Weekly Chat Log 22.08.06

, posted: 22-Aug-2006 23:08

[20:00] <freitasm> Welcome to the Weekly Geekzone Chat!
[20:00] <bradstewart> i'll b the bot
[20:00] <freitasm> Thanks for joining us tonight. Preparations for Geekzone 2006 are well underway, and we have new sponsors, recently announced. Please check www.geekzone.co.nz/geekzone06 for more details on these special offers available to attendees!
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[20:00] <JAMMAN2110> ../nick bradbot
[20:00] <sniffduck> its botswana not that freakin name you wrote
[20:00] <freitasm> We are also working hard to bring some subscriber features to you. It will be all announced during the event, but I will need beta testers from next week. please contact me if interested!
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[20:01] <JAMMAN2110> please refrain form talking during the chat introduction
[20:01] <freitasm> I will repeat :)
[20:01] <freitasm> Welcome to the Weekly Geekzone Chat!
[20:01] <freitasm> Thanks for joining us tonight. Preparations for Geekzone 2006 are well underway, and we have new sponsors, recently announced. Please check www.geekzone.co.nz/geekzone06 for more details on these special offers available to attendees!
[20:01] <freitasm> We are also working hard to bring some subscriber features to you. It will be all announced during the event, but I will need beta testers from next week. please contact me if interested!
[20:01] <freitasm> And now please throw some topics here for us!
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[20:01] * alasta has joined #geekzone
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[20:01] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:01] * bradstewart sets mode: +v alasta
[20:01] <alasta> Hello all.
[20:01] <Cokemaster> We'll I've made the move up to Auckland
[20:01] <JAMMAN2110> hey hey
[20:01] <freitasm> Hello Alasta!
[20:01] <Cokemaster> Well*
[20:02] <bradstewart> lol its going to be a quiet chet tonight
[20:02] <freitasm> Are you living there now?
[20:02] * nzbnw has joined #geekzone
[20:02] <Cokemaster> Yes, I am
[20:02] * bradstewart sets mode: +v nzbnw
[20:02] <Cokemaster> I got my helpdesk.xtra.co.nz email address too :)
[20:02] <freitasm> Nice!
[20:02] * chiefie_dinner is now known as chiefie
[20:02] <freitasm> No more VFNZ bashing now?
[20:03] <alasta> What's the job market like there at the moment, Coke?
[20:03] <bradstewart> no... more VFNZ bashing.... hes an offical teletroll now
[20:03] <alasta> Did it take long to find a job?
[20:03] <JAMMAN2110> no hes contractulayy obligated too now!
[20:03] <Cokemaster> bradstewart, I do not work for Telecom. I work for Teletech
[20:03] <bradstewart> on behalf of telecom
[20:03] <nzbnw> the call center people?
[20:03] <Cokemaster> Yes
[20:03] <freitasm> Teletech?
[20:03] <Cokemaster> But as far as the customer is concerned - I work for Telecom Xtra.
[20:03] <freitasm> Hmmm. And are you going to be answering calls?
[20:04] <Cokemaster> Yes
[20:04] <psychrn> a worry
[20:04] <bradstewart> be nice to them
[20:04] <nzbnw> lol, are u based on the broadband que, dialup, all of the above or what if you dont mind me asking?
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[20:04] <Cokemaster> Dialup at the moment... training. Once thats finished its ADSL
[20:05] <Cokemaster> Since Dialup is getting outsourced overseas
[20:05] <nzbnw> swwet, good luck with it :)
[20:05] <nzbnw> sweet*
[20:05] <Cokemaster> Apart from that - I learnt a few dirty little secrets there :)
[20:06] <bradstewart> oh please tell us
[20:06] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:06] <Cokemaster> I won't break my contract disclosing them though
[20:06] <bradstewart> its not a secret unless u tell
[20:06] <freitasm> Dialup is great, uh? The person is on the phone, have to hang up to test, them call again, back in the queue... And so on...
[20:06] <JAMMAN2110> in person at GZ06 in the last bathroom cubicle?
[20:06] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:06] <Cokemaster> So, any news in the telco industry this week?
[20:06] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:06] <chiefie> JAMMAN2110 you're a disturbance.
[20:06] <Cokemaster> Any econet horror stories?
[20:07] <bradstewart> econet IS a horror story
[20:07] * chiefie remembers Hostel, is that horror enough?
[20:07] <freitasm> Yes... Did anyone see this new Telecom NZ magazine they have in stores now?
[20:07] <alasta> Correction: Econet would be a horror story if they had any customer to horrify.
