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Switching ISPs

By Steve Withers, in , posted: 12-Oct-2011 08:18

I knew when I ordered the change from Orcon to Telecom that the transition would not go smoothly. 

In the 14 years I've been using either cable or DSL broadband I have never once had a smooth implementation with any ISP. For example, in 2008 it took ten days to get re-connected after shifting house...and I was with the same ISP. In 2007, connection finally came 5 days after originally promised....and so on back into the mid-90s with various ISPs.   

I was hoping this time might be different......but the order delivery target of 7pm on a Friday evening was an omen that all would not go well.

My existing Orcon connection died shortly after 7PM......looking good....

But after a couple of hours I still couldn't log into the Telecom DSL service with the user-id and password I had been given. The first line support people in the Philippines(?) said I had everything set up correctly and tried to put me through to the back end people....who had gone home. According to the recording on their phone line this was due to "adverse weather conditions in Christchurch"....on a reportedly sunny, clear Friday. Now you can see why I wasn't hopeful about a 7pm Friday delivery commitment. I've been 'here' before. :-)    

Whatever, my order was still open in the system.....waiting for something to happen. 

The next morning, I called again and they said they would follow up. Around 11:15am, I received a txt announcing my broadband was now ready to go. Meanwhile, my router had auto-connected and the data was flowing. 

OK..pain of install / connection was now over and was already beginning to fade rapidly as the first pages load. 

It's now Wednesday and I've been using the Telecom broadband the past few days and I have to say it is pretty good. Especially in the evening....when we can happily watch YouTube videos at 720p - even 1080p!! - with only a bare minimum of stuttering / stopping - if any at all. On Orcon I gave up ever trying to use 1080p and it would take literally minutes to NOT play. It was one of those options on the menu you stop seeing after a while because they don't actually work.

They work now.  

So far - delivery issues aside - I'm pretty happy and I'm also saving almost $100 / month over what I was paying before. 

I also noticed when I logged in to to check usage that my data quota is 80GB...not the 60GB I ordered. I phoned them up and the extra 20GB is promo of some kind. 

Fine by me. All least until the next time I have to disturb my connection. Why is it so hard after 15 years of provisioning?

Maybe someone knows. I don't.

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Comment by nickb800, on 12-Oct-2011 11:35

Seems like life would be simpler if we didnt have a choice of ISPs

But seriously, at least you're with Telecom now, their service & speed is pretty good, certainly better than orcon

Author's note by Linuxluver, on 12-Oct-2011 13:51

nickb800: Agreed. compared to past performance from all previous ISPs, this delivery experience was well toward the better end of the scale...and what I have seen since them rates highly, too. 

I was trying to capture the experience of the change while it was fresh in my i started off grumpy (based on forum posts) and ended up fairly happy overall. 

My post was really a game of two halfs...and my Internet connection won on the day. :-)   

Comment by VinLew, on 12-Oct-2011 14:25

Telecom has a YouTube cache in Auckland; I've only had good experiences with them.

Comment by speedywiz, on 12-Oct-2011 20:00

Guess what orcon did when I switched houses last month..  they disconnected my adsl2 at my original address 8 days too early.. freaken idiots, even the orcon customer service rep was perplexed, they had it recorded on the correct date, and yet still disconnected me early, then it took a week to be connected at the new place..

power company... forgot to phone me and ask me for the new meter readings at the new place, hence didn't connect me in time for previous incumbant power company to disconnect me.. far out this country sux.

Comment by speedywiz, on 12-Oct-2011 20:15

I get peak 1020MB/sec, averaging ~800KB/s on Orcon regularly using 1080p youtube.. I think you just got unlucky with non cached youtube videos and bad youtube server.  Orcon is way better speeds than Telecom in my opinion. I moved away from Telecom because they were no good, now I'm with orcon I'm very happy.

Comment by speedywiz, on 12-Oct-2011 20:16

actually I should be saying that orcon is bad, less people means faster speeds for me :) lol... everyone switch to Telecom please :)

Comment by Delorean, on 12-Oct-2011 21:17

Actually if everyone moved from Orcon to Telecom, then you wouldn't be getting better speeds, as with no customers, they would cease to be in business. I am with Telecom and find them great!

Author's note by Linuxluver, on 13-Oct-2011 09:50

Speedywiz: I know networks can behave quite differently depending on where a user is located. My comments are always from my own point of view and based on what I experience. I was an Orcon customer for most of 10 years at three different addresses in different parts of the North Island. I was happy enough. The ONLY thing that drove me to change was that they wouldn't reduce my data quota without insisting I take up their landline or VOIP phone service. I didn't want to do that. So now I get a better service with Telecom for a bit more than half what I used to pay Orcon...and my data quota is only 25GB / months less (80GB vs 105GB). This is saving me $1200 / year. 

That's why I changed. Otherwise, Orcon was good enough. But the poor performance with Youtube (at my house) was becoming an issue. Last night I was watching YT videos at 1080p...and they all played fullscreen and perfectly. Loving that. 


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