can do on the iPhone. Yes I tried doing some stuff which no one else would even think about for my website but they where definately bugs.

The only one they have fixed so far is RFC2397 support for mobileconfig files. I reported in January and got notified it was fixed AFTER V3 Final was releasd. They said for me to install V3 GM (I'm not a "paid" developer")

So why is this an important bug to fix? Well it means I can now write (and I have) an offline version of my website so people can run it offlne when they have no internet access.

After Apple have fix this one I came across another one..

If I set

RFC2397 formatted mobileconfig files don't work but if I set

they do work.. sigh..

Now.. apple yesterday released the Mobile Enterprise Appplication for V3 iPhones.. it included a few more things which you could set up,, but still didn't explain 100% (well at all) the type-mask option for APN's in their own files (not included on purpose?)

Apple have included the option of adding "webclips" (putting an icon on your iPhone which links to a webpage). Yes that sounds boring yes until you figure out its a easier way to install Webapps on the iPhone instead having the user to make a bookmark.

So I tried and yes webapp which the link is an RFC 2397 formatted link.. and .. you have an offline webapp :-)

Yay.. but found ANOTHER bug..

Links (webclips) as they call them which are set

Don't go full screen!!! ARGH.

But if you make them via a "bookmark" they do..


Found ANOTHER iPhone V3.0 Bug today... Subscribed Calendars don't like @ in usernames for Authentication. Reported


Found ANOTHER iPhone V3.0 Bug today. If you link to an Appstore App in an iframe they will NOT open in iPhone Safari !!!! if you link to them the same way but not in an iframe they will open ok. Have reported to Apple