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Mobile Technology Seminar - Auckland

, posted: 16-Jun-2010 15:34

Due to popular demand we are bringing this Technology Seminar to Auckland
Ever wondered how your Mobile phone works?
Anyone is invited to join this technology seminar. (even @stevebiddle & @johnr)Tongue out
Come and hear an overview of the in’s and out’s of a mobile network.
Become an expert in your own back yard.

We’ll answer questions like;
   What is Quad Band?
   Why doesn’t my phone work on all networks?
   What are all those terms?
      incl GSM, GPRS, WCDMA, UMTS, HSPA.
   Why don’t I get maximum data speeds?
   What does it take to send a Text message or make a phone call?

When:         5:15pm, Tuesday 29 June
Where:        Customer Briefing Centre, Reception
                  Telecom House, 8 Hereford St
Approx 90 minutes.
Arrive early as seating is limited.
This seminar is open to any member of the public.
Note 1: This seminar is non network specific and is not a marketing/sales presentation.
Note 2: We won’t be answering questions about pricing, product availability, or regulation. Sealed
Brought to you by @nealrich & @akianz


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Comment by johnr, on 17-Jun-2010 00:36

Will I get in the door if I wear my staff ID??

Author's note by NealR, on 17-Jun-2010 09:10

@johnr, you are very welcome. Just let me know before you arrive so I can get the anti-VF laser vapourisers deactivated.

Comment by kiwitrc, on 17-Jun-2010 10:00

NealR you mean turn off the VF XTerminators.

Comment by dannyres, on 17-Jun-2010 10:37

I'll be there

Comment by oxnsox, on 17-Jun-2010 10:45

Wow Neal, you going to talk about Laser Vapour technology too? May have to book a bigger room.

I'd have thought John would be OK though as he's not XT compatible. (Even without his foil lined undergarments)

Comment by johnr, on 17-Jun-2010 13:40

@Nealr when I walk in I might hear " release the hounds "

Comment by maverick, on 17-Jun-2010 14:31

Might even turn up myself nothing like a refresher, coz back in the day when I was Telecom Mobile in Abel smith street and had AMP and DAMPs ... now that was cell technology

I don't want to sit next to Johnr btw

Comment by lucky015, on 28-Jun-2010 18:08

Looking forward to it, I'll have to remember not to sit too close to Johnr so I dont get caught in the traps I'm sure have been set for him.

Comment by knoydart, on 29-Jun-2010 21:45

Just a quick thank you for the mobile seminar. An enjoyable and fun evening

Comment by Grant Upchurch, on 22-Aug-2011 18:04

Gidday Neal, John et al, A silly question for you. Warning: I know enough to be dangerous so look out Will Robinson !! Any ideas where I should look for info about how to pull/copy my text messages from Telecom's servers to the memcard in my Motorolla Defy (MB525; Android 2.2.2 OS) ? Should I be looking for (a) some sort of Telecom public API or (b) java classes that use the cellphone/Telecom infrastructure to do the hard work for me ? I have no idea where to start and would greatly appreciate any assistance anyone could provide. Thanks, Grant.

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