Weekly Chat 19.09.06

, posted: 20-Sep-2006 00:00

Update: Added Names

[20:00] [freitasm] Hello guys!
[20:00] [freitasm] It's showtime!
[20:00] [JAMMAN2110] CAPS ARE MINE!
[20:00] [freitasm] Welcome everyone to the weekly chat!
[20:01] [Lokinz-berry] pretty wasted trying to drive this blackberry
[20:01] [pebbles] what type of caps?
[20:01] [freitasm] The not-so organised one...
[20:01] [pebbles] oh, did you get the car?!
[20:01] [JAMMAN2110] MF should +m
[20:01] * freitasm sets mode: +m
[20:02] [freitasm] I would like to thank you everyone who helped us during the Geekzone 2006, as well as everyone who managed to attend the event!
[20:02] [freitasm] I actually ran out of time, and so I couldn't make some announcements.
[20:02] [freitasm] I was going to introduce some new features on Geekzone, but will do so in the next weekly chat.
[20:02] [freitasm] This way we have some more time to test some stuff here.
[20:03] [freitasm] I was also thinking about having two events each year
[20:03] [freitasm] Something like Geekzone Autumn and Geekzone Spring.
[20:03] [freitasm] And adding perhaps a parallel number of sessions, hands on labs and demos from sponsors.
[20:03] * bradstewart sets mode: -m
[20:03] [JAMMAN2110] nice! ! !
[20:04] [bradstewart] sounds good
[20:04] [freitasm] Go on!
[20:04] [NokiaRocks] cant wait for more GZ events!
[20:04] [freitasm] This one actually took some time to organise.
[20:04] [JAMMAN2110] If you need someone to annoy the crap out of people (eg linux commies) I offeryou my services
[20:04] [NokiaRocks] you're up the task MF
[20:04] [freitasm] I had not much idea of how to convince sponsors! It was hard work.
[20:05] [freitasm] Like that one who didn't want to sponsor even with 6 months notice.
[20:05] [mike_1] happy to help in the future mf
[20:05] [NokiaRocks] hows wellington installfest comming along?
[20:05] [bradstewart] oh well theyve seen hoe good this yeah was...
[20:05] [bradstewart] how*
[20:05] [bradstewart] will be easier from now on
[20:05] [NokiaRocks] wheres tony tonight?
[20:06] [bradstewart] his mac probably died...
[20:06] [NokiaRocks] lol good call
[20:06] [freitasm] I actually know that someone from VFNZ has just joined Air NZ. So perhaps we could have some out of town speakers and have Air NZ sponsonring flights? I will investigate that
[20:06] [Lokinz-berry] lol
[20:06] [bradstewart] and we havent seen cokemaster for a while
[20:06] [NokiaRocks] fly all gz members to gold coast?
[20:06] [JAMMAN2110] lol
[20:06] [bradstewart] sounds good
[20:06] [freitasm] www.geekzone.co.nz/geekcam.asp
[20:06] [JAMMAN2110] cokemaster is BORED with irc!
[20:06] [bradstewart] nah, bring them all to wanaka
[20:06] [bradstewart] he is?
[20:06] [NokiaRocks] wanaka is a hole
[20:06] [JAMMAN2110] send us all to gore!
[20:06] [JAMMAN2110] yes he is
[20:07] [mike_1] nothing in wanaka
[20:07] [freitasm] That's another question. Should we have both events in Wellington?
[20:07] [bradstewart] yeah there is
[20:07] [bradstewart] no!
[20:07] [NokiaRocks] yes
[20:07] [mike_1] ?
[20:07] [bradstewart] need one down south
[20:07] [NokiaRocks] all events in wellington
[20:07] [JAMMAN2110] WELLINGTON!!!!
[20:07] [NokiaRocks] its more centralised
[20:07] [JAMMAN2110] GZ cannot leave its HQ :P
[20:07] [NokiaRocks] nz's technology capital
[20:08] [freitasm] Wellington is good because there is some infrastructure and I can do things because I live here. Doing in another town requires lots of talking and we are not sure of the venue, resources, etc.
[20:08] [JAMMAN2110] that + they have TCL CABLE!
[20:08] [freitasm] Do you know if there's Internet in Wanaka?
