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What is MSDN?

, posted: 26-Nov-2009 12:27

MSDNLogo[1] MSDN Subscriptions help add value throughout the development lifecycle by giving developers access to tools, platforms and community resources that help developers create solutions.

Subscribers have access to a comprehensive set of resources including past, present, and future software and tools. With MSDN Subscribers' enhanced support, you can quickly get un-stuck, enabling you to make the right decisions to stay ahead of the curve. The platform gives you room to grow, as you will always have access to the newest technologies. MSDN Subscribers also get other benefits ranging from 3rd party offers to MSDN Subscribers to discounted products and VIP treatment at events.

You can get a MSDN Subscription as an option when purchasing Microsoft Visual Studio.

The core of MSDN Subscriptions is the access to a wide variety of software that for development and test purposes. An MSDN Premium Subscriptions gives access to virtually all Microsoft servers and tools. On top of this subscribers get Technical Support Incidents (2 for MSDN Pro, 4 for MSDN Premium), an Online Concierge to help using MSDN Subscription services, Microsoft E-Learning collections, training offers from Microsoft Partners and priority support in MSDN Forums: two-business-day response to forum postings (previously managed newsgroups).

Developers interested in the upcoming Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 know there's an upgrade path available - get Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 with a MSDN Subscription now and it will automatically convert to a Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 bundle when the software is released.

With your MSDN Premium subscription, you can use the software to design, develop, test and demo your applications on as many machines and devices as you need - as long as each developer is a subscriber. We will post about licensing later in this blog, but remember these are individual licenses, not company licenses.
Remember that during the months of December 2009 - February 2010 we will be giving away some Visual Studio 2008 + MSDN Suscriptions here in this blog. The first giveaway is up now.

About the author: Mauricio Freitas is the administrator on Geekzone, New Zealand's leading technology community forum. Mauricio is a Microsoft Windows Mobile MVP, and involved with all things geek. Avid coffee drinker (espresso please), Mauricio is also a "professional conference attendee".

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