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Visual Studio 2010 and Windows Azure New Zealand launch events

, posted: 15-Mar-2010 17:28

If you're involved in any capacity with software development, or want to understand more about cloud computing, this is a half-day event not to be missed. Come along to the official New Zealand launch of Visual Studio 2010 and Windows Azure. Two international experts, Sam Guckenheimer and David Chappell will deliver two keynote sessions. Plus, to mark the occasion, Microsoft is producing a cool retro t-shirt for all attendees, and there are also some great prizes to be won! Best of all, the event is free to attend!

Visual Studio 2010 and Windows Azure launch

Visual Studio 2010 Keynote

Visual Studio
The event kicks off with the official New Zealand launch of Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0. The launch of Visual Studio 2010 will help accelerate everything you do, from design to development to deployment. Hear how Visual Studio 2010 helps you find nasty bugs, get better insight into how your project is running, and work better with other people on your team.

The keynote presenter is Microsoft's Sam Guckenheimer, author of Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System. Sam is the Group Product Planner for the Microsoft Visual Studio product line. In this capacity, he acts as chief customer advocate, responsible for the end-to-end external design of the next releases of these products.

Windows Azure Keynote

Visual Studio
Cloud computing looks like the biggest change to hit our industry in many years. The advent of cheap, scalable computing power available over the Internet will affect almost everybody who works in IT. But taking advantage of this shift requires understanding this new approach and how to exploit it.

In this presentation, David Chappell looks at the Windows Azure platform and what it means for organisations that create, use, or sell software. The topics he'll cover include:

? An overview of the Windows Azure platform: Technology and business model
? Using the Windows Azure platform: Application scenarios
? The cloud platform context: Google, Amazon,, and more

David Chappell is Principal of Chappell & Associates in San Francisco, California. Through his speaking, writing, and consulting, he helps software professionals around the world understand, use, and make better decisions about new technologies.

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