[20:08] [bradstewart] yes there is
[20:08] [JAMMAN2110] I doubt it
[20:08] [bradstewart] adsl even
[20:08] [JAMMAN2110] lol
[20:08] [freitasm] No, not tubes. I N T E R N E T!
[20:08] [mike_1] what are the advantages of tcl cable]
[20:08] [JAMMAN2110] pfft adsl is crap
[20:08] [NokiaRocks] lol tubes
[20:08] [JAMMAN2110] TCL cable is awesome
[20:08] [bradstewart] they have evdo
[20:08] [NokiaRocks] cable is faster
[20:08] [NokiaRocks] not interlaced
[20:09] [bradstewart] interleaved?
[20:09] [JAMMAN2110] lol
[20:09] [NokiaRocks] no interlaced with telecom workers
[20:09] [freitasm] Mike, for example I have 10Mbps at home and I do a full Geekzone backup (1GB) every night to my server at home (actually two backups, the second to another server in AKL)
[20:09] [freitasm] Try this on ADSL ;P
[20:09] [bradstewart] lol @ 128Kbps
[20:09] [JAMMAN2110] ADSL would cark it
[20:09] [freitasm] I have my HDD fully backed up to a server in the USA. Try this at 128Kbps.
[20:09] [NokiaRocks] TCL are apparently releasing new plans soon
[20:09] [bradstewart] ADSL is bad enough trying to upload 2Mb
[20:09] [freitasm] Back to the topic.
[20:10] [mike_1] my adsl is great and it ony costs me 10 bucks a month
[20:10] [freitasm] We just scared Mike away
[20:10] [freitasm] ROTFLOL!
[20:10] [JAMMAN2110] no we didnt :P
[20:10] [freitasm] ROTFLOL!
[20:10] [freitasm] ROTFLOL!
[20:10] [freitasm] ROTFLOL!
[20:10] [freitasm] ROTFLOL!
[20:10] [NokiaRocks] spammer
[20:10] * suzi has joined #geekzone
[20:10] [freitasm] That's funny, sorry
[20:10] [Jp9] yeah, wish i could get cable here. :(
[20:10] [bradstewart] jam, calm down
[20:10] [freitasm] Back to the topic.
[20:10] * JAMMAN2110 :)s at brad
[20:10] [NokiaRocks] i want 100mb/s cable with no data limit
[20:11] * JAMMAN2110 sides with NR on that one though
[20:11] [NokiaRocks] so i'll move to s.korea
[20:11] [mike_1] i await revc and bye bye adsl and cable
[20:11] [freitasm] Sorry, I don't think you will get more than 25Mbps. And not even sure of this. Back can't say more.
[20:11] [freitasm] Rev C. Let's See. 2009.
[20:11] * pebbles has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[20:11] [freitasm] Ok. Until there we do nothing?
[20:11] [NokiaRocks] reva should be enough to ditch the wire
[20:12] [freitasm] http://www.geekzone.co.nz/freitasm/1203
[20:12] [bradstewart] nah not really
[20:12] [bradstewart] need at least Rev B for that
[20:12] [NokiaRocks] depends what you use internet for
[20:12] [bradstewart] yeah
[20:13] [bradstewart] i'll be happy with fullrate adsl and capless plans
[20:13] [bradstewart] till NGN arrives
[20:13] [NokiaRocks] so what are the prizes tonight?
[20:13] * suzi has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[20:13] [NokiaRocks] NGN will be delayed until NNGN arrives
[20:13] [mike_1] i do not have the need for big bandwidth
[20:13] * Lokinz-berry needs a boss burger. JAMMAN!
[20:13] [bradstewart] well i do
[20:13] [bradstewart] get to work james
[20:14] [NokiaRocks] lol
[20:14] [freitasm] www.geekzone.co.nz/geekcam.asp
[20:14] [mike_1] and my connection is basically free
[20:14] [JAMMAN2110] who knows the cheapest (and best DNS services in NZ) for a .co.nz domain with bank deposit payments?
[20:14] [NokiaRocks] simplydomains.co.nz?
[20:14] [JAMMAN2110] lol Lokinz, I would say something put this chatlog will be published
[20:14] * nathanmercer has joined #geekzone
[20:14] [NokiaRocks] nathan!!!!!!!!!!
[20:14] [JAMMAN2110] OMG NATHAN!
[20:14] [nathanmercer] yoyo
[20:14] [mike_1] who is tecsmith?