[20:07] <chiefie> nope.
[20:07] <bradstewart> nope
[20:07] <freitasm> I walk everyday to the mall with Bella, so I have to find things to do. And I enter every store!
[20:07] <Cokemaster> alasta, I found it quite funny when they 'offered' to help vodafone with their billing system
[20:07] <nzbnw> yes seen it, of course, will be an interesting concept
[20:07] <freitasm> "Mob - The Power of Many"
[20:08] <nzbnw> no more feature cards on handsets
[20:08] <freitasm> 66 pages, nice paper, interesting stuff.
[20:08] <chiefie> hmm what's their concept of that?
[20:08] <freitasm> But not a mention of Geekzone ;-(
[20:08] <chiefie> sounds like Mob, the moster
[20:08] <chiefie> mobster
[20:08] <freitasm> They talk about their services, for a hip - young - teen audience
[20:08] <Cokemaster> Not allowed to use geekzone at work either heh
[20:08] <Cokemaster> Might be able to get around it by using GPRS on mobile
[20:08] <JAMMAN2110> seriously?
[20:09] <bradstewart> lol gprs at telecom
[20:09] <psychrn> oh what!
[20:09] <freitasm> The "editor" is that annoying TV guy from the $10 TXT ads
[20:09] <bradstewart> oh no
[20:09] <nzbnw> lol, rest asured freitasm geekzone is mentioned on at least one internal site as a good place to vist for technical  problems :)
[20:09] <alasta> His name is Gary, freitasm.
[20:09] <freitasm> Did they say "No browsing" or "No Geekzone"?
[20:09] <chiefie> GPRS will cause "buzzzzz tzz yzz tzzzz" when too close to phone or speaker. and flicker the CRT screen.
[20:09] <nzbnw> haha
[20:09] <Cokemaster> They said no discussion forums.
[20:09] <alasta> I really hope I never have to meet him.
[20:09] <freitasm> Yes, Gary. In big letters here on page 9
[20:10] <nzbnw> yes well, apparantly he doesnt liked being called Gary
[20:10] <alasta> I can't help wondering about their choice of presenter for the Ferrit ads.
[20:10] <freitasm> I know. And today I saw an internal TCL address as a referral to my rant on their help desk services ;-)
[20:10] <chiefie> gary is, ass----hole.. (in the voice of the baby from Meet the Fockers)
[20:10] <alasta> That guy looks a bit too conservative and geeky.
[20:10] <freitasm> Geeky?
[20:10] <Cokemaster> bradstewart, I still use my Vodafone account at work... thats not going to change unless Teletech offer a discount on 027
[20:11] <freitasm> So, the magazine looks good. I think VFNZ did it once but never came out with issue #2
[20:11] <alasta> Well, he doesn't exactly dress fashionably.
[20:11] <chiefie> oh freitasm, i haven't hear back on about my VMC
[20:11] <alasta> And his haircut is seriously bad.
[20:11] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:11] <freitasm> But you have a replacement one for use, right?
[20:11] * chiefie wish the paintballs will seriously hurt gary.
[20:11] * skyplonk has joined #geekzone
[20:11] <chiefie> freitasm: yes. replacement is working fine.
[20:11] <freitasm> So stick with the replacement ;-)
[20:11] <chiefie> though she mentioned that it is for temporary use until the one fixed.
[20:12] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:12] <freitasm> Anyway, Antonios will be at Geekzone 2006, you can ask him about TCL support !
[20:12] <chiefie> ok what if i want the replacement f*cked too?
[20:12] <bradstewart> finally the PM has gotten a backbone: New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark weighed into a row following Saturday's bruising Tri-Nations encounter in Auckland, saying Australia were guilty of 'acts of assault' on All Black skipper Richie McCaw.
[20:12] <freitasm> Hello skyplonk
[20:12] * bradstewart sets mode: +v skyplonk
[20:12] <chiefie> ok. at the moment the GZ06 is tentative, as my mom is starting her treatment on 4th sept.
[20:12] <bradstewart> sports terrorism....
[20:12] <skyplonk> Hey guys
[20:12] <freitasm> Oh!
[20:13] <freitasm> I really hope she goes well.
[20:13] <chiefie> yeah. we're still aiming to go up
[20:13] <chiefie> and hopefully be up in welly on friday arvo. and join you guys for dinner.
[20:13] <freitasm> Not trying to sound too harsh - please let me know if you won't be coming, you know seats are in shortage.
