Apple Offering $100 Rebate To Early iPhone Owners

, posted: 7-Sep-2007 09:52

To all iPhone customers: 

I have received hundreds of emails from iPhone customers who are upset about Apple dropping the price of iPhone by $200 two months after it went on sale. After reading every one of these emails, I have some observations and conclusions.

First, I am sure that we are making the correct decision to lower the price of the 8GB iPhone from $599 to $399, and that now is the right time to do it. iPhone is a breakthrough product, and we have the chance to 'go for it' this holiday season. iPhone is so far ahead of the competition, and now it will be affordable by even more customers. It benefits both Apple and every iPhone user to get as many new customers as possible in the iPhone 'tent'. We strongly believe the $399 price will help us do just that this holiday season.
Second, being in technology for 30+ years I can attest to the fact that the technology road is bumpy. There is always change and improvement, and there is always someone who bought a product before a particular cutoff date and misses the new price or the new operating system or the new whatever. This is life in the technology lane. If you always wait for the next price cut or to buy the new improved model, you'll never buy any technology product because there is always something better and less expensive on the horizon. The good news is that if you buy products from companies that support them well, like Apple tries to do, you will receive years of useful and satisfying service from them even as newer models are introduced.

Third, even though we are making the right decision to lower the price of iPhone, and even though the technology road is bumpy, we need to do a better job taking care of our early iPhone customers as we aggressively go after new ones with a lower price. Our early customers trusted us, and we must live up to that trust with our actions in moments like these.
Therefore, we have decided to offer every iPhone customer who purchased an iPhone from either Apple or AT&T, and who is not receiving a rebate or any other consideration, a $100 store credit towards the purchase of any product at an Apple Retail Store or the Apple Online Store. Details are still being worked out and will be posted on Apple's website next week. Stay tuned.

We want to do the right thing for our valued iPhone customers. We apologize for disappointing some of you, and we are doing our best to live up to your high expectations of Apple.

Steve Jobs
Apple CEO

Apple Event (Spoiler) Updated!

, posted: 6-Sep-2007 07:37

Looking on Apples website, they now have 4 models of Ipods not including the iphone.

Ipod Shuffle
Ipod Nano
Ipod Classic
Ipod Touch

The Ipod touch which comes in 8 and 16gb versions which a touch screen and wifi access using Safari and Itunes downloads straight to your ipod.

The Ipod Classic has been updated to 160gb version, is thiner has has "cover flow technology"

Ipod nano can now play videos and comes in 4gb and 8gb versions.

Ipod Shuffle has remained the same, expect for some new colours, including (Product)Red

More to come after the keynote is released.

You can watch the keynote event here:

iPod Announcement Sept 5th (Confirmed!)

, posted: 29-Aug-2007 12:14

As I am in the market for a new iPod I've been keeping a close eye on the rumors flying around on technology forums and blogs.

The latest date rumored to bring the announcement of the long awaited update to the 5.5G iPod range is September 5th. This is due to lack of iPods available worldwide as Apple clears out its distribution channels and also fits between the Imac updates last month, and the expected update to Lepaod in October.

It looks like there will be four devices in the iPod line up moving to OSX. The Shuffle, Nano, Mini and iPod touch(name not confirmed).

Nano: Same as it is today but with price cut and perhaps even slightly reduced in height. Decreased price as well.

Ipod Slim*: Rumor has it that it will look like the photo of the shortened 5.5G that was circulating websites which Apple have issued cease and desist notices to. Will probably be flash based.

iPod Touch*: A touchscreen iPod with very similar design and measurement as the iPhone. Will probably be HDD based with 120Gb. Its unlikely to incorporate Toshiba's new 160Gb 1.8" drives.

I personally will be going to the IPod touch if the rumors turn out to be true. I like the look of the Iphone, but would rather do away with the phone and webbrowser, so this would be perfect.

* Names not yet announced.

Edit: The Apple event has now been confirmed for Sept 5th and 10am Pacific.

Power Saving Web Search

, posted: 3-Aug-2007 16:39

For anyone that feels guilty about the power consumed while searching the web can now put their mind at ease.

Blackle was created by Heap Media and is powered by google custom search.

Go on give it a try, it even has a neat little counter on the page to show how much power has been saved.

Customer Service - The Way It Should Be.

, posted: 25-Jun-2007 11:33

We often hear bad storys from the business world relating to customer service, but not often good ones.

I ordered a new Geforce 7600 GS graphics card from Ascent on Saturday night after my old one died. Immediately after placing the order I received an automated response confirming my order, at that time I thought they would process the order on Monday, post it on Tuesday and I would receive it on Wednesday.

I was extremely happy when I received it at 11:30am this morning. Good work Ascent, I will certainly be buying more equipment off you in the future.

Press Release

, posted: 11-Apr-2007 16:45

Press Release 11.4.07

In an amazing show of support for the Warriors up coming season, Telecom have released a new deal to all its prepaid customers.

From Monday next week all Telecom prepaid customers will have the opportunity to text messages of support to the Warriors team and support staff, with one lucky 'texter' winning the chance to meet them in person.
Telecom Spokesman Humphrey Williams was excited about the news, saying "this is just the first step in our support for the New Zealand Warriors, next season we hope to bring even more features, including cheerleading competitions."
Telecom's share price rose 5c on the news, with investors rushing at the chance to get a piece of the "action" and prepaid phone sales were up 2%.

Telecom is New Zealand's largest phone and telecommunications provider, offering services to over 1 million New Zealanders and with offices also set up in Australia.
For more information please contact Humphrey Williams on (04) 586 4721.

Press Release Ends

Views Shown in this blog may differ from that of Telecom or the Warriors Rugby League Team.

