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XT Network SIM PIN's & PUKs

, posted: 8-Jul-2009 13:57

The XT Network SIM cards have two levels of access each with their own Personal Identification Number (PIN). When you get these PIN's wrong too many times you then require to use the PIN Unlock Key (PUK) to reset the SIM.

If you get your PIN1 wrong 3 times you then need PUK1 to unlock the SIM. If you get PUK1 wrong 10 times then your SIM becomes "PUKed" and needs to be replaced. These retries are the same for PIN2 and PUK2.

PIN2 is primarily used to access and control functions such as Fixed Dialling numbers.

PIN1 Default - 1234
PIN2 Default - 1234
PUK1 - printed on the SIM card that your SIM was attached to. Also available by calling Telecom.
PUK2 - Available by calling Telecom customer care.

Users are able to change both PIN1 & PIN2. PUK's are unique to a SIM card but cannot be changed.

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