[20:15] * pebbles has joined #geekzone
[20:15] * ChanServ sets mode: +v pebbles
[20:15] [freitasm] Techsmith.com
[20:15] [bradstewart] good evening nathan
[20:15] [NokiaRocks] Nathan: whats the haps with installfest?
[20:15] [freitasm] I have a few tshirts here to give away.
[20:15] [freitasm] Hello Nathan
[20:15] [nathanmercer] howdy all
[20:15] [Lokinz-berry] ill take a t :)
[20:15] [nathanmercer] install fest is easy to organise, free copies of Vista isn't so easy ;)
[20:15] [pebbles] I have a + may want to get rid of it
[20:15] [Jp9] guessing this is the vista installfest we're referring to, not the linux one? ;p
[20:15] [mike_1] screen capture and recording
[20:16] * NokiaRocks sets mode: -v pebbles
[20:16] [NokiaRocks] come on nathan, i thought you were up to the task
[20:16] [bradstewart] after the impressive speech recognition display at GZ06 i went and bought a new headset
[20:16] [freitasm] Got an email today from Hadley - all from speech rec from start to end. He bought a Microsoft VX 6600 during the weekend just for that. And because of the 1.3 megapixel
[20:16] [NokiaRocks] and i tried to get my line in port to work :p
[20:16] [nathanmercer] cool, I hope its working well for ya.  Speech reco rocks
[20:17] [bradstewart] yeah apparently buying a $35 DSE headset not such a great idea
[20:17] [JAMMAN2110] its working well for me, using handwriting recognition before too :D
[20:17] [freitasm] Hadley said (really, all translated) it worked well, but it took him an hour to train. But it works :)
[20:17] [Lokinz-berry] yeah man it rocks
[20:17] [pebbles] so... am I the only one lacking here?
[20:17] [NokiaRocks] my laptop mic works like crap
[20:17] [bradstewart] the headset didnt even last a day
[20:17] [nathanmercer] yep laptop mics are not so good
[20:17] [nathanmercer] some are OK - if you get a lappy with an Array Mic with AEC
[20:17] [freitasm] Pebbles, during the GZ06 everyone got a DVD with Windows Vista RC1. The most impressive feature Nathan (from Microsoft) showed was the speech recognition. And everyone is trying that.
[20:18] [freitasm] Ask your boyfriend to install it.
[20:18] [nathanmercer] but they're really only just starting to come out now
[20:18] [freitasm] Where is he?
[20:18] [pebbles] he won;t
[20:18] [NokiaRocks] for some reason the line in port isnt working on my laptop
[20:18] [Jp9] apparently the ones with the echo cancellation on the new toshies aren't bad either
[20:18] [freitasm] Array mics on some tablet Pcs.
[20:18] [bradstewart] i got my technet rc1 dvds in the mail yesterday..... is there any way i can get a vista rc1 case for them?
[20:18] [freitasm] Like the Motion ones.
[20:18] [nathanmercer] Brad, I will have Vista RC1 DVD packs this week, maybe next
[20:18] [bradstewart] oh awesome
[20:18] [mike_1] can i get vista?
[20:18] [NokiaRocks] cool
[20:19] [nathanmercer] there will be a new build (post RC1, RTM build tree) out for download on connect.microsoft.com in a few days time too
[20:19] [bradstewart] i liked the beta 2 dvds in the GZ06 case, the ones i got sent out from connect were boring silver ones
[20:19] [bradstewart] yeah i heard
[20:19] [bradstewart] will be good
[20:19] [nathanmercer] RC1 DVDs will be the same printing
[20:19] [JAMMAN2110] nathanmercer, have you used FTP with Vista?
[20:19] [nathanmercer] i will BRB, got to pickup GF
[20:19] [bradstewart] my rc1 dvds were blue and green
[20:20] [bradstewart] and got silver server ones
[20:20] [nathanmercer] yes to FTP on Vista
[20:20] [bradstewart] i have jam
[20:20] * Fraktul has joined #geekzone
[20:20] [bradstewart] it works well
[20:20] [freitasm] JAM is having problems with FTP on Vista
[20:20] [Fraktul] evening
[20:20] [JAMMAN2110] i cant use it, adds stuff to the username field that well screws it over
[20:20] [freitasm] Hello Fraktul
[20:20] [freitasm] !spin techsmith tshirt
[20:21] [bradstewart] no bot freitasm
[20:21] [JAMMAN2110] no gbot
[20:21] [freitasm] Where is the damn bot34%$%^$%&%#^&?