[20:14] <nzbnw> mm in industry news, i was reading on some site, cant remeber, but a news article none the less, that Telecom might move to a '4G' mobile network in the near future, to match Sprint in the USA with their WiMax network and dual CDMA handsets :)
[20:14] <chiefie> yup. definitely
[20:14] <chiefie> i read that WiMAX won't be ready till 2010
[20:14] <bradstewart> WiMax 2007
[20:14] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:14] <chiefie> hehe
[20:14] <alasta> I thought WiMax trials were already happening in New Zealand?
[20:14] * chiefie exagerate.
[20:14] * bradstewart slaps chiefie around a bit with a 60lb Windows Vista troubleshooting guide
[20:15] <freitasm> And Australia.
[20:15] <alasta> Ahhh, my sarcasm detector isn't working tonight.
[20:15] <nzbnw> its a mobileversion of wimax, and can only be used for that, well thats what the article said
[20:15] * chiefie is waiting for bradstewart's vista.
[20:15] <freitasm> Sprint WiMax is last mile broadband. They still have plans to deploy CDMA EVDO Rev A
[20:15] <freitasm> Sprint WiMax is for data only, CDMA EVDO is for voice, in a complete packetised network.
[20:15] * chiefie 's colleague is using HSDPA in chch and under NDA
[20:15] <nzbnw> correct
[20:15] <freitasm> So, whoever wrote this article must be someone on NZ Herald or Stuff.
[20:15] <bradstewart> yes.... they apparently are going to keep going with the evolutionary upgrades of EVDO as the fallback
[20:16] <chiefie> but he's been downloading lots and lots and lots.
[20:16] <freitasm> Which we all geeks know are always getting the wrong end of the stick
[20:16] <chiefie> what stick?
[20:16] <alasta> I know I've asked this 100 times, but can someone remind me when HSDPA is speculated to be commercially available on Vodafone NZ?
[20:16] <nzbnw> yes they did say they would use CDMA as an underlay for voice
[20:16] <bradstewart> NZH?Stuff suck...
[20:16] <JAMMAN2110> the magic stick ;)
[20:16] <chiefie> end of the year
[20:16] <freitasm> September.
[20:16] <Cokemaster> Perhaps we need to wait for wireless wimax....
[20:16] <bradstewart> lololol
[20:16] <freitasm> But, a secret - it may be already on in South Auckland.
[20:16] <psychrn> sup sept/oct
[20:16] <alasta> Thanks.
[20:16] * chiefie saw JasJam on trademe
[20:16] <nzbnw> and of next month ist it
[20:16] <nzbnw> isnt*
[20:16] <chiefie> freitasm it's in chch already too.
[20:17] <bradstewart> also in welly.....
[20:17] <freitasm> Yes, it's the trial.
[20:17] <alasta> I'm secretly hoping that HSDPA will be accompanied by some sharper data pricing. Perhaps 2Gb for $50 per month!
[20:17] <NokiaRocks> ok! thats it! who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?
[20:17] <freitasm> Next week I have lunch with VFNZ to discuss the HSDPA launch.
[20:17] <Cokemaster> You did NokiaRocks
[20:17] <NokiaRocks> lier!
[20:17] <bradstewart> and there is a trial of a competing technology in dunedin....
[20:17] * chiefie wants to get jasjam.
[20:17] <freitasm> lunch for launch
[20:17] <chiefie> oh i've come back to pocketpc camp again.
[20:17] * chiefie blushes
[20:17] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:17] <freitasm> And also there's an event next week for the launch of a new Kiwibank service over mobile phones.
[20:17] <bradstewart> buy an apache....
[20:18] <freitasm> More on this later. I don't have details, only the invitation to attend the event.
[20:18] <alasta> I'll look forward to hearing the outcome of that HSDPA meeting, freitasm.
[20:18] <psychrn> im sure you will like it chefie
[20:18] <chiefie> bradstewart are you going to pay for my apache's 1GB?
[20:18] <Cokemaster> chiefie has fallen to the darkside of the force.
[20:18] <bradstewart> noo... ditch your VMC
[20:18] <nzbnw> ya exactly :P
[20:18] <chiefie> are you going to pay for my disconnection fee on my 1GB?
[20:18] <JAMMAN2110> http://www.geekzone.co.nz/forums.asp?ForumId=35&TopicId=9130
[20:18] <chiefie> if you do that, i'll get apache
[20:19] <bradstewart> hmmmm no
[20:19] <bradstewart> just get the apache....
[20:19] <nzbnw> *nzbnw passes around the collection plate for chiefie*
[20:19] <freitasm> He's getting pleasure in doing stuff...
