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I love NZ mobile telcos

By Steve Withers, in , posted: 6-Dec-2011 06:48

I love you, Vodafone. I love you, Telecom. I love you 2Degrees. I love you, TelstraClear.

I am in Canada. You have not known 'Telco Hell' until you have tried to buy a phone and plan in Canada.

All the phones are locked. I wander up and down the aisles looking at the new-shiny phones....knowing they are all tainted...and beyond my reach. 

The affordable mobile plans are all limited to small geographic areas within "area codes". A call in or out is a toll call. You pay to receive calls and txts. You can get a 'national' plan for all of Canada, but it costs a lot. You can't get a plan for just the province you live in. It's your postage stamp.....or the whole country - all 7 times zones. 

Kiwis have it SO GOOD! Only the caller / texte pays. Phones aren't locked. You can get decent minutes for the entire country on both pre-pay and on account. Even data is becoming cheaper....(unless you're on Vodafone). 

So...thank you NZ mobile cell providers. Thank you. 

All that said....I still have a Bell Canada account because roaming on a Kiwi phone would be outrageously expensive by comparison....but at least all I have to do is swap my BCE SIM into my Kiwi phone, set up the APNs....and I'm away laughing. 


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Comment by johnr, on 6-Dec-2011 08:55

excuse me I will just quietly do a URL drop and move on

Comment by networkn, on 6-Dec-2011 10:57

I think that international roaming charges dropped we would have a pretty good system. Whilst $10 for 512MB seems good, overage is still pretty pricey. I know everyone has to make a buck, but $20 for another 1GB seems odd, since most people accidentally going over 512MB may do so by 100MB not 1024MB. I think VF prob should have done it in $10 for 512MB blocks. 

Author's note by Linuxluver, on 6-Dec-2011 17:16

Thanks, JohnR. 

The excess data charge is still very high. Unchanged for several years. The combination of the low threshold for extra charges and expensive extra charges forces someone like me to look for better options. I would have expected the market leader to keep leading and not move into a profit-taking mode that will reduce market share though profits may rise for a short time from a reduced base...if they do.

That said....I love Vodafone - as above. :-)  


Comment by Parewanui, on 12-Dec-2011 15:03

Hmmm... not as I know it... I have a sister in Toronto who in the last 2 months purchased an unlocked android phone and $26(approx)/month prepay sim with 60 min, lots of texts, and free calling in Canada, and 300 or 500 mb data.  It was not as easy for me - I got the run-around back in April at a shop for 'R.....'.  The saleperson tried to sell me a $45 sim.  All I wanted was a $20 sim prepaid.  With a lot of prodding I got this - but not a nice experience. 

Comment by Parewanui, on 12-Dec-2011 15:18

Checked again with my sis - - like 2Degress in NZ. But only v. cheap in the metro-areas.  As it is using other phone networks rual so like toll-calls.  Get an unlocked phone at a parrallel -importers - like here in NZ.

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