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Website Advertising - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

By Craig Whitmore, in , posted: 22-Jul-2010 11:37

I've used website advertising on all my websites for years and have decided to give people some hints and tips on getting the best out of their advertising on your website (IMHO). This only took a short while to write and probably has lots of mistakes in it.

The first thing to remember is without anyone going to your website, you will make no money at all and website traffic is the most important thing in the world. The more people who go to your website, the more money you will make.

Sources of Adverts?

There are many sources of Advertising and types of advertising on the internet. The one that most people go to is Google Adsense. They are the biggest and work well and pay well and thats why you see them everywhere on the Internet.

Most sources of adverts will pay a CPC (Cost per Click) these days with a little CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions)

But there are many others out there. Some need you to be big, some will accept anyone. Some pay well, and some pay hardly anything.

Examples are: - One of the larger NZ advertising companies but you have to be biggish to use them. - Overseas Company who accepts anyone - Not used much at all but didn't pay well - Used by the SMS Spammers to advertise their services and has a VERY low payout for adverts. - Trying them for a while
+ many others.

I've used myself I've used alot of advertising systems to name and most just fail in the income you get from them.

There are also Affiliate Websites who will pay for you advertising them and you make a profit on anything they sell via your referer. I've never had luck with these types of website (I've tried and made nothing from them even with thousands of impressions).

Examples are:
+ another 150+ based in NZ I've found in NZ. and there are 10000's overseas one.

You could go go directly to companies to ask them to advertise on your website so sometimes its just easier to go to the advert brokers.

So how do you run the adverts?

Simply you just place the adverts on your website and hope someone clicks on them. As I said before the more people that go to yuor website the more income you will make. Percentage wise only say 1% of people will click on the adverts and you may make 5c per click (These numbers are not real). Placement is important but we'll get to that a little later. On your website you will have saved some space to place the adverts and you usually insert the code given by the advert company in those places and the adverts will show.

Placement of Adverts

Where you put adverts on your website is quite important. A person will not scroll down to the bottom of your webpage normally and click on the advert down the bottom. They will normally click adverts up the top of website or adverts which are on the left above middle.

A good explaination of placement is:

Promotion of your website

One of the first things I said was that traffic is the most important thing in making money from your advertisements. But how do you get people going to your website.


If People are searching for something they will look most likely at Google first and if you are not there, they won't find your website to go to. And how to get on Google? Nationally you will get on Google slowly but better is to go to Google Webmasters ( This website will allow you to see if your website is in google and its stats etc.

SEO? (Search Engine Optimisation)

You will find 100000+ companies who will help with your promotion (SEO) of your website on the internet and most of them are related to getting higher on Google. I cannot recommend any as I have never used them and done it all by myself.

What to Stay away from?

"Pay us $199 to get on 10000 search engines. As 95% of your traffic will come from google. the other search engines won't make much of a difference at all as no one uses them)
"Putting on your website. "Click on my ads". This is against all Advertising T&C's I've seen and will quickly get your Adsense and other accounts closed .
Autosurfing Websites. They get people to yuor website but the people won't look at your content or click on your adverts at all.
Guarenteed being on the 1st page on google with your selected keywords
Put a link on your website and I'll put a link on mysite. Normally these are complete scams

Seach (on google) for SEO scams and you can find all about them.

About me...

I personally run a number of small websites.. ALL with advertising or advertising related.
A number of them are below.. Most don'' need any input after they are set up at all. - Website Adverts and mobile Adverts for the iPhone - Video CMS with Adverts and Adverts on the Videos - Webstats for Websites - A Start of a simple Banner Exchange - I did say that getting people to your website is the most important thing ??? - This used to be ranked ~#50 for NZ visitors for a short while in NZ a number of years ago - Set up a Game CMS and then just leave it and people will come. - Another Video CMS which just runs itself with adverts all over it. - Yet Another Video CMS which just runs itself with adverts - Yet ANOTHER video CMS which just runs itself with adverts

+ I have lots of others. I still have a day time job Working at an ISP.

Final Word...

Don't expect to be a millionaire on day 2.. Adverts are passive income. Set them up see how they word and change things around to see what makes you the most income from them.

It takes time to work out advertising. You must have something on your website that people want to go to it first before you even think about adverts. 100 people per day going to your website is not going to make any money. 10000+ you might start to see some kind of good income but remember adverts are no the reason people go to your website. You must have some proper content to attract people to go to your website in the first place.

More information

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Comment by heavenlywild, on 22-Jul-2010 15:25

Hey Craig, great post, something I have wanted to learn more about after setting up my first website, It's pretty new so at present I am gathering all the data from Google Analytics to find out the referral source. Google has finally cached my site from "coming soon" to the proper content. The question now is, how do I move up to the top of the list? Simply by jotting down more "meta tags"? Would appreciate your comments. I do agree with you about how it's the content that brings people back! So true.

Author's note by LennonNZ, on 22-Jul-2010 16:10

Google (as far as I know) won't rank meta tags very highly at all and use more of the content of the website than anything else.

So you need to think.. What would people search for to get to your website and then maybe use those keywords in an article or wording on your homepage or alike..

A good example I have is at: homepage (well there is only 1 page) and down the bottom it says: Welcome to New Zealand's ... etc. It was lots of the right words in it in the type of people I am looking at coming to the website.

On I really can't see any text which actually describes what your website does and this might help with google (and also users describing your website/services etc) .

Google and other contextual ads will look at the page they are on and give adverts which have something to do with the content on the website.

Comment by heavenlywild, on 22-Jul-2010 16:24

Thanks for your comments and feedback. I have a "About Us" page. Would that help?

The question is, once the paragraph is published, would updating it also change the rank in Google as well?

My content - bargains - changes frequently as well. I wonder whether any of it would be cached by Google?

Author's note by LennonNZ, on 22-Jul-2010 16:48

You need a bit of work..

If you notice alot of your links have the same title as well (check on google) . Homepage, Latest Items, Expiring Items etc all the same title

A rss feed of your bargains could help and feed it to google with Google Webmasters maybe..

SEO is important for humans as well.. People want to be able to see what your website is about on the home page. The homepage doesn't say much what its trying to do..

Email me direcrly if you have any more questions