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No one listens to me

, posted: 15-Oct-2009 12:33

For considerable time I have been complaining about how a number of senior executives have not been responding to my insightful, thought provoking and business changing ideas. On a number of occasions I have gone out on a limb to contact someone senior to express an issue I have seen that I think should be addressed.

It takes courage to write to someone senior when you have no context or knowledge on how they will respond. Will they forward my idea to my boss with the note "who is this fool", or will I simply be ignored because I am at the wrong level of the organisation to be giving advice.  These are my fears.

And then today as I spend time attempting to reach that nirvana known as "inbox zero" I came across a couple of emails from a junior engineer highlighting something they had found on the Internet that I may be interested in. I had not replied to these emails. They had been opened and were sitting in the pile of things "I was going to get back to".

OMG, I had become the senior person that was not responding to emails from junior staff. What had I become. I was just as guilty of not responding as the same senior executives I had been ranting about to my colleagues.

It was not that I did not intend to respond, as these messages were still in the "to do' pile, it was that I had not prioritised these above other work.

I should have realised that to the person sending the email this was an important issue that they thought would be of value to me. This is the exact behaviour I wanted others to see that I was expressing.

Today, I know I have disappointed people
Today, I want to appologise
Today, I want those people know I plan to make a bigger effort
Today, I am more accepting of other peoples failings
Today, I am human.

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Comment by Curtis, on 15-Oct-2009 15:59

So... who did you ignore? And what ground breaking idea did we miss? Hehe!

Comment by riahon, on 16-Oct-2009 06:01

I have given up suggesting ideas. It clear that unless you are at least a manager you dont have anything worthwhile to add. There is this online form at work that supposedly is used for collating staff input - an online suggestion box. I have a suggestion, make it annonymous and spread the rumour that the CEO posts in there as well then every idea will be considered. 

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