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Weekly Chat 19.09.06

, posted: 20-Sep-2006 00:00

Update: Added Names

[20:00] [freitasm] Hello guys!
[20:00] [freitasm] It's showtime!
[20:00] [JAMMAN2110] CAPS ARE MINE!
[20:00] [freitasm] Welcome everyone to the weekly chat!
[20:01] [Lokinz-berry] pretty wasted trying to drive this blackberry
[20:01] [pebbles] what type of caps?
[20:01] [freitasm] The not-so organised one...
[20:01] [pebbles] oh, did you get the car?!
[20:01] [JAMMAN2110] MF should +m
[20:01] * freitasm sets mode: +m
[20:02] [freitasm] I would like to thank you everyone who helped us during the Geekzone 2006, as well as everyone who managed to attend the event!
[20:02] [freitasm] I actually ran out of time, and so I couldn't make some announcements.
[20:02] [freitasm] I was going to introduce some new features on Geekzone, but will do so in the next weekly chat.
[20:02] [freitasm] This way we have some more time to test some stuff here.
[20:03] [freitasm] I was also thinking about having two events each year
[20:03] [freitasm] Something like Geekzone Autumn and Geekzone Spring.
[20:03] [freitasm] And adding perhaps a parallel number of sessions, hands on labs and demos from sponsors.
[20:03] * bradstewart sets mode: -m
[20:03] [JAMMAN2110] nice! ! !
[20:04] [bradstewart] sounds good
[20:04] [freitasm] Go on!
[20:04] [NokiaRocks] cant wait for more GZ events!
[20:04] [freitasm] This one actually took some time to organise.
[20:04] [JAMMAN2110] If you need someone to annoy the crap out of people (eg linux commies) I offeryou my services
[20:04] [NokiaRocks] you're up the task MF
[20:04] [freitasm] I had not much idea of how to convince sponsors! It was hard work.
[20:05] [freitasm] Like that one who didn't want to sponsor even with 6 months notice.
[20:05] [mike_1] happy to help in the future mf
[20:05] [NokiaRocks] hows wellington installfest comming along?
[20:05] [bradstewart] oh well theyve seen hoe good this yeah was...
[20:05] [bradstewart] how*
[20:05] [bradstewart] will be easier from now on
[20:05] [NokiaRocks] wheres tony tonight?
[20:06] [bradstewart] his mac probably died...
[20:06] [NokiaRocks] lol good call
[20:06] [freitasm] I actually know that someone from VFNZ has just joined Air NZ. So perhaps we could have some out of town speakers and have Air NZ sponsonring flights? I will investigate that
[20:06] [Lokinz-berry] lol
[20:06] [bradstewart] and we havent seen cokemaster for a while
[20:06] [NokiaRocks] fly all gz members to gold coast?
[20:06] [JAMMAN2110] lol
[20:06] [bradstewart] sounds good
[20:06] [freitasm]
[20:06] [JAMMAN2110] cokemaster is BORED with irc!
[20:06] [bradstewart] nah, bring them all to wanaka
[20:06] [bradstewart] he is?
[20:06] [NokiaRocks] wanaka is a hole
[20:06] [JAMMAN2110] send us all to gore!
[20:06] [JAMMAN2110] yes he is
[20:07] [mike_1] nothing in wanaka
[20:07] [freitasm] That's another question. Should we have both events in Wellington?
[20:07] [bradstewart] yeah there is
[20:07] [bradstewart] no!
[20:07] [NokiaRocks] yes
[20:07] [mike_1] ?
[20:07] [bradstewart] need one down south
[20:07] [NokiaRocks] all events in wellington
[20:07] [JAMMAN2110] WELLINGTON!!!!
[20:07] [NokiaRocks] its more centralised
[20:07] [JAMMAN2110] GZ cannot leave its HQ :P
[20:07] [NokiaRocks] nz's technology capital
[20:08] [freitasm] Wellington is good because there is some infrastructure and I can do things because I live here. Doing in another town requires lots of talking and we are not sure of the venue, resources, etc.
[20:08] [JAMMAN2110] that + they have TCL CABLE!
[20:08] [freitasm] Do you know if there's Internet in Wanaka?
[20:08] [bradstewart] yes there is
[20:08] [JAMMAN2110] I doubt it
[20:08] [bradstewart] adsl even
[20:08] [JAMMAN2110] lol
[20:08] [freitasm] No, not tubes. I N T E R N E T!
[20:08] [mike_1] what are the advantages of tcl cable]
[20:08] [JAMMAN2110] pfft adsl is crap
[20:08] [NokiaRocks] lol tubes
[20:08] [JAMMAN2110] TCL cable is awesome
[20:08] [bradstewart] they have evdo
[20:08] [NokiaRocks] cable is faster
[20:08] [NokiaRocks] not interlaced
[20:09] [bradstewart] interleaved?
[20:09] [JAMMAN2110] lol
[20:09] [NokiaRocks] no interlaced with telecom workers
[20:09] [freitasm] Mike, for example I have 10Mbps at home and I do a full Geekzone backup (1GB) every night to my server at home (actually two backups, the second to another server in AKL)
[20:09] [freitasm] Try this on ADSL ;P
[20:09] [bradstewart] lol @ 128Kbps
[20:09] [JAMMAN2110] ADSL would cark it
[20:09] [freitasm] I have my HDD fully backed up to a server in the USA. Try this at 128Kbps.
[20:09] [NokiaRocks] TCL are apparently releasing new plans soon
[20:09] [bradstewart] ADSL is bad enough trying to upload 2Mb
[20:09] [freitasm] Back to the topic.
[20:10] [mike_1] my adsl is great and it ony costs me 10 bucks a month
[20:10] [freitasm] We just scared Mike away
[20:10] [freitasm] ROTFLOL!
[20:10] [JAMMAN2110] no we didnt :P
[20:10] [freitasm] ROTFLOL!
[20:10] [freitasm] ROTFLOL!
[20:10] [freitasm] ROTFLOL!
[20:10] [freitasm] ROTFLOL!
[20:10] [NokiaRocks] spammer
[20:10] * suzi has joined #geekzone
[20:10] [freitasm] That's funny, sorry
[20:10] [Jp9] yeah, wish i could get cable here. :(
[20:10] [bradstewart] jam, calm down
[20:10] [freitasm] Back to the topic.
[20:10] * JAMMAN2110 :)s at brad
[20:10] [NokiaRocks] i want 100mb/s cable with no data limit
[20:11] * JAMMAN2110 sides with NR on that one though
[20:11] [NokiaRocks] so i'll move to s.korea
[20:11] [mike_1] i await revc and bye bye adsl and cable
[20:11] [freitasm] Sorry, I don't think you will get more than 25Mbps. And not even sure of this. Back can't say more.
[20:11] [freitasm] Rev C. Let's See. 2009.
[20:11] * pebbles has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[20:11] [freitasm] Ok. Until there we do nothing?
[20:11] [NokiaRocks] reva should be enough to ditch the wire
[20:12] [freitasm]
[20:12] [bradstewart] nah not really
[20:12] [bradstewart] need at least Rev B for that
[20:12] [NokiaRocks] depends what you use internet for
[20:12] [bradstewart] yeah
[20:13] [bradstewart] i'll be happy with fullrate adsl and capless plans
[20:13] [bradstewart] till NGN arrives
[20:13] [NokiaRocks] so what are the prizes tonight?
[20:13] * suzi has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[20:13] [NokiaRocks] NGN will be delayed until NNGN arrives
[20:13] [mike_1] i do not have the need for big bandwidth
[20:13] * Lokinz-berry needs a boss burger. JAMMAN!
[20:13] [bradstewart] well i do
[20:13] [bradstewart] get to work james
[20:14] [NokiaRocks] lol
[20:14] [freitasm]
[20:14] [mike_1] and my connection is basically free
[20:14] [JAMMAN2110] who knows the cheapest (and best DNS services in NZ) for a domain with bank deposit payments?
[20:14] [NokiaRocks]
[20:14] [JAMMAN2110] lol Lokinz, I would say something put this chatlog will be published
[20:14] * nathanmercer has joined #geekzone
[20:14] [NokiaRocks] nathan!!!!!!!!!!
[20:14] [JAMMAN2110] OMG NATHAN!
[20:14] [nathanmercer] yoyo
[20:14] [mike_1] who is tecsmith?
[20:15] * pebbles has joined #geekzone
[20:15] * ChanServ sets mode: +v pebbles
[20:15] [freitasm]
[20:15] [bradstewart] good evening nathan
[20:15] [NokiaRocks] Nathan: whats the haps with installfest?
[20:15] [freitasm] I have a few tshirts here to give away.
[20:15] [freitasm] Hello Nathan
[20:15] [nathanmercer] howdy all
[20:15] [Lokinz-berry] ill take a t :)
[20:15] [nathanmercer] install fest is easy to organise, free copies of Vista isn't so easy ;)
[20:15] [pebbles] I have a + may want to get rid of it
[20:15] [Jp9] guessing this is the vista installfest we're referring to, not the linux one? ;p
[20:15] [mike_1] screen capture and recording
[20:16] * NokiaRocks sets mode: -v pebbles
[20:16] [NokiaRocks] come on nathan, i thought you were up to the task
[20:16] [bradstewart] after the impressive speech recognition display at GZ06 i went and bought a new headset
[20:16] [freitasm] Got an email today from Hadley - all from speech rec from start to end. He bought a Microsoft VX 6600 during the weekend just for that. And because of the 1.3 megapixel
[20:16] [NokiaRocks] and i tried to get my line in port to work :p
[20:16] [nathanmercer] cool, I hope its working well for ya.  Speech reco rocks
[20:17] [bradstewart] yeah apparently buying a $35 DSE headset not such a great idea
[20:17] [JAMMAN2110] its working well for me, using handwriting recognition before too :D
[20:17] [freitasm] Hadley said (really, all translated) it worked well, but it took him an hour to train. But it works :)
[20:17] [Lokinz-berry] yeah man it rocks
[20:17] [pebbles] so... am I the only one lacking here?
[20:17] [NokiaRocks] my laptop mic works like crap
[20:17] [bradstewart] the headset didnt even last a day
[20:17] [nathanmercer] yep laptop mics are not so good
[20:17] [nathanmercer] some are OK - if you get a lappy with an Array Mic with AEC
[20:17] [freitasm] Pebbles, during the GZ06 everyone got a DVD with Windows Vista RC1. The most impressive feature Nathan (from Microsoft) showed was the speech recognition. And everyone is trying that.
[20:18] [freitasm] Ask your boyfriend to install it.
[20:18] [nathanmercer] but they're really only just starting to come out now
[20:18] [freitasm] Where is he?
[20:18] [pebbles] he won;t
[20:18] [NokiaRocks] for some reason the line in port isnt working on my laptop
[20:18] [Jp9] apparently the ones with the echo cancellation on the new toshies aren't bad either
[20:18] [freitasm] Array mics on some tablet Pcs.
[20:18] [bradstewart] i got my technet rc1 dvds in the mail yesterday..... is there any way i can get a vista rc1 case for them?
[20:18] [freitasm] Like the Motion ones.
[20:18] [nathanmercer] Brad, I will have Vista RC1 DVD packs this week, maybe next
[20:18] [bradstewart] oh awesome
[20:18] [mike_1] can i get vista?
[20:18] [NokiaRocks] cool
[20:19] [nathanmercer] there will be a new build (post RC1, RTM build tree) out for download on in a few days time too
[20:19] [bradstewart] i liked the beta 2 dvds in the GZ06 case, the ones i got sent out from connect were boring silver ones
[20:19] [bradstewart] yeah i heard
[20:19] [bradstewart] will be good
[20:19] [nathanmercer] RC1 DVDs will be the same printing
[20:19] [JAMMAN2110] nathanmercer, have you used FTP with Vista?
[20:19] [nathanmercer] i will BRB, got to pickup GF
[20:19] [bradstewart] my rc1 dvds were blue and green
[20:20] [bradstewart] and got silver server ones
[20:20] [nathanmercer] yes to FTP on Vista
[20:20] [bradstewart] i have jam