[20:19] <chiefie> bradstewart, can i privately chat with you?
[20:19] <bradstewart> that depends....
[20:19] <chiefie> ;-)
[20:19] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:19] <bradstewart> lol thats a funny intro for somebody
[20:19] * chiefie is wearing a cheeky smile...
[20:20] <Cokemaster> Anything else, chiefie ?
[20:20] <freitasm> I know TNZ is planning some new Windows Mobile devices, but I also know that someone inside the company said explicitly "do not show to the Geekzone guy".
[20:20] <freitasm> Hmmmm.
[20:20] <bradstewart> LOL
[20:20] <chiefie> Cokemaster, for you, nothing else but just a cheeky smile.
[20:20] <bradstewart> MF is notorious
[20:20] <chiefie> :D
[20:20] <alasta> Yep, that Geekzone guy can't be trusted!
[20:20] <freitasm> Strange, because I never released any information, either from TNZ or VFNZ. Someone there is afraid, very afraid.
[20:20] <bradstewart> hes a VF lover....
[20:20] <JAMMAN2110> LOL @ MF
[20:20] <psychrn> for sure]
[20:20] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:20] <nzbnw> yes well they have to, i mean with RevA comming out and they are due for a new treo too
[20:21] <bradstewart> also the apache replacement
[20:21] <chiefie> this treo for vodafone... it won't be UMTS would it?
[20:21] <nzbnw> yes thats what i mean reva for :)
[20:21] <freitasm> Hmmm. Not necesseraily. It was way different when CDMA EVDO came out and other devices. I always got the tidbits some time before.
[20:21] <freitasm> Someone is new there...
[20:21] <nzbnw> with a bit of luck we will have the windows treo here :)
[20:21] <freitasm> The Treo for VFNZ is UMTS, and can be upgraded to HSDPA
[20:22] <chiefie> oh maybe i should wait for that instead?
[20:22] <psychrn> nice
[20:22] <chiefie> and skip jasjam :D
[20:22] <bradstewart> theres already a hack for  VFUK device
[20:22] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:22] <freitasm> I saw the 750w here in Wellington, but no idea on when it's out officially. The device had the "test" sticker on it.
[20:22] <bradstewart> to unlock HSDPA
[20:22] <nzbnw> ya the treo 650 looks nice
[20:22] <nzbnw> 700*
[20:22] <bradstewart> lol
[20:22] <chiefie> oh, will Treo vodafone be WiFi?
[20:22] <psychrn> 700
[20:22] <bradstewart> yes both are
[20:23] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:23] <freitasm> 750v, sorry. 700w is CDMA. 750v is the "VF branded"
[20:23] * chiefie wants UMTS/HSDPA and Wifi and WM5, other features can be ignored...
[20:23] <freitasm> No wifi.
[20:23] <chiefie> :(
[20:23] * chiefie slaps bradstewart around a bit with a large trout
[20:23] <chiefie> bad bradstewart.
[20:23] <Cokemaster> I will probably look at a N91 but depends....
[20:23] <freitasm> Wait for the SP6 - ooops, no wifi either. You have to get the Jasjam.
[20:23] <bradstewart> what did i do???
[20:23] <alasta> Does anyone know when the Sony Ericsson V610 will be available in Shops? It's taking a while.
[20:23] <chiefie> Cokemaster, my cousin in UK is selling his O2 N91 for 210 pound.
[20:23] <chiefie> as new.
[20:24] <bradstewart> buy an N93
[20:24] <JAMMAN2110> N92 :P
[20:24] <chiefie> bradstewart, you said "yes both are" to wifi.
[20:24] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:24] <bradstewart> i meant the telecom treo and the VF one both have wifi....
[20:24] <Cokemaster> chiefie, Voda NZ support is important to me
[20:24] <bradstewart> will when they come out
[20:24] <chiefie> [20:23] <freitasm> No wifi.
[20:24] <Cokemaster> I don't want a repeat of whats happened....
[20:25] <chiefie> Cokemaster, what happened?
[20:25] <Cokemaster> My P910
[20:25] <JAMMAN2110> that was a long thing
[20:25] <alasta> chiefie: Surely you don't have to ask!
[20:25] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:25] <chiefie> ?
[20:25] <bradstewart> overcharging..... phone phoning home to china.....
[20:25] <Cokemaster> Firmware dials home when GPRS is opened
[20:25] <chiefie> oh.
[20:25] <chiefie> that's SE though
[20:25] <bradstewart> how could you miss the story?
