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Introducing the MSDN blog on Geekzone

, posted: 23-Nov-2009 12:49

Welcome to the MSDN blog on Geekzone. During the next few weeks you will find here a treasure chest of information about MSDN, the companion to Microsoft Visual Studio that gives developers access to 12,000+ downloads including nearly all Microsoft products, languages, tools, development kits, and other resources.

MSDN also give users early previews of beta products, a simplified per-user licensing with unlimited software use, regular software updates along with tools to help you manage this continually growing software library.

Developers also have professional technical support for up to four incidents, depending on your subscription level, priority support in MSDN Forums where you can post questions and have them answered by a Microsoft engineer and/or the community plus a 24 x 7, 1:1 chat access to the Online Concierge, who can help you navigate the extensive array of valuable MSDN subscription benefits.

Like our other sponsored blogs, posts will come from the developer community and will tell you about the services and products associated with MSDN subscriptions. Those posts are in no way filtered by our sponsors - you will learn how actual developers use MSDN benefits in real life.

But wait, there's more! Later this week we will be running a competition to giveaway Microsoft Visual Studio with MSDN subscriptions - we have three of those to giveaway, so it's worth you keeping an eye in this blog on how to enter to win.

About the author: Mauricio Freitas is the administrator on Geekzone, New Zealand's leading technology community forum. Mauricio is a Microsoft Windows Mobile MVP, and involved with all things geek. Avid coffee drinker (espresso please), Mauricio is also a "professional conference attendee".

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Comment by underwatervrg, on 23-Nov-2009 19:57

Awesome work Mauricio great to see MS getting behind GZ :) and great to have a place for MSDN :)

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