[20:20] * Fraktul has joined #geekzone
[20:20] [bradstewart] it works well
[20:20] [freitasm] JAM is having problems with FTP on Vista
[20:20] [Fraktul] evening
[20:20] [JAMMAN2110] i cant use it, adds stuff to the username field that well screws it over
[20:20] [freitasm] Hello Fraktul
[20:20] [freitasm] !spin techsmith tshirt
[20:21] [bradstewart] no bot freitasm
[20:21] [JAMMAN2110] no gbot
[20:21] [freitasm] Where is the damn bot34%$%^$%&%#^&?
[20:21] [bradstewart] tony has amac now
[20:21] [JAMMAN2110] ask tony
[20:21] [Fraktul] my vista install wont work, silly laptop dvd drive is kinda borked i think
[20:21] [NokiaRocks] someone do !spin
[20:21] [bradstewart] bot doesnt work on that
[20:21] [freitasm] Hmmm. I asked him to let me run the bot on my server here.
[20:21] [bradstewart] ok... winner is....
[20:21] [freitasm] Anyway
[20:21] [freitasm] Spreadsheet
[20:21] [bradstewart] bradstewart
[20:21] [NokiaRocks] say !spin
[20:21] [Lokinz-berry] go the mac!
[20:21] [bradstewart] w00t
[20:21] [mike_1] ??? Confused
[20:21] * JAMMAN2110 spins techsmith tshirt, the winner is JAMMAN2110! Congratulations JAMMAN2110!
[20:21] [Fraktul] vista instal is kind of stupid how if it cant read the media it cancels the install
[20:22] [JAMMAN2110] MF, get him to take the crap out of the bot first
[20:22] [freitasm] Why two Lokinz?
[20:22] [bradstewart] well what else can it do?
[20:22] [Fraktul] should at least have a retry..
[20:22] [Lokinz-berry] huh?
[20:22] [Fraktul] what if it had a finger print on the dvd right on the edge
[20:22] [NokiaRocks] say !spin
[20:22] [Fraktul] 90% install and you have to cancel..
[20:22] [freitasm] MIKE!!!!
[20:22] [bradstewart] XP was the same
[20:22] [freitasm] You got a tshirt according to my spreadsher
[20:22] [freitasm] You got a tshirt according to my spreadshet
[20:22] [JAMMAN2110] NR ?
[20:22] [freitasm] Mike, what size?
[20:23] * sbiddle has joined #geekzone
[20:23] [mike_1] very large
[20:23] [Fraktul] it was? im sure it would retry?
[20:23] * suzi has joined #geekzone
[20:23] [bradstewart] no it wouldnt
[20:23] [NokiaRocks] !spin
[20:23] [freitasm] xxl?
[20:23] [mike_1] cool
[20:23] * pebbles has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[20:23] [freitasm] Name and address to freitasm@ my domain here.
[20:23] [freitasm] Another one...
[20:23] [Fraktul] *shrug* been awhile since i did an xp install
[20:23] [Lokinz-berry] Oh those shirtsn thought they were other ones
[20:23] * suzi is now known as pebbles
[20:23] [freitasm] muppet...
[20:24] [freitasm] I think he's sleeping only
[20:24] [bradstewart] [muppet] idle 29:19:11,
[20:24] [JAMMAN2110] NR has lost his marbles
[20:24] [pebbles] !spin
[20:24] [NokiaRocks] Searching for a winner...
[20:24] [bradstewart] NR never had any
[20:24] [freitasm]
[20:24] [NokiaRocks] Spinning ....
[20:24] [NokiaRocks] Todays winner is Lokinz-berry, Well Done.
[20:24] [NokiaRocks] thank you
[20:24] [JAMMAN2110] lol
[20:25] [freitasm] Brad!
[20:25] [JAMMAN2110] NR needs help
[20:25] [bradstewart] yes?
[20:25] [bradstewart] i won?
[20:25] [freitasm] L?
[20:25] [bradstewart] XL?
[20:25] [freitasm] Nope. I only have L now
[20:25] [Lokinz-berry] w00t!
[20:25] [bradstewart] hmm
[20:25] [freitasm] Lokinz
[20:25] [bradstewart] i'll have to pass
[20:25] [freitasm] M?
[20:25] [Fraktul] how was gz2006?
[20:25] [bradstewart] haha maybe for my arm
[20:26] [freitasm] Lokinz, M?
[20:26] [Lokinz-berry] Yup
[20:26] [freitasm] Name and address please
[20:26] [freitasm] I have a L now.
[20:26] [freitasm] sbiddle?
[20:26] [Lokinz-berry] Sorry blackberry sucks
[20:26] [freitasm] Yes, it does.
[20:26] [freitasm] Fraktul, I think GZ06 was great, but I am biased.
[20:27] [Fraktul] has anyone done a writeup yet?
[20:27] [Lokinz-berry] Ill email u later
[20:27] [freitasm] A few - Juha, inane, tonyhughes, myself
[20:27] [freitasm]
[20:28] [freitasm]
[20:28] [bradstewart] im working on mine
[20:28] [freitasm]
[20:28] [bradstewart] sorry for the laziness
[20:28] [freitasm] sbiddle!!!
[20:28] [freitasm] Are you there?
[20:28] [freitasm] I have a tshirt for you!
[20:29] [sbiddle] I'm here
[20:29] [freitasm] Sbiddle, L is ok for you?
[20:29] [sbiddle] what's happening? was doing other things
[20:30] [sbiddle] yip fine
[20:30] * suzi has joined #geekzone
[20:30] * pebbles has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[20:30] [freitasm] name and address to me please... I don't keep those on file :)
[20:30] * suzi is now known as pebbles
[20:30] [mike_1] you can sell my name and address if you like MF
[20:30] [sbiddle] I'm been meaning to write  my GZ06 blog as well. Thanks for organising a cool event! I'll definately be back for next year!
[20:31] [Fraktul] thanks freitasm
[20:31] [pebbles] hmpfh... stupid net
[20:31] [freitasm] You are going to start receiving spam from Russian pharmacies
[20:31] [mike_1] cool
[20:31] [freitasm] Great, thanks. Sbiddle. I've heard a rumour.
[20:31] [sbiddle] what rumour?
[20:31] * chiefie has joined #geekzone
[20:31] * ChanServ sets mode: +oa chiefie chiefie
[20:31] [JAMMAN2110] hey chiefie
[20:31] [freitasm] I can't say much, but apparently something is happening at TCL and they are using your last post as part of the business case.
[20:32] [chiefie] hello
[20:32] [JAMMAN2110] thats cool
[20:32] [chiefie] what have i miss?
[20:32] [sbiddle] is that good or bad?
[20:32] [chiefie] (what last post and tcl and business case?)
[20:32] [JAMMAN2110] this one: "TelstraClear - sort your crap cable network out" ?
[20:32] [freitasm] Good, very good.
[20:32] [freitasm] Yep
[20:32] [freitasm]
[20:32] [JAMMAN2110] sweet
[20:33] [chiefie] oh? what's been happening?
[20:33] * geekzone_guest has joined #geekzone
[20:33] [mike_1] Do TCL have an customers?
[20:33] [mike_1] any
[20:33] [JAMMAN2110] +b
[20:33] [chiefie] [-- TCL cable customer
[20:33] [JAMMAN2110] [-- TCL cable customer
[20:33] [bradstewart] JAMMAN2110 and freitasm are
[20:33] * freitasm tcl
[20:34] * freitasm TCL client since Chello
[20:34] [bradstewart] nathanmercer is
[20:34] [JAMMAN2110] thats 5
[20:34] [nathanmercer] i am ?
[20:34] [Jp9] used to be, and still would be if they extended their network to 'actually cover' all of lower hutt
[20:34] [mike_1] 30 percent of chat
[20:34] [freitasm] And CLIENT meaning repeating business, not "customer" which is a one off. Unlike VFNZ like to call their patrons.
[20:34] [bradstewart]  [nathanmercer] (
[20:34] [freitasm] Good number. Better than SLINGSHOT!
[20:34] [Fraktul] [-company spends in excess of 3 million a month with TCL
[20:35] [freitasm] I spend in excess of $300 a month with TCL
[20:35] [mike_1] who do you work for frak
[20:35] [bradstewart] nathanmercer, are you not on TCL?
[20:35] [sbiddle] If it's going to be an update of their status page and a phone message I'll believe it when it happens! :-)
[20:35] [freitasm] Fraktul, don't say anything without your lawyer!
[20:35] [bradstewart] lol
[20:35] [nathanmercer] sorry didn't see the Q, yes I'm on TCL cable
[20:35] [Fraktul] i work for 'party A'
[20:35] [Fraktul] as 'party B'
[20:35] [mike_1] I work for supplier b
[20:35] [bradstewart] mike works for evil party B
[20:35] [chiefie] nathanmercer. any job openning in chch for MS CHCH?
[20:35] [Lokinz-berry] This is too hard out for me and my slackberry
[20:36] [freitasm] Lokinz, Pocket PC!!!
[20:36] [JAMMAN2110] lol @ NCIS
[20:36] [bradstewart] get a jamman
[20:36] * sbiddle says now we all have to ask Nathanmercer for a NZ Vista installfest and free upgrade to Vista when its launched!
[20:36] [freitasm] Ask Tony and me... We use IRC in our Pocket PCs
[20:36] [bradstewart] jammin*
[20:36] [chiefie] Lokinz-berry. my smartphone can beat your crackberry :D
[20:36] [Lokinz-berry] yes please ill send you my address
[20:36] [freitasm] Lokinz, please email me for the tshirt!
[20:37] [freitasm] The only email I've got here is about Viagra!
[20:37] [nathanmercer] chiefie:  yes there will be job openings, might not be till late this year or early next tho
[20:37] [nathanmercer] what sort of role would you like?
[20:37] [Lokinz-berry] and the pda :)
[20:37] [bradstewart] im hoping that technet testers get a free copy at the end of the program
[20:37] * geekzone_guest has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[20:37] [chiefie] mmm depending on what's available.
[20:37] [mike_1] i mailed you MF
[20:37] [freitasm] Yes, Mike, got that.
[20:37] [mike_1] coolies
[20:37] [JAMMAN2110] lol brad - get a jamman
[20:37] * chiefie is MCP in 200 tracks, and advanced-expert in CSS/XHTML/ASP/SQL
[20:38] [chiefie] hehe
[20:38] [nathanmercer] brad: you are on the techbeta aren't you?  I reckon all techbeta testers who have been downloading & providing feedback will get a free copy, probably of ULTIMATE
[20:38] [chiefie] also am a MS Registered Partner
[20:38] [bradstewart] oh awesome
[20:38] [mike_1] what does anyone know about woosh
[20:38] [bradstewart] i havent submitted huge amiunts of bugs
[20:38] [nathanmercer] chiefie: email me offlist
[20:38] * chiefie hasn't got the invite to be a TechBeta... but he's on XNA Game Studio Beta
[20:38] [bradstewart] but still, put a lot of work into it
[20:38] [bradstewart] techbeta closed ages ago chiefie
[20:39] [chiefie] bradstewart, i know :p
[20:39] * bradstewart slaps chiefie around with all the gigantic Windows Vista user guides from Geekzone06
[20:39] [chiefie] but haven't got invited into any other techbeta excpt xna
[20:39] [bradstewart] they were heavy^
[20:39] [pebbles] so is that why everyone is getting hit with them?
[20:39] [chiefie] nathanmercer,
[20:40] [bradstewart] yes
[20:40] * Lokinz-berry has quit IRC (Quit: used jmIrc)
[20:40] [freitasm] girlg33k, who shows up happy in the evenings work for Woosh
[20:40] [chiefie] freitasm, coming back to TCL. what's happening there?
[20:40] [Jp9] see, it's not user friendly yet, the manuals too big. ;p
[20:40] [freitasm] girlg33k, who shows up *HERE* (not happy( in the evenings work for Woosh
[20:40] [mike_1] are woosh in good shape as a company?
[20:40] [bradstewart] how did you get happy...?
[20:40] [nathanmercer] chiefie: yes
[20:40] [sbiddle] who on here uses Woosh? it it working OK at present?
[20:40] [freitasm] I said all I could say. And that's a lot saying.
[20:41] [freitasm] Alasta uses Woosh.
[20:41] [bradstewart] so does chirs when heres around
[20:41] [bradstewart] but hes wanting to ditch it when his contract ends
[20:41] [chiefie] chirs, pfft
[20:41] [bradstewart] chiefie?
[20:41] [bradstewart] dont like him?
[20:41] [freitasm] I got happy because I have two monitors and I was reading an email while typing at the same time. My fingers got lost here.