[20:25] <chiefie> hehe
[20:25] <chiefie> hence i avoid SE
[20:25] <chiefie> or MOTO
[20:26] <Cokemaster> Heh
[20:26] <nzbnw> Hello Moto :)
[20:26] <freitasm> Changing a bit. Tomorrow I have a phone interview with Charlie Chung, the MSFT PM for Exchange 2007. He's here in NZ for Tech Ed and I have 30 minutes of his time. If you want to know anything about Exchange 2007, integration with mobile devices, etc, please e-mail me your question, at freitasm@ the domain you know...
[20:26] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:26] <freitasm> Motorola Q...
[20:26] <freitasm> Ooops. I didn't say anything.
[20:26] <nzbnw> mmm Qqqqq
[20:26] * chiefie can't think of Ex2007 other than make a home office edition like 5-10 users
[20:26] <freitasm> I can ask that.
[20:26] <chiefie> think of it as Smaller business server
[20:26] <freitasm> And if this would be 32 or 64 bits?
[20:26] <bradstewart> MSFT have recalled SBS 2006 R2
[20:27] <chiefie> 2006?
[20:27] <freitasm> It was sent for manufacturing, didn't quite hit the streets yet
[20:27] <bradstewart> 2003*
[20:27] <bradstewart> my bad
[20:27] <JAMMAN2110> * chiefie can't think of Ex2007 other than make a home office edition like 5-10 users <- seconded
[20:27] <chiefie> i do like to see MSFT offers a home office network/server
[20:28] <bradstewart> SBS is good for home....
[20:28] <freitasm> Folks, please pay attention to our offer during GZ2006: http://www.geekzone.co.nz/geekzone06/1127
[20:28] <chiefie> bradstewart, not when retail price tag of $2000
[20:28] <bradstewart> really??? but its only $USD500
[20:28] <chiefie> where do live?
[20:29] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:29] <bradstewart> i'll be looking at that exchabge offer...
[20:29] * freitasm runs Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition and Exchange 2003 Enterprise at home... For 2 users.
[20:29] <chiefie> lol!
[20:29] <chiefie> freitasm can you host my MX?
[20:29] <chiefie> :D
[20:29] * bradstewart slaps chiefie around a bit with a 60lb Windows Vista troubleshooting guide
[20:29] * chiefie be looking at 3 users probably.
[20:29] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:30] * chiefie rubs his swollen face :-(
[20:30] <freitasm> You should look at AnywhereExchange... I can't guarantee levels of services, and my license is MSDN - development and testing, not production.
[20:30] <freitasm> ;-)
[20:30] <chiefie> yeah AnywhereExchange is good idea.
[20:30] * bradstewart has 3 PCs running vista..... need a decent derver for them
[20:30] <bradstewart> server*
[20:30] <freitasm> But I like your comment on the blog, about a Geekzone/TNZ or Geekzone/VFNZ branded service.
[20:30] <chiefie> 3x $19/months = $60/month... not too bad.
[20:30] <freitasm> I just don't know the uptake.
[20:31] <psychrn> wil have to look at it
[20:31] <chiefie> !addquote [20:30] * bradstewart has 3 PCs running vista..... need a decent derver for them
[20:31] <gbot> Added quote at position #279
[20:31] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:31] <freitasm> Chiefie, it will be free for the first 6 months - at least for two of you ;)
[20:31] <bradstewart> hmmm yes that would be good
[20:31] <chiefie> hehe yeah :D
[20:31] <bradstewart> sign reseller deals with VFNZ
[20:31] <bradstewart> and TNZ
[20:31] <chiefie> TNZ goes reseller too?
[20:31] <freitasm> I have a reseller deal with VFNZ. Never used it though. Why? I don't care about selling.
[20:32] <bradstewart> yes.... M2 had a deal with TNZ and they ditched it to go with VF
[20:32] <freitasm> Brad, do you need server software?
[20:32] <Cokemaster> Reseller - as in just selling phones / connections or as in rebranded service?
[20:32] <freitasm> Selling connections.
[20:32] <chiefie> GZ network sounds good though
[20:32] <bradstewart> yeah i do. as long as it will handle vista on the client machines...
[20:32] <freitasm> Not branded.
[20:33] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:33] <chiefie> how much is it to get Exchange server?
[20:33] <Cokemaster> Rebranded would be neat :)
[20:33] <chiefie> i supposed with SBS means i can be a bit lazy with configuration. hehe
[20:34] <chiefie> if Geekzone signed on with VFNZ, what prefix will it be? 026?
[20:35] <Cokemaster> 023 :P
[20:35] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:35] <chiefie> 024?
