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, posted: 27-Aug-2006 23:02

While away on a snowboarding trip this weekend I decided to use the Telecom Wireless Hotspot located on Ohekune's main street. Connecting to the network was not a problem, trying to find any webpages was though. After the initial connection I was expecting all traffic to be routed to a Telecom login site like that of Cafenet. For the first 5 minutes no webpages would load or get redirected at all and would just time out.

Eventually the xtra login page decided to load and I tried logging in. Because IE is set to block popups automatically this meant the I got logged out straight away. A simple change to IE's settings and tried again. Second time worked a charm, and carried to to check webmail. At that point I got disconnected from the wireless network all together. Reconnected and tried again.

After that the initial phase it seemed to work well, speed seemed to vary significantly between webpages, but was useable. NZDSL's speedtest clocked it at the following speed:

Speed Test

So overall it was a good service, not one I would be happy with if it wasnt free till the end of 2007 though.

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Comment by freitasm, on 27-Aug-2006 22:58

I've noticed that sometimes I have to login three, four or five times to actually get a connection that works. And that's sitting about 5m from the wireless AP at Astoria Cafe, in Wellington...

Author's note by NokiaRocks, on 27-Aug-2006 23:04

Atleast the Wellington one has the excuse that it could be busy, this one is out in the middle of no-where

Comment by tonyhughes, on 28-Aug-2006 08:10

Hmmm this validates the issue i was having in Napier trying to use the hotspot at Te Pania hotel. Great WiFi connection, login slow, sometimes the login page didnt even appear, instructions for PDAs, but a very unfriendly PDA page (check out or for great examples of PDA friendly pages). Once actually logged in - no connectivity.

I would love to see an application that would store my user/pass on my device, and pass it with a keypress whenever i connect to a TNZ hotspot.

Slow service wouldnt bother me.

I think they have always had 2meg pipes, but since the Faster Cheaper Broadband crisis of '06 may have been experiencing the same speed problems as regular customers?

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