[20:41] [sbiddle] I've just built a new PC up for a mate who wants broadband however he has a habit of moving flats pretty regularly so would be a better solution than cable or adsl.
[20:42] [bradstewart] ive whacked him with a lot of vista manuals so dont worry
[20:42] [chiefie] bradstewart ask JAMMAN2110.
[20:42] [bradstewart] chiefie i got the columns on my blog swapped
[20:42] [bradstewart] very easy to do
[20:42] * pebbles has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[20:42] * pebbles has joined #geekzone
[20:42] * ChanServ sets mode: +v pebbles
[20:42] [bradstewart] didnt have to copt your method
[20:42] [bradstewart] copy
[20:43] [pebbles] yus, I'm back!
[20:43] [mike_1] why do you keep dropping out pebbles
[20:43] [bradstewart]
[20:43] [pebbles] my wifi/computer/static sharged me, lol
[20:43] [bradstewart] see^
[20:43] [JAMMAN2110] ask me what?
[20:44] [bradstewart] who knows
[20:44] [bradstewart] hmm its gone quiet in here
[20:44] [bradstewart] nobody really showed up tonight
[20:44] [JAMMAN2110] you scared everyone away!
[20:44] [chiefie] your columm dropped when in smaller screen
[20:45] [mike_1] would you get voda covearge in wanaka brad
[20:45] [bradstewart] yes
[20:45] [mike_1] blimey
[20:45] [bradstewart] its not backwards
[20:45] [mike_1] lol
[20:45] [Fraktul] wanaka or vodafone?
[20:45] [Fraktul] ;)
[20:45] [bradstewart] wanaka
[20:45] [mike_1] lol
[20:45] [bradstewart] vodafone sucks
[20:46] [mike_1] a loyalist
[20:46] [bradstewart] no
[20:46] [bradstewart] a former customer
[20:46] [freitasm] I think tonight is a bit slow because of all the last weekend activities. AFAIK Alasta and others crashed a private function at the Establishment and went home at 4am.
[20:46] * pebbles has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[20:46] [bradstewart] yes we did lol
[20:46] [freitasm] Brad, not a former customer, but a former wannabe customer.
[20:47] [chiefie] hehe.. "wannabe"
[20:47] [sbiddle] they went upstrairs and got cheap drinks
[20:47] [mike_1] Voda have thier place
[20:47] [chiefie] that is such a funny term.
[20:47] [bradstewart] we crashed inanes girlfriend netball function
[20:47] [bradstewart] best decsion we ever made
[20:47] [nathanmercer] lol
[20:47] [bradstewart] a very good night
[20:47] [bradstewart] alasta turned up later
[20:47] [freitasm] I came backhome and straight into bed. Sunday night again - in bed by 9pm, got up on Monday at 9am.
[20:48] [bradstewart] lol
[20:48] * pebbles has joined #geekzone
[20:48] * ChanServ sets mode: +v pebbles
[20:48] [bradstewart] me, tonyhughes, psychrn, loki and retardinator
[20:48] [sbiddle] Chris021 had to get up at 6am to catch the 7am flight to Auckland and only got around 30 mins sleep
[20:48] [pebbles] hmmm... I just got the blue screen of death :(
[20:48] [nathanmercer] i am crook with the flu else would've stayed out for some mischief
[20:48] [bradstewart] then alasta, sbiddle and chris 021 showed up
[20:48] [bradstewart] oh gutted
[20:48] [bradstewart] did he get home in the end
[20:48] [bradstewart] he was so lost
[20:49] [bradstewart] me and tony found the nest kebabs
[20:49] [sbiddle] he couldn't remember where the hotel was so came back to the pub
[20:49] [bradstewart] best*
[20:49] [bradstewart] yeah that was funny
[20:50] [bradstewart] we were supposed to go back upstairs but then hungry and ended up in a different part of town at 3am
[20:50] [mike_1] where did you get kebabs from brad?
[20:50] [bradstewart] sahara i think
[20:50] [Fraktul] cya guys
[20:50] [mike_1] not the best
[20:50] [bradstewart] it was good at 3am
[20:50] * tony-pda has joined #geekzone
[20:50] * ChanServ sets mode: +oa tony-pda tony-pda
[20:50] * Fraktul has quit IRC (Quit:  .)
[20:50] [mike_1] Cafe Baba for future reference
[20:51] [bradstewart] speak of the kebabd munching fulla
[20:51] [bradstewart] kebab*
[20:51] [sbiddle] sahara used to be good
[20:51] [mike_1] not anymore
[20:51] [sbiddle] Palms kebabs in the hutt make the best. unfortunately they're closed at 3am
[20:51] [bradstewart] and a long way away....
[20:52] [pebbles] those kebabs are so good!
[20:52] [mike_1] and you have to fight off the bogans
[20:52] [tony-pda] heyyy
[20:52] [tony-pda] that kebab was terrible
[20:52] [pebbles] I get them every wednesday lunch.
[20:52] [tony-pda] i installed a higher gain wifi antenna today
[20:52] [mike_1] busy day tony
[20:53] [tony-pda] at home
[20:53] [tony-pda] makes a huge difference
[20:53] [tony-pda] yup
[20:53] [tony-pda] very
[20:53] [mike_1] i found out about microsoft licesning
[20:53] [nathanmercer] have to dash, catch you all l8r,  TTFN
[20:53] [chiefie] see ya nathanmercer
[20:54] [bradstewart] cya
[20:54] [mike_1] and how easy it is to sell
[20:54] * tony-pda sets mode: +v nathanmercer
[20:54] * tony-pda sets mode: +v sbiddle
[20:54] * tony-pda sets mode: +v mike_1
[20:54] [JAMMAN2110] nathanmercer, cya, going to chuck you an email later :)
[20:54] * tony-pda sets mode: +v Lokinz_AFK
[20:54] * bradstewart sets mode: +vv Jp9 muppet
[20:54] [sbiddle] anybody got an old 2U server with dual NIC going cheap? only need something around 1Ghz or so but there is nothing on TM at present
[20:54] [mike_1] why do i hae aplus now?
[20:54] * nathanmercer has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[20:54] * JAMMAN2110 sets mode: -v mike_1
[20:54] [chiefie] sbiddle, hehe i'm thinking of using my laptop for server hehe
[20:55] [mike_1] why dont i have a plus now
[20:55] [chiefie] freitasm, do you know what nathan's role in MS WGTN?
[20:55] [bradstewart] who knows...
[20:55] [freitasm] HAve you identified with the nickserver?
[20:55] [freitasm] A minute.
[20:55] [sbiddle] I want to build up a new firewall/gateway using clarkconnect and install my Asterisk PBX on it as well
[20:55] [bradstewart] infratsructure technical advisor
[20:55] [freitasm] "Technology Specialist", Microsoft New Zealand.
[20:55] [bradstewart] platform strtegy group
[20:55] [freitasm] In other words: tech evangelist
[20:56] [mike_1] thats a heavy tite
[20:56] [chiefie] oh i wanna be like nathan for chch
[20:56] [chiefie] hehehe
[20:56] [bradstewart] no i am
[20:56] [chiefie] oops there goes the "Wannabe"
[20:56] [freitasm] You have some heavy quota.
[20:56] [chiefie] bradstewart, you're not in chch
[20:56] [bradstewart] i could be...
[20:56] [mike_1] i thought i had a heavy job title
[20:56] [chiefie] you don't like chch
[20:56] [freitasm] I have a job title.
[20:56] [bradstewart] i could do for that job
[20:56] [chiefie] you're a dunedino
[20:56] [freitasm] Did anyone notice I put my business card in the bags?
[20:56] [bradstewart] yeah
[20:56] [JAMMAN2110] i did
[20:56] [freitasm] And did anyone READ it?
[20:56] [JAMMAN2110] yes
[20:56] [JAMMAN2110] i have it here now
[20:56] [bradstewart] i have it in my wallet along with a million others
[20:57] [chiefie] freitasm, nope.
[20:57] [freitasm] I've changed from "Director" to the new title... More important.
[20:57] [bradstewart] editor
[20:57] [freitasm] Chiefie, check your mail tomorrow.
[20:57] [freitasm] That's 50%
[20:57] * tony-pda has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[20:57] [chiefie] what's in the mail tomorrow?
[20:57] [bradstewart] what did chefie get in the mail?
[20:57] [JAMMAN2110] Editor, Blogger (owner, master, king, ruler, godlike)
[20:57] [freitasm] Your GPS from last week, and a bag.
[20:57] [chiefie] oh!
[20:57] [chiefie] AND A BAG!
[20:57] [mike_1] i got new Business cards
[20:58] * chiefie is flashing his GPS at bradstewart. "nah nah nah nah nah nah"
[20:58] [bradstewart] so do i
[20:58] [freitasm] The only bag that was marked for someone.
[20:58] [chiefie] oh?
[20:58] [bradstewart] ahh but i got mine the night before....
[20:58] [chiefie] personalised bag?
[20:58] * tony-pda has joined #geekzone
[20:58] * ChanServ sets mode: +oa tony-pda tony-pda
[20:58] [bradstewart] sure
[20:58] * tony-pda sets mode: +v mike_1
[20:59] [mike_1] got my plus back..leave it alone jamm
[20:59] [tony-pda] oh damn i missed weekly chat
[20:59] [tony-pda] lol
[20:59] [Jp9] well. i've got to go. later all
[20:59] [tony-pda] doh
[20:59] [freitasm] "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.” _ George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., August, 2004.
[20:59] [tony-pda] i forgot it was on
[20:59] [bradstewart] lol
[20:59] * Jp9 has quit IRC (Quit: 1,2%6,2`%2,6%,12,6`%6,12%'13,12`%12,13%,0,13`%13,0%,2,0 CarpeDiem 1.94 13,0`%0,13%,12,13`%13,12%,6,12`%12,6%,2,6`%6,2%'1,2`%11,1 (I was connected to ZiRC for 1hr 11mins 57secs) 4*12*3*4
[20:59] [tony-pda] cya jp
[20:59] [bradstewart] take his moderator privildges
[21:00] [bradstewart] freitasm, i have a bush quote thing on my google homepage
[21:00] [freitasm] "The war on terror involves Saddam Hussein because of the nature of Saddam Hussein, the history of Saddam Hussein, and his willingness to terrorize himself." —George W. Bush, Grand Rapids, Mich., Jan. 29, 2003.
[21:00] [mike_1] It is New Zealand's role to send out its bright young men and women to help run the rest of the world. And they go, not hating the country of their birth, but loving it. From this loving base they make their mark on the world.
[21:01] [chiefie]
[21:01] [bradstewart] Well, we've made the decision to defeat the terrorists abroad so we don't have to face them here at home. And when you engage the terrorists abroad, it causes activity and action.
[21:01] [bradstewart]     --George w. Bush
[21:01] [bradstewart] Washington, DC
[21:01] [bradstewart] 04/28/2005
[21:01] [freitasm] "The war on terror involves Saddam Hussein because of the nature of Saddam Hussein, the history of Saddam Hussein, and his willingness to terrorize himself." —George W. Bush, Grand Rapids, Mich., Jan. 29, 2003.
[21:01] [freitasm] "I'm honored to shake the hand of a brave Iraqi citizen who had his hand cut off by Saddam Hussein." —George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., May 25, 2004.
[21:02] [bradstewart] Border relations between Canada and Mexico have never been better.
[21:02] [bradstewart]     --George w. Bush
[21:02] [bradstewart] 09/24/2001
[21:02] [bradstewart] in a press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien
[21:02] [freitasm] “You're free. And freedom is beautiful. And, you know, it'll take time to restore chaos and order — order out of chaos. But we will." —George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., April 13, 2003.
[21:02] [freitasm] Folks, thanks for tonight very disorganised chat!