[20:35] <bradstewart> 02GEEK
[20:35] <chiefie> 02633k?
[20:35] <bradstewart> GZ would be better going with TNZ
[20:35] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:36] <chiefie> 02633k0n3
[20:36] <bradstewart> VF doont deserve a second thought from GZ
[20:36] <Cokemaster> Where would you get the geeky devices though?
[20:36] <Cokemaster> Telecom devices are quite ungeeky
[20:36] <JAMMAN2110> yes
[20:36] <chiefie> hmmm i never sell my gsm soul to tnz
[20:36] <Cokemaster> Unless you look at high end smartphones
[20:36] * chiefie roots with GSM
[20:36] <bradstewart> Nokai 6265
[20:36] <chiefie> err....
[20:36] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:36] <bradstewart> Nokia
[20:36] <Cokemaster> One
[20:36] <Cokemaster> Nokia
[20:36] <Cokemaster> ...
[20:36] <Cokemaster> One
[20:37] <bradstewart> sanyo 9000 is alright
[20:37] <bradstewart> treo and apache
[20:37] <nzbnw> and of course EVDO just tops it off for the Apache
[20:37] <Cokemaster> Having funky Chinese handsets with Mac/Window XP icon ripoffs rocks
[20:38] <bradstewart> LOLOLOL
[20:38] <chiefie> guess it's jasjam for me...
[20:38] <bradstewart> i have a vista theme on my 6265
[20:38] <psychrn> oh no chefie
[20:38] <alasta> Is the 6265 a Symbian device?
[20:38] <psychrn> do you ok I think
[20:39] <bradstewart> S40
[20:39] <nzbnw> lol, i tired a few themes on my 6265, just didnt work out
[20:39] <alasta> Isn't it a bit ironic to have a Windows theme on that? :)
[20:39] <Cokemaster> Your nokia is a s40 device, bradstewart ?
[20:39] <psychrn> for your data as well
[20:39] <bradstewart> yes it is!
[20:39] <bradstewart> 3rd editon....
[20:39] <nzbnw> made the txt hard to read :(
[20:39] <chiefie> do me ok?
[20:39] <chiefie> huh?
[20:39] <Cokemaster> Up one for that nokia...
[20:39] <bradstewart> heh
[20:39] <psychrn> im, sure it will cheifie
[20:40] <chiefie> jasjam?
[20:40] <psychrn> yes
[20:40] <Cokemaster> I thought it was just another locked down $50/mb telecon mobile
[20:40] <freitasm> Changing a bit... I decided to install Hamachi today. Didn't want to mess with the server, but tried at home and it worked ok, so... AWESOME SOFTWARE! http://www.geekzone.co.nz/freitasm/1133
[20:40] * skyplonk has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[20:40] <psychrn> saw that MF
[20:40] <nzbnw> ya its a good program
[20:41] * chiefie saw Toshiba's Tecra M7. is it petite yet powerful enough?
[20:41] <freitasm> It's really nice. I can map my server's drive over the VPN, but no mess, no configuration of VPN server software, all very nice and clean. Nice! And having a 10Mbps network (sorry TNZ, DSL can't get close!) is just great to work...
[20:42] <freitasm> And that leads us to the next rumour...
[20:42] <nzbnw> lol true to that
[20:42] <chiefie> ooh rumour... yummy
[20:42] <freitasm> TCL 25MBps. Apparently their network is capable, and they would be testing. But I don't know much more.
[20:42] <bradstewart> anyone got any ideas for a good backup program? i have an external HDD i want to automatically sync certain docs to as they are modifed.
[20:42] <freitasm> www.handybackup.com
[20:42] <alasta> Okay folks, I'm outta here. G'night!
[20:42] * chiefie is waiting to be told that he will receive Sony UX from freitasm. (wait in hope)
[20:42] <bradstewart> i have carbonite which is great but i want a physical copy too
[20:42] <freitasm> I use this at home (1TB HDD) and on the server (Pro version, run as a service).
[20:43] <JAMMAN2110> bye alasta
[20:43] * JAMMAN2110 is waiting for pens from TONY
[20:43] <freitasm> Night Alasta
[20:43] * alasta has quit IRC (Quit: )
[20:43] <bradstewart> looks good thanks mauricio
[20:43] <psychrn> mee too]
[20:43] <chiefie> JAMMAN2110, i almost mis-read your /me
[20:43] <JAMMAN2110> bye psy
[20:43] <psychrn> im nbot going
[20:43] <JAMMAN2110> lol LOL LOOOOLLLLL!!!!
