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Technology Seminar - open invitation (date change)

, posted: 24-May-2010 14:46

Technology Seminar
Ever wondered how your Mobile phone works?
Anyone is invited to join this technology seminar. (even @stevebiddle & @johnr)Tongue out
Come and hear an overview of the in’s and out’s of a mobile network.
Become an expert in your own back yard.

We’ll answer questions like;
   What is Quad Band?
   Why doesn’t my phone work on all networks?
   What are all those terms?
      incl GSM, GPRS, WCDMA, UMTS, HSPA.
   Why don’t I get maximum data speeds?
   What does it take to send a Text message or make a phone call?

When:         5:15pm, Tuesday 15 June
Where:        Customer Briefing Centre, Reception (Level 2, Unit 2)
                  Telecom Centre, 49-55 Tory Street,
Approx 90 minutes.
Arrive early as seating is limited.
Note 1: This seminar is non network specific and is not a marketing/sales presentation.
Note 2: We won’t be answering questions about pricing, product availability, or regulation. Sealed
Brought to you by @nealrich & @akianz


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Comment by johnr, on 24-May-2010 18:45

Thanks for the Offer Neal pity its not in Auckland and I could find out about them dam RNCs I keep hearing about in the media and what they do!

Comment by Dratsab, on 24-May-2010 21:31

Damn, I'm out of the country then...

Comment by Kiwipixter, on 25-May-2010 12:11

Hmmm... You can find the answers to these questions on this site. Maybe you should have a bit more thought, do some research and then arrange the session with the relevant topics?

Comment by maverick, on 25-May-2010 13:44

@ Kiwipixter, not often you get a qualified industry person working for a Service Provider offering to give a detailed overview to the general masses.
So anyone that may have a interest especailly Universty and ploytech students in the Technolgy field should be well interested.

Pretty sure he thought about it plenty did you ?... considering the location for this, you would have to hazard a guess tha the has plenty to offer.

Where:        Customer Briefing Centre, Reception (Level 2, Unit 2)
                  Telecom Centre, 49-55 Tory Street,

Comment by freitasm, on 25-May-2010 15:17

I think Kiwipixter is referring to the comment by JohnR... Hey Kiwipixter, JohnR works for Vodafone, he was just making a joke there.

Comment by cyberhub, on 28-May-2010 10:14

Just like Johnr I would be keen to come along to an event like this in Auckland if it was up here.


Comment by dannyres, on 30-May-2010 20:25

Same here wish it was in Auckland  any chance of a recording being uploaded to youtube?

Comment by David, on 8-Jun-2010 13:27

I too wish it was in Auckland, what do  you say....  have a second one?

Comment by zimbokiwi, on 11-Jun-2010 10:21

Nice Neil - good on you my man for sharing that wee noggin of yours!!
I still remember our white board session that day at STAR - change my understanding in half an hour, set me up to appear almost technical.

For those who haven't been to a session by Neal - if you can, do.
For all those people in Auckland, you could always move to sunny Wellington  

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