Weekly Chat 29.08.06 (Shortened due to Boston Legal)

, posted: 29-Aug-2006 20:30

[20:02] <freitasm> Welcome to the Geekzone Weekly Chat
[20:02] <freitasm> As usual, an update on Geekzone 2006. The preparations are well underway, and we have today contacted all participants to confirm the attendance.
[20:02] <freitasm> We had three seats available, and three people have been contacted, but only one has confirmed so far. If you want to be considered for a seat on this event, please contact me NOW via email and I will arrange it FIRST IN FIRST SERVED as soon as any of the other two people let me know if they want or not.
[20:02] * alasta has joined #geekzone
[20:02] <freitasm> We might interrupt the chat today at 8:30 due to Boston Legal season finale!
[20:02] <alasta> Hi everyone.
[20:02] <panicatthediscoissexy> seats for what? lol
[20:02] <freitasm> Hello alasta!
[20:02] <JAMMAN2110>
[20:03] <freitasm> Geekzone 2006 (
[20:03] * NokiaRocks sets mode: +v alasta
[20:03] * Sam has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[20:03] <freitasm> Have anyone changed from Vodafone to TNZ because of the new plans?
[20:03] * Lokinz 's vista install has finished
[20:03] <Cokemaster> No.
[20:03] <panicatthediscoissexy> i have
[20:03] <panicatthediscoissexy> lol
[20:03] <panicatthediscoissexy> ive got both now
[20:03] <alasta> Not me, but I do like the idea.
[20:03] <JAMMAN2110> MF, with that email do we reply only if we cant make it or reply either way?
[20:03] <adamj> new plans?
[20:03] <Cokemaster> panicatthediscoissexy, we are talking about the new Flexi plan
[20:04] <panicatthediscoissexy> except that i got my vodafone taken off me at school :-p
[20:04] <freitasm> Only if you can't make it.
[20:04] <panicatthediscoissexy> oooh
[20:04] <panicatthediscoissexy> lol
[20:04] <JAMMAN2110> sweet as
[20:04] <Cokemaster> Initially it looked tempting however after the calculations.... I'm not too sure
[20:04] <freitasm> adamj, the new Telecom Flexi plan...
[20:04] * LokiLap has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[20:04] <JAMMAN2110> brandon... get your phone back!
[20:04] * Sam has joined #geekzone
[20:04] <panicatthediscoissexy> yeah im trying to!
[20:04] <Cokemaster> Heh
[20:04] <panicatthediscoissexy> lol
[20:04] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:04] <freitasm> I thought Tony was making a spreadsheet to compare with prices with Vodafone?
[20:04] * chiefie slaps panicatthediscoissexy around a bit with a large trout
[20:05] <JAMMAN2110> !seen tonyhughes
[20:05] <gbot> Last time I saw tonyhughes, tonyhughes was12 Saying ynot = tony in #geekzone 5,0 1hr 2mins 59secs ago
[20:05] <Cokemaster> You choose will be a nightmare to compare
[20:05] <chiefie> panicatthediscoissexy: that
[20:05] <Sam> mauricio what did you say beofre about gz06?
[20:05] <Sam> i changed machines
[20:05] <chiefie> panicatthediscoissexy: that's for using phone in school.
[20:05] <Cokemaster> Considering all the combinations involved
[20:05] <psychrn> greetings all
[20:05] <freitasm> As usual, an update on Geekzone 2006. The preparations are well underway, and we have today contacted all participants to confirm the attendance.
[20:05] <JAMMAN2110> chiefie., it was lunchtime
[20:05] <freitasm> We had three seats available, and three people have been contacted, but only one has confirmed so far. If you want to be considered for a seat on this event, please contact me NOW via email and I will arrange it FIRST IN FIRST SERVED as soon as any of the other two people let me know if they want or not.
[20:05] <adamj> is flexi just a copy of you choose?
[20:05] <chiefie> Cokemaster, i agree. You Choose isn't as easy as it seems but it fit my pocket for now.
[20:05] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:06] <chiefie> adamj, it's a simpler, no brain of you choose but not the same actually
[20:06] <psychrn> no email for me MF as yet??
[20:06] <Sam> its the 16th isnt it?
[20:06] <Cokemaster> Choose kinda suits me though I'm always going over...
[20:06] <freitasm> 16 September.
[20:06] <psychrn> to confirm attendance??
[20:06] <chiefie> you pick either $45 (anytime) or $30 (mytime) and use that in any combo you can.
[20:06] <freitasm> 1pm through evening
[20:06] <Sam> got a work function, its a pity really
[20:06] <panicatthediscoissexy> you are like brainy people.. sorry for me being here lol
[20:06] <Lokinz> !seen bradstewart
[20:06] <gbot> Last time I saw bradstewart, bradstewart was12 Saying out for tea in #geekzone 5,0 2hrs 6mins 12secs ago
[20:06] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:06] <alasta> What time will the dinner be, Freitasm?
[20:07] <Sam> can anyone shed more light on juha's post on HSDPA
[20:07] <freitasm> About 6:30pm. 1 - 6 at Paramount, then time to go to the restaurant
[20:07] <chiefie> more calling or txt. or less calling or txt, varies between months, up to you. as long as you spend around/ at least $30/$45 depending of the plan, then make use of that credits.
[20:07] <Cokemaster> Do you need a term contract to get this plan?
[20:07] <freitasm> Which is just a block away.
[20:07] <chiefie> Cokemaster. it's 24/36
[20:07] <alasta> Ok. I think I might drive into town and if anyone wants to go out drinking after dinner then I'll have time to drive home and catch the bus back into town.
[20:07] <psychrn> have you sent out emails MF ??
[20:07] <Sam> spain v lithuania is interesting on sky sport 2 now
[20:08] <alasta> I don't really want to carry a bag of goodies around town all night.
[20:08] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:08] <psychrn> put it in a vehicle??
[20:08] <Cokemaster> What is up with operators these days?
[20:08] <adamj> the Flexi calculator doesnt take into account $10m txt :(
[20:08] <alasta> I'm not leaving my car in town all night.
[20:08] <panicatthediscoissexy> what are we talking about? :S i like dont know much lol
[20:08] <Cokemaster> With term contracts
[20:08] <freitasm> Yes, today. I had three people pulling out, one replacement accepted, another two in the queue. But please send me an email if interested, because I will contact people as soon as I hear from the others in the queue.
[20:09] <JAMMAN2110> MF, after this is done do we get the attendance list? ;)
[20:09] <freitasm> Adam, I saw the calculator and they have the $10 text there.
[20:09] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:09] <adamj> Well it askes me how many txt i said and it calcuated them at $0.20 eacg
[20:09] <adamj> *each
[20:09] <psychrn> I am worried-as I have no email to confirm attendance!!
[20:09] <alasta> I wonder if those of us on Get plans will eventually get knocked off them.
[20:09] <Cokemaster> It does do $10 text
[20:09] <freitasm> Hmmm. I am not sure. I am not allowed to share some of the information. And only first name is not very useful. But you will see everyone there.
[20:10] <adamj> According to the calc im better off on the plan im on anyway
[20:10] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:10] <fraktul> is anyone from citylink going to be attending?
[20:10] <freitasm> psychr, pm me now what e-mail you've used to register?
[20:10] <Sam> link to the calc for the lazy
[20:10] <adamj> ok sorry, it doesnt do Mega TXT
[20:10] <psychrn> ok
[20:10] <psychrn> im the same there alkasta
[20:10] <adamj> which I am on
[20:10] <Cokemaster> Telecom have been doing comparison ads to Vodafones '1c' text messaging....
[20:10] <panicatthediscoissexy> sup gbot?
[20:10] <NokiaRocks> adamj, whats the file size of your bl collection?
[20:11] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:11] <adamj> I dunno, I think ive deleted most of them off the recorder
[20:11] <NokiaRocks> :(
[20:11] <Cokemaster> I think I'll stay the course with my 12 month term contract
[20:11] <Cokemaster> On Voda
[20:11] <chiefie> Cokemaster. you on youchoose 12months?
[20:11] <Cokemaster> Yes
[20:12] * chiefie on YC20 24months.
[20:12] <adamj> Im not locked in on my Telecom cos I own the phone outright. but i HAD to have a 12 month contact on my You Choose
[20:12] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:12] <Lokinz> does the flexi offer a no term?
[20:12] <Cokemaster> YC60 12 months
[20:13] <alasta> I could live with a 12 month contract if I really had to, but I'd rather stick with my current Get70 plan in order to stay on open term.
[20:13] <chiefie> i start with YC20, and if i need to get up to next level i don't have to pay fee. and if i need to drop, i can get back to 20 with no penalty.
[20:13] <chiefie> but if you start from YC60, and want to drop to YC20, you need to pay penalty.
[20:14] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:14] <Cokemaster> Yes, chiefie
[20:14] <Lokinz> chiefie, the sales person get next to no com for the 20's
[20:14] <adamj> exactly, ive done the same thing chiefie
[20:14] <alasta> What's the monthly fee for Choose60?
[20:14] <Cokemaster> I was misled by the PN Voda sales chick (whom is called Sarah BTW)
[20:14] <freitasm> psychrn, you used the ihug address for registration, right?
[20:14] <adamj> who cares what commission the sales person gets?
[20:14] <Cokemaster> $39.95
[20:14] <chiefie> well they get nothing anyway since all of it are self-service.
[20:15] <Cokemaster> She told me I couldn't change the plan for 6 months
[20:15] <Lokinz> adamj, I do!
[20:15] <Cokemaster> :-/
[20:15] <alasta> I think I'd be more likely to go with Choose20 since I don't use my phone that much.
[20:15] <chiefie> Lokinz, you're leaving VDFN.
[20:15] <alasta> Or Choose20 + off peak addon.
[20:15] <chiefie> alasta, i think YC20 as the test bed and benchmark your usage and see how
[20:15] <Lokinz> chiefie, true, but i stil get com for this month
[20:15] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:15] <chiefie> if you think you need more, then up it a bit, but don't start high
[20:15] <psychrn> I think so MF??
[20:16] <chiefie> as you will get penaltise for going below your starting plan.
[20:16] <Cokemaster> 20 minutes per month is a bit light, particularly for daytime calling...
[20:16] <alasta> Good advice, cheifie.
[20:16] <freitasm> Yes, you are ok... But you should have received an email from me today...
[20:16] <adamj> I have my Voda on You Choose in my company name for business calls during the day and my Telecom on a Mytime plan for nights and weekends personal calls
[20:16] * chiefie uses YC20 and works well. though i do call quite a bit during day.
[20:16] <freitasm> Folks, I have a Windows Marketplace cap, a Nokia cap and a couple of Hive caps to give away.
[20:16] <alasta> I have a fixed line phone at work, Coke, so I don't really need to make daytime calling on my mobile.
[20:16] <Cokemaster> Heh
[20:16] <freitasm> !spin Nokia cap
[20:16] <gbot> Its prizetime in #geekzone (The prize is: Nokia cap)
[20:16] * gbot sets mode: +m
[20:16] * Lokinz used 300 mins last month
[20:17] <gbot> .
[20:17] <gbot> ..
[20:17] <gbot> ...
[20:17] <gbot> This room is moderated while we run a prize draw.
[20:17] <gbot> The winner of this draw will recieve a Nokia cap 
[20:17] <gbot> Performing random selection ... Good luck everyone!
[20:17] <gbot> The winner of Nokia cap  is barf , Well Done barf!!
[20:17] <gbot> ....
[20:17] <gbot> ...
[20:17] <gbot> ..
[20:17] <gbot> .
[20:17] * gbot sets mode: -m
[20:17] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:17] <JAMMAN2110> barf is idle! :P
[20:17] <chiefie> !barf barf
[20:17] <JAMMAN2110> i want it lol
[20:17] <gbot> EEeeewww - chiefie just barfed all over barf's shoes
[20:17] <gbot> gross....
[20:17] <freitasm> !spin Windows Marketplace cap
[20:17] <gbot> Its prizetime in #geekzone (The prize is: Windows Marketplace cap)
[20:17] <Cokemaster> alasta, not allowed outgoing calls at work :(
[20:17] * gbot sets mode: +m
[20:17] <gbot> .
[20:17] <gbot> ..
[20:17] <gbot> ...
