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Telecom XT Network Access Point Name (APN) Information

, posted: 28-Apr-2009 12:36

UPDATED 01 May 2014

This page is no longer maintained.

Information relating to IP addresses used on the Telecom Mobile Network can be found here:

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Comment by Erger, on 28-Oct-2009 20:24

Hi I realise this is an old post but I was wondering, I have set TelecomContent as one of the 2 access points I have for the Internet on my N85 (this is the same APN as I have for WAPservices) the other is my home WIFI.  I did this as I never seemed to have any luck with TelecomData which was one of the origionals in there for the Internet.

Is there an advantage to one over the other?

tks George

Comment by Richard, on 18-Nov-2009 13:59

Hi, I was wondering if these ranges are still valid. I use IP location detection on a site of mine and are finding that customers using NZ Telecom CDMA/WCDMA data cards are appearing to be using USA IP addresses. Can you please publish the IP pools that these cards use so I can add them to my database and allow them to be redirected to the NZ site. Thanks, Richard

Author's note by NealR, on 18-Nov-2009 14:57

The IP address pools are definitely valid. I updated them last week.

Comment by Regs, on 7-Jul-2010 15:44

i've found that having just the wap settings and proxy configured has not been particularly reliable - it cant always connect.  if i use the internet apn do i still browse 0.facebook for free etc?

Comment by Stewart Farr, on 4-Aug-2011 14:38

THIS IS GOLD!!!! For the last week I have been pulling out my hair trying to get the DYNDNS to work on a Telecom connection.........only to find that does not allow for unsolicited internet messaging. Thank you soo much. As soon as I changed APN to direct it worked beautifully. Seems many people do not have a clue about this...

Comment by Francis Kingi, on 29-Aug-2011 17:16

PRICELESS info....And Still today works very well thanks. Using (Works for all Sierra wireless) Sierra Wireless 308 USB modem on Telecom XT prepaid service from Weymouth Manurewa Auckland NZ. Im using the Air Card Watcher *which is an update to the 3g Watcher default app on the modem stick. Installed the Aircard watcher first before plugging in the modem. When your modem installs your drivers start the Aircard Watcher goto Menu-Options-Profiles-TelecomData- And look for the APN name. Change to Restart the Aircard watcher. Now when you connect to VOIP onlinegames etc it should stay connected and work faster awsome. No need for Software or static ip. Im hitting 10mb - 14mb down 1.5mb - 2mb ups good enough for online gamas and Voip maybe even better than some landline connections. Hope this helps as it did me.

Comment by rob, on 14-Feb-2013 14:48

Thanks for this - my aircard watcher 326U had a default APN setting ISP.CINGULAR? As soon as I changed this to all good - I wasn't able to find this on any of the sierra or telecom help sites so thanks very much.

Comment by mule, on 22-May-2013 07:41

has there been any additions to this list since feb 2012?  Access to our email (via mobile) is limited by IP address range and my phone is showing 122.56.232.xx which is not on the above list and I cannot access my email.  Waiting to hear back from IT, but wondering if there had been some address ranges added. Thanks

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