[20:21] [bradstewart] tony has amac now
[20:21] [JAMMAN2110] ask tony
[20:21] [Fraktul] my vista install wont work, silly laptop dvd drive is kinda borked i think
[20:21] [NokiaRocks] someone do !spin
[20:21] [bradstewart] bot doesnt work on that
[20:21] [freitasm] Hmmm. I asked him to let me run the bot on my server here.
[20:21] [bradstewart] ok... winner is....
[20:21] [freitasm] Anyway
[20:21] [freitasm] Spreadsheet
[20:21] [bradstewart] bradstewart
[20:21] [NokiaRocks] say !spin
[20:21] [Lokinz-berry] go the mac!
[20:21] [bradstewart] w00t
[20:21] [mike_1] ??? Confused
[20:21] * JAMMAN2110 spins techsmith tshirt, the winner is JAMMAN2110! Congratulations JAMMAN2110!
[20:21] [Fraktul] vista instal is kind of stupid how if it cant read the media it cancels the install
[20:22] [JAMMAN2110] MF, get him to take the crap out of the bot first
[20:22] [freitasm] Why two Lokinz?
[20:22] [bradstewart] well what else can it do?
[20:22] [Fraktul] should at least have a retry..
[20:22] [Lokinz-berry] huh?
[20:22] [Fraktul] what if it had a finger print on the dvd right on the edge
[20:22] [NokiaRocks] say !spin
[20:22] [Fraktul] 90% install and you have to cancel..
[20:22] [freitasm] MIKE!!!!
[20:22] [bradstewart] XP was the same
[20:22] [freitasm] You got a tshirt according to my spreadsher
[20:22] [freitasm] You got a tshirt according to my spreadshet
[20:22] [JAMMAN2110] NR ?
[20:22] [freitasm] Mike, what size?
[20:23] * sbiddle has joined #geekzone
[20:23] [mike_1] very large
[20:23] [Fraktul] it was? im sure it would retry?
[20:23] * suzi has joined #geekzone
[20:23] [bradstewart] no it wouldnt
[20:23] [NokiaRocks] !spin
[20:23] [freitasm] xxl?
[20:23] [mike_1] cool
[20:23] * pebbles has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[20:23] [freitasm] Name and address to freitasm@ my domain here.
[20:23] [freitasm] Another one...
[20:23] [Fraktul] *shrug* been awhile since i did an xp install
[20:23] [Lokinz-berry] Oh those shirtsn thought they were other ones
[20:23] * suzi is now known as pebbles
[20:23] [freitasm] muppet...
[20:24] [freitasm] I think he's sleeping only
[20:24] [bradstewart] [muppet] idle 29:19:11,
[20:24] [JAMMAN2110] NR has lost his marbles
[20:24] [pebbles] !spin
[20:24] [NokiaRocks] Searching for a winner...
[20:24] [bradstewart] NR never had any
[20:24] [freitasm] www.geekzone.co.nz/geekcam.asp
[20:24] [NokiaRocks] Spinning ....
[20:24] [NokiaRocks] Todays winner is Lokinz-berry, Well Done.
[20:24] [NokiaRocks] thank you
[20:24] [JAMMAN2110] lol
[20:25] [freitasm] Brad!
[20:25] [JAMMAN2110] NR needs help
[20:25] [bradstewart] yes?
[20:25] [bradstewart] i won?
[20:25] [freitasm] L?
[20:25] [bradstewart] XL?
[20:25] [freitasm] Nope. I only have L now
[20:25] [Lokinz-berry] w00t!
[20:25] [bradstewart] hmm
[20:25] [freitasm] Lokinz
[20:25] [bradstewart] i'll have to pass
[20:25] [freitasm] M?
[20:25] [Fraktul] how was gz2006?
[20:25] [bradstewart] haha maybe for my arm
[20:26] [freitasm] Lokinz, M?
[20:26] [Lokinz-berry] Yup
[20:26] [freitasm] Name and address please
[20:26] [freitasm] I have a L now.
[20:26] [freitasm] sbiddle?
[20:26] [Lokinz-berry] Sorry blackberry sucks
[20:26] [freitasm] Yes, it does.
[20:26] [freitasm] Fraktul, I think GZ06 was great, but I am biased.