[20:17] <gbot> This room is moderated while we run a prize draw.
[20:17] <gbot> The winner of this draw will recieve a Windows Marketplace cap 
[20:17] <gbot> Performing random selection ... Good luck everyone!
[20:17] <gbot> The winner of Windows Marketplace cap  is gbot , Well Done gbot!!
[20:17] <gbot> ....
[20:17] <gbot> ...
[20:17] <gbot> ..
[20:17] <gbot> .
[20:17] * gbot sets mode: -m
[20:17] <freitasm> !spin Windows Marketplace cap
[20:17] <gbot> Its prizetime in #geekzone (The prize is: Windows Marketplace cap)
[20:17] <adamj> lol gbot won
[20:17] <Lokinz> lol
[20:17] * gbot sets mode: +m
[20:17] <JAMMAN2110> oh now thats just sad
[20:17] * chiefie slaps gbot around a bit with a large trout
[20:17] <gbot> .
[20:17] <gbot> ..
[20:17] <gbot> ...
[20:17] <gbot> This room is moderated while we run a prize draw.
[20:17] <gbot> The winner of this draw will recieve a Windows Marketplace cap 
[20:17] <gbot> Performing random selection ... Good luck everyone!
[20:17] <gbot> The winner of Windows Marketplace cap  is gbot , Well Done gbot!!
[20:17] <gbot> ....
[20:17] <gbot> ...
[20:17] <gbot> ..
[20:17] <gbot> .
[20:17] * gbot sets mode: -m
[20:17] <freitasm> !spin Windows Marketplace cap
[20:17] <gbot> Its prizetime in #geekzone (The prize is: Windows Marketplace cap)
[20:17] <Cokemaster> haha
[20:17] <Lokinz> hahaha
[20:17] * gbot sets mode: +m
[20:17] <gbot> .
[20:17] <gbot> ..
[20:17] <gbot> ...
[20:17] <gbot> This room is moderated while we run a prize draw.
[20:17] <JAMMAN2110> just give it to me lol
[20:17] <gbot> The winner of this draw will recieve a Windows Marketplace cap 
[20:17] <gbot> Performing random selection ... Good luck everyone!
[20:17] <NokiaRocks> lol
[20:17] <gbot> The winner of Windows Marketplace cap  is tony[not-here-4-chat] , Well Done tony[not-here-4-chat]!!
[20:17] <gbot> ....
[20:17] <gbot> ...
[20:17] <gbot> ..
[20:17] <gbot> .
[20:17] * gbot sets mode: -m
[20:17] <NokiaRocks> rofl!!!
[20:18] <panicatthediscoissexy> what do i win?
[20:18] <panicatthediscoissexy> lol
[20:18] <Lokinz> oh c'mon
[20:18] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:18] <JAMMAN2110> just give it to me!!! :P
[20:18] <alasta> That's tough, Coke. The girl who sits next to me spends more time arranging her wedding than working.
[20:18] <Cokemaster> Heh
[20:18] <NokiaRocks> i'll take the nokia one
[20:18] <JAMMAN2110> poor alasta
[20:18] <alasta> No outgoing calls probably wouldn't be a bad thing.
[20:18] <freitasm> NR, please email me for the Nokia. JAM, please email me for the Windows.
[20:18] <NokiaRocks> woot!
[20:18] <chiefie> lol @ freitasm
[20:18] <chiefie> looks like gbot isn't working tonight
[20:18] <adamj> I really like how cheap it is to have an 0800 number connected to a VF compares to a Telecom
[20:18] <freitasm> I have another two caps... Seeing the gbot is crap, and there are idle people here... Who wants one each?
[20:19] <Sam> go the prizes
[20:19] <alasta> The sad thing is that one of the performance indicators for the sales staff is the number of calls they make each day, which encourages them to make personal phone calls at work!
[20:19] <Lokinz> me
[20:19] <JAMMAN2110> MF, i have a windows vista cap.. is it the same?
[20:19] <freitasm> No, it's different.
[20:19] * chiefie sat back and let others have a grab for the caps.
[20:19] <freitasm> Lokinz, email me your address for a cap.
[20:19] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:19] <Lokinz> kk :)
[20:19] <Cokemaster> They're quite paranoid on the Xtra project, alasta
[20:19] <Cokemaster> :)
[20:20] * chiefie got job inteview tomorrow and was given interview questions today.... :-S
[20:20] <chiefie> interview is at 10:30am.
[20:20] <alasta> It's a pity, because I think there should be some give and take between an employer and its employees.
[20:20] <panicatthediscoissexy> can i have one? :)
[20:20] <freitasm> Ok, one cap to go. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
[20:20] <panicatthediscoissexy> me please
[20:20] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:20] <freitasm> Ok, email me
[20:20] <NokiaRocks> email sent MF
[20:20] <freitasm> your address for the last cap.
[20:20] <panicatthediscoissexy> whats your email?
[20:20] <freitasm> freitasm at this domain :)
[20:20] <chiefie> panicatthediscoissexy. check geezone. LOL
[20:20] <alasta> Good luck, Chiefie. You're lucky to get the questions in advance.
[20:20] <freitasm>
[20:20] <chiefie> alasta. ssshhh.... ;-)
[20:20] * Nigel has joined #geekzone
[20:21] <chiefie> it was secretly given. by a guy on panel LOL
[20:21] <Sam> whats the job chiefie
[20:21] <Cokemaster> Jetstart!!!11
[20:21] <chiefie> but then my colleague and I are applying for the same job as we are doing now, olny going through for formality
[20:21] <chiefie> Sam web content developer
[20:21] <Sam> for?
[20:21] <Cokemaster> Nigel, are you on one the of old plans, Nigel ?
[20:21] <chiefie> can't review
[20:21] <chiefie> sorry sam
[20:21] <Sam> no bigige
[20:21] <chiefie> reveal
[20:21] <chiefie> LOL
[20:21] <NokiaRocks> jetstart lol
[20:22] * chiefie serioesly is tired and can't type preoperly
[20:22] <chiefie> bleh
[20:22] <Sam> peroperly
[20:22] <Sam> i can sympathise with tired,
[20:22] <freitasm> Anyone thinking that TNZ fiber to premises being tested until July 2007 is a bit too much?
[20:22] <NokiaRocks> 8 mins to bl
[20:22] * Sam needs a new computer chair
[20:22] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:22] <freitasm> 8 minutes to end of today's chat...
[20:22] <chiefie> been feeling real drained today :(
[20:22] <Nigel> Sorry chiefie?
[20:22] <Cokemaster> Probably nothing
[20:22] <Sam> only half hour
[20:22] <NokiaRocks> i have fibre in my house already
[20:22] <chiefie> Nigel?
[20:22] <Sam> yeah i struggle to get up this morning
[20:23] <Sam> but staying in bed isnt a real option, especially on a nice day
[20:23] <chiefie> freitasm, i think TNZ should just shelved the trial.
[20:23] <adamj> I want Gigabit Citylink
[20:24] <Nigel> Sorry chiefie - it was actually cokemaster that asked me a question (that's what happens when you try watching the final of the amazing race while glancing down at your laptop)
[20:24] <freitasm> Last night I attended a birthday dinner and talked to a Trademe person about hosting, colocation, etc...
[20:24] <freitasm> Yes, I am on my laptop here in the lounge as well.
[20:24] <Sam> cell tower colocaiton?
[20:24] <adamj> Which Trade Me person MF?
[20:24] <Sam> i'm in the longue on the laptop too, because i dont have a computer chair
[20:24] <freitasm> Sorry can't say the name here.
[20:24] <chiefie> ooh GZ offering hosted services?
[20:24] <NokiaRocks> sam morgan
[20:24] <psychrn> just checked soam folder on Gmail MF-nothing there
[20:24] <adamj> I also in lounge on Laptop
[20:25] <freitasm> But you will know. I think he's joining us for the weekly coffee at Astoria tomorrow.
[20:25] <NokiaRocks> im in bed on laptop
[20:25] <Sam> who has what wireless router if we are all on laptops
[20:25] <freitasm> psychrn, probably ihug is slow to receive too...
[20:25] <freitasm> I have a Belkin.
[20:25] <NokiaRocks> i have dlink wireless router
[20:25] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:25] <adamj> me BELKIN too
[20:25] <alasta> Don't laugh but I have a D-Link and it seems to work fine.
[20:25] <Sam> i've got a belkin pre-n
[20:25] <freitasm> 4 ports (ehternet) wi-fi router.
[20:25] <psychrn> ok
[20:25] <freitasm> 802.11g
[20:25] <freitasm> D-Link???? Nooooooooooooooo
[20:26] <NokiaRocks> my dlink is rock solid
[20:26] <Sam> with dlink, free is free
[20:26] <Sam> my dlink experience has been fine
[20:26] <alasta> This is the only D-Link product that I've ever owned, and I've never had any problems with it.
[20:26] <panicatthediscoissexy> What's everyone doing? I'm kinda bored lol.
[20:26] <Nigel> zyxel g1000 wireless ap here with an allied telesyn adsl modem
[20:26] <NokiaRocks> why does that guy on money problems cut up their credit card? the bank owns the card and they have to pay damages
[20:26] <Sam> belkin has proven a good bet, mimo works well,
[20:26] <adamj> I have a D-link router, it randomly crashes from time to time
[20:26] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:26] <Cokemaster> NokiaRocks, for effect!
[20:26] * chiefie has dlink and wireless router but using MCE with 100Mbit
[20:27] <Sam> what gadgets did they own on that show nokia?
[20:27] <NokiaRocks> but now they're further into debt
[20:27] <panicatthediscoissexy> oooh yay i have a dial up modem :(
[20:27] <Sam> 100mbit? tcl?
[20:27] <freitasm> I am looking for a faster router though - not network faster, but CPU faster. I think my router may impact on the overall performance here.
[20:27] <JAMMAN2110> 1Gb GZISP
[20:27] <Sam> my first gz chat was on dial up
[20:27] <JAMMAN2110> Fibre
[20:27] <freitasm> Nope, TCL can only go to 25Mbps currently.
[20:27] <NokiaRocks> a laptop, a digital camera, a cell phone, a stereo and a heater
[20:27] <chiefie> 100Mbit lan, on 4Mbps
[20:27] <alasta> I haven't experienced dialup for years.
[20:27] <panicatthediscoissexy> lol
[20:27] * chiefie LAN owns all wifi.
[20:27] <alasta> Although I have used GPRS in the last year which is just as bad.
[20:27] <chiefie> LOL
[20:27] <freitasm> GPRS is great!
[20:28] <Sam> i haven't used gprs in a while, got 3g.. considering a data plan
[20:28] <freitasm> Much better than Wireless CDMA (WCDMA)... not ;-)
[20:28] <panicatthediscoissexy> GRPS? What's that?
[20:28] <Sam> go the wireless cdma
[20:28] <freitasm> Generalise Packet Radio Service
[20:28] <alasta> Hehe, true that.
[20:28] <adamj> lol Wireless CDMA
[20:28] <freitasm> Generalised Packet Radio Service
[20:28] <alasta> Who made that 'wireless CDMA' gaffe? Was it The Herald again?
[20:28] <panicatthediscoissexy> Oh.. Thanks. lol. I still don't really know what it does :-p
[20:28] <freitasm> Someone on Stuff wrote that Telecom should install WCDMA because is a wireless version of the CDMA standard TNZ uses.
[20:29] <alasta> Ahhh, so it was STuff this time.
[20:29] <Sam> fools
[20:29] * Sam pity's the fools
[20:29] <freitasm> We all laughed here at GZ... The CDMA TNZ uses is not cellular according to Stuff :)
[20:29] <NokiaRocks> lol
[20:29] <alasta> I think it was also Stuff that suggested that Woosh currently offers WiMax.
[20:29] <NokiaRocks> 1 minute to go :)
[20:29] <freitasm> So we came up with WCDMA = Wireless CDMA
[20:29] <adamj> ah so thats why my 027 is always plugged into the wall!
[20:29] * sbiddle has joined #geekzone
[20:29] <freitasm> Fair enough!
[20:29] <alasta> Hey, Steve.
[20:29] <sbiddle> evening
[20:29] <JAMMAN2110> BL is almost on!
[20:29] <freitasm> sbiddle!
[20:29] <adamj> I always thought it was just a shit battery ;)
[20:29] <Cokemaster> I want Wireless GPRS with huge pipes
[20:30] <freitasm> The Pipes (TM)
[20:30] <alasta> You mean huge tubes, Coke?
[20:30] <panicatthediscoissexy> Steve who? lol
[20:30] <panicatthediscoissexy> I know steve
[20:30] <panicatthediscoissexy> Maybe?
[20:30] <panicatthediscoissexy> lol
[20:30] <freitasm> Steve, I am sending your camera tomorrow.
[20:30] <NokiaRocks> steve balmer
[20:30] <Cokemaster> Oops
[20:30] <Cokemaster> Tubes
[20:30] <panicatthediscoissexy> Oh.. No then lol
[20:30] <sbiddle> season finale of BL coming up
[20:30] * chiefie saw a billboard in Welly that compare ADSL to Citylink pipe/tube
[20:31] <freitasm> all emails about the caps, thanks folks
[20:31] <Sam> the pipes one chiefie?
[20:31] <Nigel> Does anyone know if Vodafone will definitely be going to 3.6Mbps on launch of their HSDPA network?
[20:31] <NokiaRocks> bl now :)
[20:31] <freitasm> Ok folks!
[20:31] <Sam> i'm taping bl,
[20:31] <Sam> well someone is for me
[20:32] <Nigel> Me too sam
[20:32] <freitasm> Thanks for joining this short chat tonight... But BL is on, and it's Season Finale!