[20:44] <JAMMAN2110> oh ok my bad
[20:44] <Cokemaster>                 Hmm
[20:44] <psychrn> pens from tony we are awaiting
[20:44] <Cokemaster> Yes
[20:44] <Cokemaster> I think he sent them out on Monday
[20:44] <bradstewart> lol
[20:44] <JAMMAN2110> hmm... sorry chiefie.. just accidently added you to notify list
[20:44] <freitasm> I have HandyBackup configured to backup my SQL database dump to ICONZ FTP server at 1am and to my home server at 4am. Every day, 1GB. It zips the files, transfer, maintain number of copies, etc. Very nice!
[20:45] <bradstewart> you must go through a few GB in a month!!!
[20:45] <psychrn> moice
[20:45] <freitasm> Yep. I am on the 80GB plan
[20:45] * bradstewart is jealous of cable users!
[20:45] * JAMMAN2110 has cable :D
[20:45] <freitasm> Buyt I don't download movies, or music, so it's purely business and personal browsing/email.
[20:46] <JAMMAN2110> you use all 80?
[20:46] <chiefie> what notify list?
[20:46] <JAMMAN2110> mirc one.. tells you if i change staus etc
[20:46] <freitasm> Not at all. About 40GB.
[20:46] <chiefie> oh. did you change?
[20:46] * chiefie started using azureus
[20:47] <chiefie> Cokemaster, i got GREAT speed :D
[20:47] <freitasm> JJ, FUG?
[20:47] <freitasm> This is a new TLA!
[20:47] <JAMMAN2110> Forum Usage Guidelines
[20:47] <chiefie> fug?
[20:47] <JAMMAN2110> READ THE &**^ FUG!
[20:47] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:47] <freitasm> TLA... Three Letter Acronyms?
[20:47] <freitasm> RTFF
[20:47] <JAMMAN2110> RTFF .. thats good i like ;)(
[20:48] <bradstewart> HAHA
[20:48] <bradstewart> acronym an acronym
[20:48] <chiefie> what does HAHA stands for?
[20:48] <bradstewart> thats hardcore jj
[20:49] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:49] * JAMMAN2110 is hardcore .. sometimes :P
[20:49] * chiefie is imaging how hardcore can be.
[20:49] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:50] * bradstewart slaps chiefie around a bit with a 60lb Windows Vista troubleshooting guide
[20:50] * chiefie burned 1GB on his VMC this month.
[20:50] <chiefie> What bradstewart! i didnt make any reference to male genital! :(
[20:50] * chiefie pouts
[20:50] <Cokemaster> chiefie, I haven't burnt that much
[20:50] * bradstewart burned through 10Kb on his 6265 this month before deciding it was too expensive
[20:50] <Cokemaster> Its hard to do it on GPRS while keeping IRC alive
[20:51] <JAMMAN2110> lo
[20:51] <JAMMAN2110> l
[20:51] * chiefie used up all 950MB on last thursday.. and still got until 24th for new lot.
[20:51] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:51] <Cokemaster> I should get 3g
[20:51] <Cokemaster> Though
[20:51] <chiefie> not one day. but accumulated that much
[20:51] <chiefie> last month was barely 300mb
[20:51] <Cokemaster> The problem is that I won't use it after this month
[20:52] <JAMMAN2110> sad sad sad
[20:52] <Cokemaster> Vodafone had a billing issue on the early billing cycles....
[20:52] <JAMMAN2110> i'll have it :P
[20:52] <psychrn> w e barelym use our adsl quote
[20:52] * chiefie thinks Carbonite eats 1GB for breakfast....
[20:52] <Cokemaster> Heh
[20:52] <Cokemaster> I barely use GPRS...
[20:52] <Cokemaster> Probably push it more than the average user
[20:53] * chiefie has to stop Carbonite service when on VMC
[20:53] <bradstewart> i always hit 10Gb on my ADSL plan
[20:53] <Cokemaster> Poor bradstewart
[20:53] <Cokemaster> Fork out more money
[20:53] <Cokemaster> :P
[20:53] <chiefie> bradstewart move to chch.
[20:53] * inane has joined #geekzone
[20:53] * ChanServ sets mode: +v inane
[20:53] <freitasm> http://www.geekzone.co.nz/geekcam.asp
[20:53] <Cokemaster> Move to Wellington
[20:53] <chiefie> Cokemaster, brad has bad credit...
