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How to access T-World from your iPhone

, posted: 9-Sep-2009 15:32

Here are some simple instructions on how to access T-World on your XT connected iPhone.

Remember you can only access T-World if you are connected to the XT Network

Using Safari browse to

This should present you with a log in screen

Select “Send New Password”

This will open up a new “page” for you to get a password sent to your mobile as a text message

 Once you’ve filled in the details and selected "Get Mobile Password", you’ll be sent a text message with a temporary password.


Return to the original Safari Page and enter your phone number and the temporary password.

You will now be redirected to the T-World front page


Now you can select “Your Telecom” to view your account details.

You can set a permanent password by using the link at the bottom of the page "Manage Password"

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