Telecom Wireless Hotspot

, posted: 27-Aug-2006 23:02

While away on a snowboarding trip this weekend I decided to use the Telecom Wireless Hotspot located on Ohekune's main street. Connecting to the network was not a problem, trying to find any webpages was though. After the initial connection I was expecting all traffic to be routed to a Telecom login site like that of Cafenet. For the first 5 minutes no webpages would load or get redirected at all and would just time out.

Eventually the xtra login page decided to load and I tried logging in. Because IE is set to block popups automatically this meant the I got logged out straight away. A simple change to IE's settings and tried again. Second time worked a charm, and carried to to check webmail. At that point I got disconnected from the wireless network all together. Reconnected and tried again.

After that the initial phase it seemed to work well, speed seemed to vary significantly between webpages, but was useable. NZDSL's speedtest clocked it at the following speed:

Speed Test

So overall it was a good service, not one I would be happy with if it wasnt free till the end of 2007 though.

Weekly Chat Log 22.08.06

, posted: 22-Aug-2006 23:08

[20:00] <freitasm> Welcome to the Weekly Geekzone Chat!
[20:00] <bradstewart> i'll b the bot
[20:00] <freitasm> Thanks for joining us tonight. Preparations for Geekzone 2006 are well underway, and we have new sponsors, recently announced. Please check for more details on these special offers available to attendees!
[20:00] * Cokemaster changes topic to ' | Weekly chat is on | Prizes to be won - maybe'
[20:00] <JAMMAN2110> ../nick bradbot
[20:00] <sniffduck> its botswana not that freakin name you wrote
[20:00] <freitasm> We are also working hard to bring some subscriber features to you. It will be all announced during the event, but I will need beta testers from next week. please contact me if interested!
[20:00] * bradstewart sets mode: +m
[20:01] <JAMMAN2110> please refrain form talking during the chat introduction
[20:01] <freitasm> I will repeat :)
[20:01] <freitasm> Welcome to the Weekly Geekzone Chat!
[20:01] <freitasm> Thanks for joining us tonight. Preparations for Geekzone 2006 are well underway, and we have new sponsors, recently announced. Please check for more details on these special offers available to attendees!
[20:01] <freitasm> We are also working hard to bring some subscriber features to you. It will be all announced during the event, but I will need beta testers from next week. please contact me if interested!
[20:01] <freitasm> And now please throw some topics here for us!
[20:01] * sniffduck has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[20:01] * alasta has joined #geekzone
[20:01] * bradstewart sets mode: +vv barf psychrn
[20:01] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:01] * bradstewart sets mode: +v alasta
[20:01] <alasta> Hello all.
[20:01] <Cokemaster> We'll I've made the move up to Auckland
[20:01] <JAMMAN2110> hey hey
[20:01] <freitasm> Hello Alasta!
[20:01] <Cokemaster> Well*
[20:02] <bradstewart> lol its going to be a quiet chet tonight
[20:02] <freitasm> Are you living there now?
[20:02] * nzbnw has joined #geekzone
[20:02] <Cokemaster> Yes, I am
[20:02] * bradstewart sets mode: +v nzbnw
[20:02] <Cokemaster> I got my email address too :)
[20:02] <freitasm> Nice!
[20:02] * chiefie_dinner is now known as chiefie
[20:02] <freitasm> No more VFNZ bashing now?
[20:03] <alasta> What's the job market like there at the moment, Coke?
[20:03] <bradstewart> no... more VFNZ bashing.... hes an offical teletroll now
[20:03] <alasta> Did it take long to find a job?
[20:03] <JAMMAN2110> no hes contractulayy obligated too now!
[20:03] <Cokemaster> bradstewart, I do not work for Telecom. I work for Teletech
[20:03] <bradstewart> on behalf of telecom
[20:03] <nzbnw> the call center people?
[20:03] <Cokemaster> Yes
[20:03] <freitasm> Teletech?
[20:03] <Cokemaster> But as far as the customer is concerned - I work for Telecom Xtra.
[20:03] <freitasm> Hmmm. And are you going to be answering calls?
[20:04] <Cokemaster> Yes
[20:04] <psychrn> a worry
[20:04] <bradstewart> be nice to them
[20:04] <nzbnw> lol, are u based on the broadband que, dialup, all of the above or what if you dont mind me asking?
[20:04] * gbot has joined #geekzone
[20:04] * ChanServ sets mode: +o gbot
[20:04] <Cokemaster> Dialup at the moment... training. Once thats finished its ADSL
[20:05] <Cokemaster> Since Dialup is getting outsourced overseas
[20:05] <nzbnw> swwet, good luck with it :)
[20:05] <nzbnw> sweet*
[20:05] <Cokemaster> Apart from that - I learnt a few dirty little secrets there :)
[20:06] <bradstewart> oh please tell us
[20:06] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:06] <Cokemaster> I won't break my contract disclosing them though
[20:06] <bradstewart> its not a secret unless u tell
[20:06] <freitasm> Dialup is great, uh? The person is on the phone, have to hang up to test, them call again, back in the queue... And so on...
[20:06] <JAMMAN2110> in person at GZ06 in the last bathroom cubicle?
[20:06] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:06] <Cokemaster> So, any news in the telco industry this week?
[20:06] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:06] <chiefie> JAMMAN2110 you're a disturbance.
[20:06] <Cokemaster> Any econet horror stories?
[20:07] <bradstewart> econet IS a horror story
[20:07] * chiefie remembers Hostel, is that horror enough?
[20:07] <freitasm> Yes... Did anyone see this new Telecom NZ magazine they have in stores now?
[20:07] <alasta> Correction: Econet would be a horror story if they had any customer to horrify.
[20:07] <chiefie> nope.
[20:07] <bradstewart> nope
[20:07] <freitasm> I walk everyday to the mall with Bella, so I have to find things to do. And I enter every store!
[20:07] <Cokemaster> alasta, I found it quite funny when they 'offered' to help vodafone with their billing system
[20:07] <nzbnw> yes seen it, of course, will be an interesting concept
[20:07] <freitasm> "Mob - The Power of Many"
[20:08] <nzbnw> no more feature cards on handsets
[20:08] <freitasm> 66 pages, nice paper, interesting stuff.
[20:08] <chiefie> hmm what's their concept of that?
[20:08] <freitasm> But not a mention of Geekzone ;-(
[20:08] <chiefie> sounds like Mob, the moster
[20:08] <chiefie> mobster
[20:08] <freitasm> They talk about their services, for a hip - young - teen audience
[20:08] <Cokemaster> Not allowed to use geekzone at work either heh
[20:08] <Cokemaster> Might be able to get around it by using GPRS on mobile
[20:08] <JAMMAN2110> seriously?
[20:09] <bradstewart> lol gprs at telecom
[20:09] <psychrn> oh what!
[20:09] <freitasm> The "editor" is that annoying TV guy from the $10 TXT ads
[20:09] <bradstewart> oh no
[20:09] <nzbnw> lol, rest asured freitasm geekzone is mentioned on at least one internal site as a good place to vist for technical  problems :)
[20:09] <alasta> His name is Gary, freitasm.
[20:09] <freitasm> Did they say "No browsing" or "No Geekzone"?
[20:09] <chiefie> GPRS will cause "buzzzzz tzz yzz tzzzz" when too close to phone or speaker. and flicker the CRT screen.
[20:09] <nzbnw> haha
[20:09] <Cokemaster> They said no discussion forums.
[20:09] <alasta> I really hope I never have to meet him.
[20:09] <freitasm> Yes, Gary. In big letters here on page 9
[20:10] <nzbnw> yes well, apparantly he doesnt liked being called Gary
[20:10] <alasta> I can't help wondering about their choice of presenter for the Ferrit ads.
[20:10] <freitasm> I know. And today I saw an internal TCL address as a referral to my rant on their help desk services ;-)
[20:10] <chiefie> gary is, ass----hole.. (in the voice of the baby from Meet the Fockers)
[20:10] <alasta> That guy looks a bit too conservative and geeky.
[20:10] <freitasm> Geeky?
[20:10] <Cokemaster> bradstewart, I still use my Vodafone account at work... thats not going to change unless Teletech offer a discount on 027
[20:11] <freitasm> So, the magazine looks good. I think VFNZ did it once but never came out with issue #2
[20:11] <alasta> Well, he doesn't exactly dress fashionably.
[20:11] <chiefie> oh freitasm, i haven't hear back on about my VMC
[20:11] <alasta> And his haircut is seriously bad.
[20:11] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:11] <freitasm> But you have a replacement one for use, right?
[20:11] * chiefie wish the paintballs will seriously hurt gary.
[20:11] * skyplonk has joined #geekzone
[20:11] <chiefie> freitasm: yes. replacement is working fine.
[20:11] <freitasm> So stick with the replacement ;-)
[20:11] <chiefie> though she mentioned that it is for temporary use until the one fixed.
[20:12] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:12] <freitasm> Anyway, Antonios will be at Geekzone 2006, you can ask him about TCL support !
[20:12] <chiefie> ok what if i want the replacement f*cked too?
[20:12] <bradstewart> finally the PM has gotten a backbone: New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark weighed into a row following Saturday's bruising Tri-Nations encounter in Auckland, saying Australia were guilty of 'acts of assault' on All Black skipper Richie McCaw.
[20:12] <freitasm> Hello skyplonk
[20:12] * bradstewart sets mode: +v skyplonk
[20:12] <chiefie> ok. at the moment the GZ06 is tentative, as my mom is starting her treatment on 4th sept.
[20:12] <bradstewart> sports terrorism....
[20:12] <skyplonk> Hey guys
[20:12] <freitasm> Oh!
[20:13] <freitasm> I really hope she goes well.
[20:13] <chiefie> yeah. we're still aiming to go up
[20:13] <chiefie> and hopefully be up in welly on friday arvo. and join you guys for dinner.
[20:13] <freitasm> Not trying to sound too harsh - please let me know if you won't be coming, you know seats are in shortage.
[20:14] <nzbnw> mm in industry news, i was reading on some site, cant remeber, but a news article none the less, that Telecom might move to a '4G' mobile network in the near future, to match Sprint in the USA with their WiMax network and dual CDMA handsets :)
[20:14] <chiefie> yup. definitely
[20:14] <chiefie> i read that WiMAX won't be ready till 2010
[20:14] <bradstewart> WiMax 2007
[20:14] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:14] <chiefie> hehe
[20:14] <alasta> I thought WiMax trials were already happening in New Zealand?
[20:14] * chiefie exagerate.
[20:14] * bradstewart slaps chiefie around a bit with a 60lb Windows Vista troubleshooting guide
[20:15] <freitasm> And Australia.
[20:15] <alasta> Ahhh, my sarcasm detector isn't working tonight.
[20:15] <nzbnw> its a mobileversion of wimax, and can only be used for that, well thats what the article said
[20:15] * chiefie is waiting for bradstewart's vista.
[20:15] <freitasm> Sprint WiMax is last mile broadband. They still have plans to deploy CDMA EVDO Rev A
[20:15] <freitasm> Sprint WiMax is for data only, CDMA EVDO is for voice, in a complete packetised network.
[20:15] * chiefie 's colleague is using HSDPA in chch and under NDA
[20:15] <nzbnw> correct
[20:15] <freitasm> So, whoever wrote this article must be someone on NZ Herald or Stuff.
[20:15] <bradstewart> yes.... they apparently are going to keep going with the evolutionary upgrades of EVDO as the fallback
[20:16] <chiefie> but he's been downloading lots and lots and lots.
[20:16] <freitasm> Which we all geeks know are always getting the wrong end of the stick
[20:16] <chiefie> what stick?
[20:16] <alasta> I know I've asked this 100 times, but can someone remind me when HSDPA is speculated to be commercially available on Vodafone NZ?
[20:16] <nzbnw> yes they did say they would use CDMA as an underlay for voice
[20:16] <bradstewart> NZH?Stuff suck...
[20:16] <JAMMAN2110> the magic stick ;)
[20:16] <chiefie> end of the year
[20:16] <freitasm> September.
[20:16] <Cokemaster> Perhaps we need to wait for wireless wimax....
[20:16] <bradstewart> lololol
[20:16] <freitasm> But, a secret - it may be already on in South Auckland.
[20:16] <psychrn> sup sept/oct
[20:16] <alasta> Thanks.
[20:16] * chiefie saw JasJam on trademe
[20:16] <nzbnw> and of next month ist it
[20:16] <nzbnw> isnt*
[20:16] <chiefie> freitasm it's in chch already too.
[20:17] <bradstewart> also in welly.....
[20:17] <freitasm> Yes, it's the trial.
[20:17] <alasta> I'm secretly hoping that HSDPA will be accompanied by some sharper data pricing. Perhaps 2Gb for $50 per month!
[20:17] <NokiaRocks> ok! thats it! who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?
[20:17] <freitasm> Next week I have lunch with VFNZ to discuss the HSDPA launch.
[20:17] <Cokemaster> You did NokiaRocks
[20:17] <NokiaRocks> lier!
[20:17] <bradstewart> and there is a trial of a competing technology in dunedin....
[20:17] * chiefie wants to get jasjam.
[20:17] <freitasm> lunch for launch
[20:17] <chiefie> oh i've come back to pocketpc camp again.
[20:17] * chiefie blushes
[20:17] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:17] <freitasm> And also there's an event next week for the launch of a new Kiwibank service over mobile phones.
[20:17] <bradstewart> buy an apache....
[20:18] <freitasm> More on this later. I don't have details, only the invitation to attend the event.
[20:18] <alasta> I'll look forward to hearing the outcome of that HSDPA meeting, freitasm.
[20:18] <psychrn> im sure you will like it chefie
[20:18] <chiefie> bradstewart are you going to pay for my apache's 1GB?
[20:18] <Cokemaster> chiefie has fallen to the darkside of the force.
[20:18] <bradstewart> noo... ditch your VMC
[20:18] <nzbnw> ya exactly :P
[20:18] <chiefie> are you going to pay for my disconnection fee on my 1GB?
[20:18] <JAMMAN2110>
[20:18] <chiefie> if you do that, i'll get apache
[20:19] <bradstewart> hmmmm no
[20:19] <bradstewart> just get the apache....
[20:19] <nzbnw> *nzbnw passes around the collection plate for chiefie*
[20:19] <freitasm> He's getting pleasure in doing stuff...
[20:19] <chiefie> bradstewart, can i privately chat with you?
[20:19] <bradstewart> that depends....
[20:19] <chiefie> ;-)
[20:19] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:19] <bradstewart> lol thats a funny intro for somebody
[20:19] * chiefie is wearing a cheeky smile...
[20:20] <Cokemaster> Anything else, chiefie ?
[20:20] <freitasm> I know TNZ is planning some new Windows Mobile devices, but I also know that someone inside the company said explicitly "do not show to the Geekzone guy".
[20:20] <freitasm> Hmmmm.
[20:20] <bradstewart> LOL
[20:20] <chiefie> Cokemaster, for you, nothing else but just a cheeky smile.
[20:20] <bradstewart> MF is notorious
[20:20] <chiefie> :D
[20:20] <alasta> Yep, that Geekzone guy can't be trusted!
[20:20] <freitasm> Strange, because I never released any information, either from TNZ or VFNZ. Someone there is afraid, very afraid.
[20:20] <bradstewart> hes a VF lover....
[20:20] <JAMMAN2110> LOL @ MF
[20:20] <psychrn> for sure]
[20:20] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:20] <nzbnw> yes well they have to, i mean with RevA comming out and they are due for a new treo too
[20:21] <bradstewart> also the apache replacement
[20:21] <chiefie> this treo for vodafone... it won't be UMTS would it?
[20:21] <nzbnw> yes thats what i mean reva for :)
[20:21] <freitasm> Hmmm. Not necesseraily. It was way different when CDMA EVDO came out and other devices. I always got the tidbits some time before.
[20:21] <freitasm> Someone is new there...
[20:21] <nzbnw> with a bit of luck we will have the windows treo here :)
[20:21] <freitasm> The Treo for VFNZ is UMTS, and can be upgraded to HSDPA
[20:22] <chiefie> oh maybe i should wait for that instead?
[20:22] <psychrn> nice
[20:22] <chiefie> and skip jasjam :D
[20:22] <bradstewart> theres already a hack for  VFUK device
[20:22] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:22] <freitasm> I saw the 750w here in Wellington, but no idea on when it's out officially. The device had the "test" sticker on it.
[20:22] <bradstewart> to unlock HSDPA
[20:22] <nzbnw> ya the treo 650 looks nice
[20:22] <nzbnw> 700*
[20:22] <bradstewart> lol
[20:22] <chiefie> oh, will Treo vodafone be WiFi?
[20:22] <psychrn> 700
[20:22] <bradstewart> yes both are
[20:23] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:23] <freitasm> 750v, sorry. 700w is CDMA. 750v is the "VF branded"
[20:23] * chiefie wants UMTS/HSDPA and Wifi and WM5, other features can be ignored...
[20:23] <freitasm> No wifi.
[20:23] <chiefie> :(
[20:23] * chiefie slaps bradstewart around a bit with a large trout
[20:23] <chiefie> bad bradstewart.
[20:23] <Cokemaster> I will probably look at a N91 but depends....
[20:23] <freitasm> Wait for the SP6 - ooops, no wifi either. You have to get the Jasjam.
[20:23] <bradstewart> what did i do???
[20:23] <alasta> Does anyone know when the Sony Ericsson V610 will be available in Shops? It's taking a while.