[20:27] [Fraktul] has anyone done a writeup yet?
[20:27] [Lokinz-berry] Ill email u later
[20:27] [freitasm] A few - Juha, inane, tonyhughes, myself
[20:27] [freitasm] http://www.geekzone.co.nz/juha/1329
[20:28] [freitasm] http://www.geekzone.co.nz/geekzone06/1333
[20:28] [bradstewart] im working on mine
[20:28] [freitasm] http://ims.co.nz/blog/archive/2006/09/16/2046.aspx
[20:28] [bradstewart] sorry for the laziness
[20:28] [freitasm] sbiddle!!!
[20:28] [freitasm] Are you there?
[20:28] [freitasm] I have a tshirt for you!
[20:29] [sbiddle] I'm here
[20:29] [freitasm] Sbiddle, L is ok for you?
[20:29] [sbiddle] what's happening? was doing other things
[20:30] [sbiddle] yip fine
[20:30] * suzi has joined #geekzone
[20:30] * pebbles has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[20:30] [freitasm] name and address to me please... I don't keep those on file :)
[20:30] * suzi is now known as pebbles
[20:30] [mike_1] you can sell my name and address if you like MF
[20:30] [sbiddle] I'm been meaning to write  my GZ06 blog as well. Thanks for organising a cool event! I'll definately be back for next year!
[20:31] [Fraktul] thanks freitasm
[20:31] [pebbles] hmpfh... stupid net
[20:31] [freitasm] You are going to start receiving spam from Russian pharmacies
[20:31] [mike_1] cool
[20:31] [freitasm] Great, thanks. Sbiddle. I've heard a rumour.
[20:31] [sbiddle] what rumour?
[20:31] * chiefie has joined #geekzone
[20:31] * ChanServ sets mode: +oa chiefie chiefie
[20:31] [JAMMAN2110] hey chiefie
[20:31] [freitasm] I can't say much, but apparently something is happening at TCL and they are using your last post as part of the business case.
[20:32] [chiefie] hello
[20:32] [JAMMAN2110] thats cool
[20:32] [chiefie] what have i miss?
[20:32] [sbiddle] is that good or bad?
[20:32] [chiefie] (what last post and tcl and business case?)
[20:32] [JAMMAN2110] this one: "TelstraClear - sort your crap cable network out" ?
[20:32] [freitasm] Good, very good.
[20:32] [freitasm] Yep
[20:32] [freitasm] www.geekzone.co.nz/geekcam.asp
[20:32] [JAMMAN2110] sweet
[20:33] [chiefie] oh? what's been happening?
[20:33] * geekzone_guest has joined #geekzone
[20:33] [mike_1] Do TCL have an customers?
[20:33] [mike_1] any
[20:33] [JAMMAN2110] +b
[20:33] [chiefie] [-- TCL cable customer
[20:33] [JAMMAN2110] [-- TCL cable customer
[20:33] [bradstewart] JAMMAN2110 and freitasm are
[20:33] * freitasm tcl
[20:34] * freitasm TCL client since Chello
[20:34] [bradstewart] nathanmercer is
[20:34] [JAMMAN2110] thats 5
[20:34] [nathanmercer] i am ?
[20:34] [Jp9] used to be, and still would be if they extended their network to 'actually cover' all of lower hutt
[20:34] [mike_1] 30 percent of chat
[20:34] [freitasm] And CLIENT meaning repeating business, not "customer" which is a one off. Unlike VFNZ like to call their patrons.
[20:34] [bradstewart]  [nathanmercer] (~geekzone@ZiRC-50E2E4AC.cable.telstraclear.net
[20:34] [freitasm] Good number. Better than SLINGSHOT!
[20:34] [Fraktul] [-company spends in excess of 3 million a month with TCL
[20:35] [freitasm] I spend in excess of $300 a month with TCL
[20:35] [mike_1] who do you work for frak
[20:35] [bradstewart] nathanmercer, are you not on TCL?
[20:35] [sbiddle] If it's going to be an update of their status page and a phone message I'll believe it when it happens! :-)
[20:35] [freitasm] Fraktul, don't say anything without your lawyer!