[20:54] * gbot has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[20:54] <psychrn> im onm 15 gb and hardlky touch it'
[20:54] <bradstewart> i would rather chew off my own toes than move to Chch
[20:54] <Cokemaster> Its a huge improvement over that... south island
[20:54] <freitasm> Chiefie, check the Geekcam and use some more MB on your card :)
[20:54] <chiefie> freitasm you need a haircut. hehe
[20:54] <bradstewart> wellington is ok, but its just a bigger colder Dunedin
[20:54] * chiefie is at home! LOL
[20:54] <bradstewart> MF is boof
[20:54] <freitasm> I know. Next week though.
[20:55] <bradstewart> w00t live cam now
[20:55] <Cokemaster> Hardly on GPRS
[20:55] <inane> hi all
[20:55] <Cokemaster> When the page loads...
[20:55] <freitasm> This is the TNZ magazine
[20:55] <bradstewart> very smooth.....
[20:55] <chiefie> that's a funky mob mag
[20:55] <bradstewart> also very messy hair!
[20:55] <nzbnw> some new upcoming phones in it too
[20:55] <chiefie> SHOOT GARY!
[20:55] <nzbnw> LOL
[20:56] <chiefie> hmmm... geeky
[20:56] <freitasm> On page 29 they have an ad for "cellphone socks"... Well we have those in the swag bags!
[20:56] <nzbnw> but i think that TNZ are doing one every quarter
[20:56] <bradstewart> really???
[20:56] <freitasm> Yes, this is Aug - Oct.
[20:56] <bradstewart> awesome
[20:56] <chiefie> freitasm, you dont look late-40s, more like uni bachelor. hehe
[20:57] <freitasm> There are more things in those bags than you could imagine :)
[20:57] <bradstewart> who supplied them?
[20:57] <freitasm> Next we will hve sound streaming and Holmes will be here doing an interview ;)
[20:57] <freitasm> www.techsmith.com
[20:57] <bradstewart> ahh
[20:57] <bradstewart> i think GZ06 should be streamed
[20:57] * chiefie thinks MSFT's Live Cam is giving youth back to the webcammer.
[20:58] <freitasm> Who wants these? I have three
[20:58] <chiefie> oh hive!
[20:58] <chiefie> feels like a workerbee. LOL
[20:58] <bradstewart> hive!
[20:58] <freitasm> email to me, first three get one each.
[20:58] <chiefie> *bbzzzzzzzzzz*
[20:58] <chiefie> mmmm....
[20:58] <chiefie> hey he left the room!
[20:58] <chiefie> let's hack the cam!
[20:58] <chiefie> ooh pj
[20:58] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:58] <bradstewart> i would but i have a hat i wear all the time.... i love it too much to replace it
[20:58] <chiefie> or night gown.
[20:58] <freitasm> GZ tshirts
[20:59] <inane> oo
[20:59] * chiefie thinks they're a bit big for tshirts.
[20:59] <inane> gz shirts
[20:59] <bradstewart> showing off the swag
[20:59] * johnr has joined #geekzone
[20:59] <chiefie> hmm what is that?
[20:59] <freitasm> the cellphone socks
[20:59] <chiefie> johnr! :D
[20:59] <Cokemaster> Heh
[20:59] <JAMMAN2110> mmm shirts
[20:59] <bradstewart> oh very nice
[20:59] * gbot has joined #geekzone
[20:59] * ChanServ sets mode: +o gbot
[20:59] <psychrn> chiefieTHE BIGER THE BETTRER
[20:59] <chiefie> oh... keep psychrn's jasjar warm.
[20:59] <bradstewart> john, MF is putting on a webcam show.....
[21:00] <chiefie> what is that? silver looking thingy
[21:00] <Cokemaster> One thing I'm wondering is whats up with the recent change on gprs....
[21:00] <chiefie> wow.
[21:00] <bradstewart> flash card
[21:00] <Cokemaster> Public ips now
[21:00] <chiefie> FFLASH!
[21:00] <Cokemaster> ?
[21:00] <chiefie> feels like xmas !
[21:00] * bradstewart sets mode: +v johnr
[21:00] <inane> ever notice how a choppy framerate makes someone appear drunk?
[21:00] * bradstewart sets mode: -m
[21:00] <freitasm> I AM NOT DRUNK!
[21:00] <freitasm> Anyway, there are more boxes here...
[21:00] <psychrn> WOOT
[21:00] <bradstewart> lol not much drunk
[21:00] <chiefie> you sure you're not back at college/uni?
[21:00] <freitasm> More to come :)
[21:00] <JAMMAN2110> lol!
[21:00] <inane> well that was the other alternative
[21:00] <inane> busted
[21:01] <bradstewart> heh room was moderated.... oops

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