[20:23] <chiefie> Cokemaster, my cousin in UK is selling his O2 N91 for 210 pound.
[20:23] <chiefie> as new.
[20:24] <bradstewart> buy an N93
[20:24] <JAMMAN2110> N92 :P
[20:24] <chiefie> bradstewart, you said "yes both are" to wifi.
[20:24] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:24] <bradstewart> i meant the telecom treo and the VF one both have wifi....
[20:24] <Cokemaster> chiefie, Voda NZ support is important to me
[20:24] <bradstewart> will when they come out
[20:24] <chiefie> [20:23] <freitasm> No wifi.
[20:24] <Cokemaster> I don't want a repeat of whats happened....
[20:25] <chiefie> Cokemaster, what happened?
[20:25] <Cokemaster> My P910
[20:25] <JAMMAN2110> that was a long thing
[20:25] <alasta> chiefie: Surely you don't have to ask!
[20:25] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:25] <chiefie> ?
[20:25] <bradstewart> overcharging..... phone phoning home to china.....
[20:25] <Cokemaster> Firmware dials home when GPRS is opened
[20:25] <chiefie> oh.
[20:25] <chiefie> that's SE though
[20:25] <bradstewart> how could you miss the story?
[20:25] <chiefie> hehe
[20:25] <chiefie> hence i avoid SE
[20:25] <chiefie> or MOTO
[20:26] <Cokemaster> Heh
[20:26] <nzbnw> Hello Moto :)
[20:26] <freitasm> Changing a bit. Tomorrow I have a phone interview with Charlie Chung, the MSFT PM for Exchange 2007. He's here in NZ for Tech Ed and I have 30 minutes of his time. If you want to know anything about Exchange 2007, integration with mobile devices, etc, please e-mail me your question, at freitasm@ the domain you know...
[20:26] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:26] <freitasm> Motorola Q...
[20:26] <freitasm> Ooops. I didn't say anything.
[20:26] <nzbnw> mmm Qqqqq
[20:26] * chiefie can't think of Ex2007 other than make a home office edition like 5-10 users
[20:26] <freitasm> I can ask that.
[20:26] <chiefie> think of it as Smaller business server
[20:26] <freitasm> And if this would be 32 or 64 bits?
[20:26] <bradstewart> MSFT have recalled SBS 2006 R2
[20:27] <chiefie> 2006?
[20:27] <freitasm> It was sent for manufacturing, didn't quite hit the streets yet
[20:27] <bradstewart> 2003*
[20:27] <bradstewart> my bad
[20:27] <JAMMAN2110> * chiefie can't think of Ex2007 other than make a home office edition like 5-10 users <- seconded
[20:27] <chiefie> i do like to see MSFT offers a home office network/server
[20:28] <bradstewart> SBS is good for home....
[20:28] <freitasm> Folks, please pay attention to our offer during GZ2006:
[20:28] <chiefie> bradstewart, not when retail price tag of $2000
[20:28] <bradstewart> really??? but its only $USD500
[20:28] <chiefie> where do live?
[20:29] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:29] <bradstewart> i'll be looking at that exchabge offer...
[20:29] * freitasm runs Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition and Exchange 2003 Enterprise at home... For 2 users.
[20:29] <chiefie> lol!
[20:29] <chiefie> freitasm can you host my MX?
[20:29] <chiefie> :D
[20:29] * bradstewart slaps chiefie around a bit with a 60lb Windows Vista troubleshooting guide
[20:29] * chiefie be looking at 3 users probably.
[20:29] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:30] * chiefie rubs his swollen face :-(
[20:30] <freitasm> You should look at AnywhereExchange... I can't guarantee levels of services, and my license is MSDN - development and testing, not production.
[20:30] <freitasm> ;-)
[20:30] <chiefie> yeah AnywhereExchange is good idea.
[20:30] * bradstewart has 3 PCs running vista..... need a decent derver for them
[20:30] <bradstewart> server*
[20:30] <freitasm> But I like your comment on the blog, about a Geekzone/TNZ or Geekzone/VFNZ branded service.
[20:30] <chiefie> 3x $19/months = $60/month... not too bad.
[20:30] <freitasm> I just don't know the uptake.
[20:31] <psychrn> wil have to look at it
[20:31] <chiefie> !addquote [20:30] * bradstewart has 3 PCs running vista..... need a decent derver for them
[20:31] <gbot> Added quote at position #279
[20:31] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:31] <freitasm> Chiefie, it will be free for the first 6 months - at least for two of you ;)
[20:31] <bradstewart> hmmm yes that would be good
[20:31] <chiefie> hehe yeah :D
[20:31] <bradstewart> sign reseller deals with VFNZ
[20:31] <bradstewart> and TNZ
[20:31] <chiefie> TNZ goes reseller too?
[20:31] <freitasm> I have a reseller deal with VFNZ. Never used it though. Why? I don't care about selling.
[20:32] <bradstewart> yes.... M2 had a deal with TNZ and they ditched it to go with VF
[20:32] <freitasm> Brad, do you need server software?
[20:32] <Cokemaster> Reseller - as in just selling phones / connections or as in rebranded service?
[20:32] <freitasm> Selling connections.
[20:32] <chiefie> GZ network sounds good though
[20:32] <bradstewart> yeah i do. as long as it will handle vista on the client machines...
[20:32] <freitasm> Not branded.
[20:33] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:33] <chiefie> how much is it to get Exchange server?
[20:33] <Cokemaster> Rebranded would be neat :)
[20:33] <chiefie> i supposed with SBS means i can be a bit lazy with configuration. hehe
[20:34] <chiefie> if Geekzone signed on with VFNZ, what prefix will it be? 026?
[20:35] <Cokemaster> 023 :P
[20:35] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:35] <chiefie> 024?
[20:35] <bradstewart> 02GEEK
[20:35] <chiefie> 02633k?
[20:35] <bradstewart> GZ would be better going with TNZ
[20:35] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:36] <chiefie> 02633k0n3
[20:36] <bradstewart> VF doont deserve a second thought from GZ
[20:36] <Cokemaster> Where would you get the geeky devices though?
[20:36] <Cokemaster> Telecom devices are quite ungeeky
[20:36] <JAMMAN2110> yes
[20:36] <chiefie> hmmm i never sell my gsm soul to tnz
[20:36] <Cokemaster> Unless you look at high end smartphones
[20:36] * chiefie roots with GSM
[20:36] <bradstewart> Nokai 6265
[20:36] <chiefie> err....
[20:36] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:36] <bradstewart> Nokia
[20:36] <Cokemaster> One
[20:36] <Cokemaster> Nokia
[20:36] <Cokemaster> ...
[20:36] <Cokemaster> One
[20:37] <bradstewart> sanyo 9000 is alright
[20:37] <bradstewart> treo and apache
[20:37] <nzbnw> and of course EVDO just tops it off for the Apache
[20:37] <Cokemaster> Having funky Chinese handsets with Mac/Window XP icon ripoffs rocks
[20:38] <bradstewart> LOLOLOL
[20:38] <chiefie> guess it's jasjam for me...
[20:38] <bradstewart> i have a vista theme on my 6265
[20:38] <psychrn> oh no chefie
[20:38] <alasta> Is the 6265 a Symbian device?
[20:38] <psychrn> do you ok I think
[20:39] <bradstewart> S40
[20:39] <nzbnw> lol, i tired a few themes on my 6265, just didnt work out
[20:39] <alasta> Isn't it a bit ironic to have a Windows theme on that? :)
[20:39] <Cokemaster> Your nokia is a s40 device, bradstewart ?
[20:39] <psychrn> for your data as well
[20:39] <bradstewart> yes it is!
[20:39] <bradstewart> 3rd editon....
[20:39] <nzbnw> made the txt hard to read :(
[20:39] <chiefie> do me ok?
[20:39] <chiefie> huh?
[20:39] <Cokemaster> Up one for that nokia...
[20:39] <bradstewart> heh
[20:39] <psychrn> im, sure it will cheifie
[20:40] <chiefie> jasjam?
[20:40] <psychrn> yes
[20:40] <Cokemaster> I thought it was just another locked down $50/mb telecon mobile
[20:40] <freitasm> Changing a bit... I decided to install Hamachi today. Didn't want to mess with the server, but tried at home and it worked ok, so... AWESOME SOFTWARE!
[20:40] * skyplonk has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[20:40] <psychrn> saw that MF
[20:40] <nzbnw> ya its a good program
[20:41] * chiefie saw Toshiba's Tecra M7. is it petite yet powerful enough?
[20:41] <freitasm> It's really nice. I can map my server's drive over the VPN, but no mess, no configuration of VPN server software, all very nice and clean. Nice! And having a 10Mbps network (sorry TNZ, DSL can't get close!) is just great to work...
[20:42] <freitasm> And that leads us to the next rumour...
[20:42] <nzbnw> lol true to that
[20:42] <chiefie> ooh rumour... yummy
[20:42] <freitasm> TCL 25MBps. Apparently their network is capable, and they would be testing. But I don't know much more.
[20:42] <bradstewart> anyone got any ideas for a good backup program? i have an external HDD i want to automatically sync certain docs to as they are modifed.
[20:42] <freitasm>
[20:42] <alasta> Okay folks, I'm outta here. G'night!
[20:42] * chiefie is waiting to be told that he will receive Sony UX from freitasm. (wait in hope)
[20:42] <bradstewart> i have carbonite which is great but i want a physical copy too
[20:42] <freitasm> I use this at home (1TB HDD) and on the server (Pro version, run as a service).
[20:43] <JAMMAN2110> bye alasta
[20:43] * JAMMAN2110 is waiting for pens from TONY
[20:43] <freitasm> Night Alasta
[20:43] * alasta has quit IRC (Quit: )
[20:43] <bradstewart> looks good thanks mauricio
[20:43] <psychrn> mee too]
[20:43] <chiefie> JAMMAN2110, i almost mis-read your /me
[20:43] <JAMMAN2110> bye psy
[20:43] <psychrn> im nbot going
[20:43] <JAMMAN2110> lol LOL LOOOOLLLLL!!!!
[20:44] <JAMMAN2110> oh ok my bad
[20:44] <Cokemaster>                 Hmm
[20:44] <psychrn> pens from tony we are awaiting
[20:44] <Cokemaster> Yes
[20:44] <Cokemaster> I think he sent them out on Monday
[20:44] <bradstewart> lol
[20:44] <JAMMAN2110> hmm... sorry chiefie.. just accidently added you to notify list
[20:44] <freitasm> I have HandyBackup configured to backup my SQL database dump to ICONZ FTP server at 1am and to my home server at 4am. Every day, 1GB. It zips the files, transfer, maintain number of copies, etc. Very nice!
[20:45] <bradstewart> you must go through a few GB in a month!!!
[20:45] <psychrn> moice
[20:45] <freitasm> Yep. I am on the 80GB plan
[20:45] * bradstewart is jealous of cable users!
[20:45] * JAMMAN2110 has cable :D
[20:45] <freitasm> Buyt I don't download movies, or music, so it's purely business and personal browsing/email.
[20:46] <JAMMAN2110> you use all 80?
[20:46] <chiefie> what notify list?
[20:46] <JAMMAN2110> mirc one.. tells you if i change staus etc
[20:46] <freitasm> Not at all. About 40GB.
[20:46] <chiefie> oh. did you change?
[20:46] * chiefie started using azureus
[20:47] <chiefie> Cokemaster, i got GREAT speed :D
[20:47] <freitasm> JJ, FUG?
[20:47] <freitasm> This is a new TLA!
[20:47] <JAMMAN2110> Forum Usage Guidelines
[20:47] <chiefie> fug?
[20:47] <JAMMAN2110> READ THE &**^ FUG!
[20:47] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:47] <freitasm> TLA... Three Letter Acronyms?
[20:47] <freitasm> RTFF
[20:47] <JAMMAN2110> RTFF .. thats good i like ;)(
[20:48] <bradstewart> HAHA
[20:48] <bradstewart> acronym an acronym
[20:48] <chiefie> what does HAHA stands for?
[20:48] <bradstewart> thats hardcore jj
[20:49] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:49] * JAMMAN2110 is hardcore .. sometimes :P
[20:49] * chiefie is imaging how hardcore can be.
[20:49] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:50] * bradstewart slaps chiefie around a bit with a 60lb Windows Vista troubleshooting guide
[20:50] * chiefie burned 1GB on his VMC this month.
[20:50] <chiefie> What bradstewart! i didnt make any reference to male genital! :(
[20:50] * chiefie pouts
[20:50] <Cokemaster> chiefie, I haven't burnt that much
[20:50] * bradstewart burned through 10Kb on his 6265 this month before deciding it was too expensive
[20:50] <Cokemaster> Its hard to do it on GPRS while keeping IRC alive
[20:51] <JAMMAN2110> lo
[20:51] <JAMMAN2110> l
[20:51] * chiefie used up all 950MB on last thursday.. and still got until 24th for new lot.
[20:51] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:51] <Cokemaster> I should get 3g
[20:51] <Cokemaster> Though
[20:51] <chiefie> not one day. but accumulated that much
[20:51] <chiefie> last month was barely 300mb
[20:51] <Cokemaster> The problem is that I won't use it after this month
[20:52] <JAMMAN2110> sad sad sad
[20:52] <Cokemaster> Vodafone had a billing issue on the early billing cycles....
[20:52] <JAMMAN2110> i'll have it :P
[20:52] <psychrn> w e barelym use our adsl quote
[20:52] * chiefie thinks Carbonite eats 1GB for breakfast....
[20:52] <Cokemaster> Heh
[20:52] <Cokemaster> I barely use GPRS...
[20:52] <Cokemaster> Probably push it more than the average user
[20:53] * chiefie has to stop Carbonite service when on VMC
[20:53] <bradstewart> i always hit 10Gb on my ADSL plan
[20:53] <Cokemaster> Poor bradstewart
[20:53] <Cokemaster> Fork out more money
[20:53] <Cokemaster> :P
[20:53] <chiefie> bradstewart move to chch.
[20:53] * inane has joined #geekzone
[20:53] * ChanServ sets mode: +v inane
[20:53] <freitasm>
[20:53] <Cokemaster> Move to Wellington
[20:53] <chiefie> Cokemaster, brad has bad credit...
[20:54] * gbot has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[20:54] <psychrn> im onm 15 gb and hardlky touch it'
[20:54] <bradstewart> i would rather chew off my own toes than move to Chch
[20:54] <Cokemaster> Its a huge improvement over that... south island
[20:54] <freitasm> Chiefie, check the Geekcam and use some more MB on your card :)
[20:54] <chiefie> freitasm you need a haircut. hehe
[20:54] <bradstewart> wellington is ok, but its just a bigger colder Dunedin
[20:54] * chiefie is at home! LOL
[20:54] <bradstewart> MF is boof
[20:54] <freitasm> I know. Next week though.
[20:55] <bradstewart> w00t live cam now
[20:55] <Cokemaster> Hardly on GPRS
[20:55] <inane> hi all
[20:55] <Cokemaster> When the page loads...
[20:55] <freitasm> This is the TNZ magazine
[20:55] <bradstewart> very smooth.....
[20:55] <chiefie> that's a funky mob mag
[20:55] <bradstewart> also very messy hair!
[20:55] <nzbnw> some new upcoming phones in it too
[20:55] <chiefie> SHOOT GARY!
[20:55] <nzbnw> LOL
[20:56] <chiefie> hmmm... geeky
[20:56] <freitasm> On page 29 they have an ad for "cellphone socks"... Well we have those in the swag bags!
[20:56] <nzbnw> but i think that TNZ are doing one every quarter
[20:56] <bradstewart> really???
[20:56] <freitasm> Yes, this is Aug - Oct.
[20:56] <bradstewart> awesome
[20:56] <chiefie> freitasm, you dont look late-40s, more like uni bachelor. hehe
[20:57] <freitasm> There are more things in those bags than you could imagine :)
[20:57] <bradstewart> who supplied them?
[20:57] <freitasm> Next we will hve sound streaming and Holmes will be here doing an interview ;)
[20:57] <freitasm>
[20:57] <bradstewart> ahh
[20:57] <bradstewart> i think GZ06 should be streamed
[20:57] * chiefie thinks MSFT's Live Cam is giving youth back to the webcammer.
[20:58] <freitasm> Who wants these? I have three
[20:58] <chiefie> oh hive!
[20:58] <chiefie> feels like a workerbee. LOL
[20:58] <bradstewart> hive!
[20:58] <freitasm> email to me, first three get one each.
[20:58] <chiefie> *bbzzzzzzzzzz*
[20:58] <chiefie> mmmm....
[20:58] <chiefie> hey he left the room!
[20:58] <chiefie> let's hack the cam!
[20:58] <chiefie> ooh pj
[20:58] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:58] <bradstewart> i would but i have a hat i wear all the time.... i love it too much to replace it
[20:58] <chiefie> or night gown.
[20:58] <freitasm> GZ tshirts
[20:59] <inane> oo
[20:59] * chiefie thinks they're a bit big for tshirts.
[20:59] <inane> gz shirts
[20:59] <bradstewart> showing off the swag
[20:59] * johnr has joined #geekzone
[20:59] <chiefie> hmm what is that?
[20:59] <freitasm> the cellphone socks
[20:59] <chiefie> johnr! :D
[20:59] <Cokemaster> Heh
[20:59] <JAMMAN2110> mmm shirts
[20:59] <bradstewart> oh very nice
[20:59] * gbot has joined #geekzone
[20:59] * ChanServ sets mode: +o gbot
[20:59] <psychrn> chiefieTHE BIGER THE BETTRER
[20:59] <chiefie> oh... keep psychrn's jasjar warm.
[20:59] <bradstewart> john, MF is putting on a webcam show.....
[21:00] <chiefie> what is that? silver looking thingy
[21:00] <Cokemaster> One thing I'm wondering is whats up with the recent change on gprs....
[21:00] <chiefie> wow.
[21:00] <bradstewart> flash card
[21:00] <Cokemaster> Public ips now
[21:00] <chiefie> FFLASH!
[21:00] <Cokemaster> ?
[21:00] <chiefie> feels like xmas !
[21:00] * bradstewart sets mode: +v johnr
[21:00] <inane> ever notice how a choppy framerate makes someone appear drunk?
[21:00] * bradstewart sets mode: -m
[21:00] <freitasm> I AM NOT DRUNK!
[21:00] <freitasm> Anyway, there are more boxes here...
[21:00] <psychrn> WOOT
[21:00] <bradstewart> lol not much drunk
[21:00] <chiefie> you sure you're not back at college/uni?
[21:00] <freitasm> More to come :)
[21:00] <JAMMAN2110> lol!
[21:00] <inane> well that was the other alternative
[21:00] <inane> busted
[21:01] <bradstewart> heh room was moderated.... oops

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