[20:35] [bradstewart] lol
[20:35] [nathanmercer] sorry didn't see the Q, yes I'm on TCL cable
[20:35] [Fraktul] i work for 'party A'
[20:35] [Fraktul] as 'party B'
[20:35] [mike_1] I work for supplier b
[20:35] [bradstewart] mike works for evil party B
[20:35] [chiefie] nathanmercer. any job openning in chch for MS CHCH?
[20:35] [Lokinz-berry] This is too hard out for me and my slackberry
[20:36] [freitasm] Lokinz, Pocket PC!!!
[20:36] [JAMMAN2110] lol @ NCIS
[20:36] [bradstewart] get a jamman
[20:36] * sbiddle says now we all have to ask Nathanmercer for a NZ Vista installfest and free upgrade to Vista when its launched!
[20:36] [freitasm] Ask Tony and me... We use IRC in our Pocket PCs
[20:36] [bradstewart] jammin*
[20:36] [chiefie] Lokinz-berry. my smartphone can beat your crackberry :D
[20:36] [Lokinz-berry] yes please ill send you my address
[20:36] [freitasm] Lokinz, please email me for the tshirt!
[20:37] [freitasm] The only email I've got here is about Viagra!
[20:37] [nathanmercer] chiefie:  yes there will be job openings, might not be till late this year or early next tho
[20:37] [nathanmercer] what sort of role would you like?
[20:37] [Lokinz-berry] and the pda :)
[20:37] [bradstewart] im hoping that technet testers get a free copy at the end of the program
[20:37] * geekzone_guest has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[20:37] [chiefie] mmm depending on what's available.
[20:37] [mike_1] i mailed you MF
[20:37] [freitasm] Yes, Mike, got that.
[20:37] [mike_1] coolies
[20:37] [JAMMAN2110] lol brad - get a jamman
[20:37] * chiefie is MCP in 200 tracks, and advanced-expert in CSS/XHTML/ASP/SQL
[20:38] [chiefie] hehe
[20:38] [nathanmercer] brad: you are on the techbeta aren't you?  I reckon all techbeta testers who have been downloading & providing feedback will get a free copy, probably of ULTIMATE
[20:38] [chiefie] also am a MS Registered Partner
[20:38] [bradstewart] oh awesome
[20:38] [mike_1] what does anyone know about woosh
[20:38] [bradstewart] i havent submitted huge amiunts of bugs
[20:38] [nathanmercer] chiefie: email me offlist
[20:38] * chiefie hasn't got the invite to be a TechBeta... but he's on XNA Game Studio Beta
[20:38] [bradstewart] but still, put a lot of work into it
[20:38] [bradstewart] techbeta closed ages ago chiefie
[20:39] [chiefie] bradstewart, i know :p
[20:39] * bradstewart slaps chiefie around with all the gigantic Windows Vista user guides from Geekzone06
[20:39] [chiefie] but haven't got invited into any other techbeta excpt xna
[20:39] [bradstewart] they were heavy^
[20:39] [pebbles] so is that why everyone is getting hit with them?
[20:39] [chiefie] nathanmercer, nathan.mercer@microsoft.com?
[20:40] [bradstewart] yes
[20:40] * Lokinz-berry has quit IRC (Quit: used jmIrc)
[20:40] [freitasm] girlg33k, who shows up happy in the evenings work for Woosh
[20:40] [chiefie] freitasm, coming back to TCL. what's happening there?
[20:40] [Jp9] see, it's not user friendly yet, the manuals too big. ;p
[20:40] [freitasm] girlg33k, who shows up *HERE* (not happy( in the evenings work for Woosh
[20:40] [mike_1] are woosh in good shape as a company?
[20:40] [bradstewart] how did you get happy...?
[20:40] [nathanmercer] chiefie: yes
[20:40] [sbiddle] who on here uses Woosh? it it working OK at present?
[20:40] [freitasm] I said all I could say. And that's a lot saying.
[20:41] [freitasm] Alasta uses Woosh.
[20:41] [bradstewart] so does chirs when heres around
[20:41] [bradstewart] but hes wanting to ditch it when his contract ends
[20:41] [chiefie] chirs, pfft
[20:41] [bradstewart] chiefie?
[20:41] [bradstewart] dont like him?
[20:41] [freitasm] I got happy because I have two monitors and I was reading an email while typing at the same time. My fingers got lost here.
[20:41] [sbiddle] I've just built a new PC up for a mate who wants broadband however he has a habit of moving flats pretty regularly so would be a better solution than cable or adsl.
[20:42] [bradstewart] ive whacked him with a lot of vista manuals so dont worry
[20:42] [chiefie] bradstewart ask JAMMAN2110.
[20:42] [bradstewart] chiefie i got the columns on my blog swapped
[20:42] [bradstewart] very easy to do
[20:42] * pebbles has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[20:42] * pebbles has joined #geekzone
[20:42] * ChanServ sets mode: +v pebbles
[20:42] [bradstewart] didnt have to copt your method
[20:42] [bradstewart] copy
[20:43] [pebbles] yus, I'm back!
[20:43] [mike_1] why do you keep dropping out pebbles
[20:43] [bradstewart] http://www.geekzone.co.nz/bradstewart
[20:43] [pebbles] my wifi/computer/static sharged me, lol
[20:43] [bradstewart] see^
[20:43] [JAMMAN2110] ask me what?
[20:44] [bradstewart] who knows
[20:44] [bradstewart] hmm its gone quiet in here
[20:44] [bradstewart] nobody really showed up tonight
[20:44] [JAMMAN2110] you scared everyone away!
[20:44] [chiefie] your columm dropped when in smaller screen
[20:45] [mike_1] would you get voda covearge in wanaka brad
[20:45] [bradstewart] yes
[20:45] [mike_1] blimey
[20:45] [bradstewart] its not backwards
[20:45] [mike_1] lol
[20:45] [Fraktul] wanaka or vodafone?
[20:45] [Fraktul] ;)
[20:45] [bradstewart] wanaka
[20:45] [mike_1] lol
[20:45] [bradstewart] vodafone sucks
[20:46] [mike_1] a loyalist
[20:46] [bradstewart] no
[20:46] [bradstewart] a former customer
[20:46] [freitasm] I think tonight is a bit slow because of all the last weekend activities. AFAIK Alasta and others crashed a private function at the Establishment and went home at 4am.
[20:46] * pebbles has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[20:46] [bradstewart] yes we did lol
[20:46] [freitasm] Brad, not a former customer, but a former wannabe customer.
[20:47] [chiefie] hehe.. "wannabe"
[20:47] [sbiddle] they went upstrairs and got cheap drinks
[20:47] [mike_1] Voda have thier place
[20:47] [chiefie] that is such a funny term.
[20:47] [bradstewart] we crashed inanes girlfriend netball function
[20:47] [bradstewart] best decsion we ever made
[20:47] [nathanmercer] lol
[20:47] [bradstewart] a very good night
[20:47] [bradstewart] alasta turned up later
[20:47] [freitasm] I came backhome and straight into bed. Sunday night again - in bed by 9pm, got up on Monday at 9am.
[20:48] [bradstewart] lol
[20:48] * pebbles has joined #geekzone
[20:48] * ChanServ sets mode: +v pebbles
[20:48] [bradstewart] me, tonyhughes, psychrn, loki and retardinator
[20:48] [sbiddle] Chris021 had to get up at 6am to catch the 7am flight to Auckland and only got around 30 mins sleep
[20:48] [pebbles] hmmm... I just got the blue screen of death :(
[20:48] [nathanmercer] i am crook with the flu else would've stayed out for some mischief
[20:48] [bradstewart] then alasta, sbiddle and chris 021 showed up
[20:48] [bradstewart] oh gutted
[20:48] [bradstewart] did he get home in the end
[20:48] [bradstewart] he was so lost
[20:49] [bradstewart] me and tony found the nest kebabs
[20:49] [sbiddle] he couldn't remember where the hotel was so came back to the pub
[20:49] [bradstewart] best*
[20:49] [bradstewart] yeah that was funny
[20:50] [bradstewart] we were supposed to go back upstairs but then hungry and ended up in a different part of town at 3am
[20:50] [mike_1] where did you get kebabs from brad?
[20:50] [bradstewart] sahara i think
[20:50] [Fraktul] cya guys
[20:50] [mike_1] not the best
[20:50] [bradstewart] it was good at 3am
[20:50] * tony-pda has joined #geekzone
[20:50] * ChanServ sets mode: +oa tony-pda tony-pda
[20:50] * Fraktul has quit IRC (Quit:  .)
[20:50] [mike_1] Cafe Baba for future reference
[20:51] [bradstewart] speak of the kebabd munching fulla
[20:51] [bradstewart] kebab*
[20:51] [sbiddle] sahara used to be good
[20:51] [mike_1] not anymore
[20:51] [sbiddle] Palms kebabs in the hutt make the best. unfortunately they're closed at 3am
[20:51] [bradstewart] and a long way away....
[20:52] [pebbles] those kebabs are so good!
[20:52] [mike_1] and you have to fight off the bogans
[20:52] [tony-pda] heyyy
[20:52] [tony-pda] that kebab was terrible
[20:52] [pebbles] I get them every wednesday lunch.
[20:52] [tony-pda] i installed a higher gain wifi antenna today
[20:52] [mike_1] busy day tony
[20:53] [tony-pda] at home
[20:53] [tony-pda] makes a huge difference
[20:53] [tony-pda] yup
[20:53] [tony-pda] very
[20:53] [mike_1] i found out about microsoft licesning
[20:53] [nathanmercer] have to dash, catch you all l8r,  TTFN
[20:53] [chiefie] see ya nathanmercer
[20:54] [bradstewart] cya
[20:54] [mike_1] and how easy it is to sell
[20:54] * tony-pda sets mode: +v nathanmercer
[20:54] * tony-pda sets mode: +v sbiddle
[20:54] * tony-pda sets mode: +v mike_1
[20:54] [JAMMAN2110] nathanmercer, cya, going to chuck you an email later :)
[20:54] * tony-pda sets mode: +v Lokinz_AFK
[20:54] * bradstewart sets mode: +vv Jp9 muppet
[20:54] [sbiddle] anybody got an old 2U server with dual NIC going cheap? only need something around 1Ghz or so but there is nothing on TM at present
[20:54] [mike_1] why do i hae aplus now?
[20:54] * nathanmercer has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye)
[20:54] * JAMMAN2110 sets mode: -v mike_1
[20:54] [chiefie] sbiddle, hehe i'm thinking of using my laptop for server hehe
[20:55] [mike_1] why dont i have a plus now
[20:55] [chiefie] freitasm, do you know what nathan's role in MS WGTN?
[20:55] [bradstewart] who knows...
[20:55] [freitasm] HAve you identified with the nickserver?
[20:55] [freitasm] A minute.
[20:55] [sbiddle] I want to build up a new firewall/gateway using clarkconnect and install my Asterisk PBX on it as well
[20:55] [bradstewart] infratsructure technical advisor
[20:55] [freitasm] "Technology Specialist", Microsoft New Zealand.
[20:55] [bradstewart] platform strtegy group
[20:55] [freitasm] In other words: tech evangelist
[20:56] [mike_1] thats a heavy tite
[20:56] [chiefie] oh i wanna be like nathan for chch
[20:56] [chiefie] hehehe
[20:56] [bradstewart] no i am
[20:56] [chiefie] oops there goes the "Wannabe"
[20:56] [freitasm] You have some heavy quota.
[20:56] [chiefie] bradstewart, you're not in chch
[20:56] [bradstewart] i could be...
[20:56] [mike_1] i thought i had a heavy job title
[20:56] [chiefie] you don't like chch
[20:56] [freitasm] I have a job title.
[20:56] [bradstewart] i could do for that job
[20:56] [chiefie] you're a dunedino
[20:56] [freitasm] Did anyone notice I put my business card in the bags?
[20:56] [bradstewart] yeah
[20:56] [JAMMAN2110] i did
[20:56] [freitasm] And did anyone READ it?
[20:56] [JAMMAN2110] yes
[20:56] [JAMMAN2110] i have it here now
[20:56] [bradstewart] i have it in my wallet along with a million others
[20:57] [chiefie] freitasm, nope.
[20:57] [freitasm] I've changed from "Director" to the new title... More important.
[20:57] [bradstewart] editor
[20:57] [freitasm] Chiefie, check your mail tomorrow.
[20:57] [freitasm] That's 50%
[20:57] * tony-pda has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[20:57] [chiefie] what's in the mail tomorrow?
[20:57] [bradstewart] what did chefie get in the mail?
[20:57] [JAMMAN2110] Editor, Blogger (owner, master, king, ruler, godlike)
[20:57] [freitasm] Your GPS from last week, and a bag.
[20:57] [chiefie] oh!
[20:57] [chiefie] AND A BAG!
[20:57] [mike_1] i got new Business cards
[20:58] * chiefie is flashing his GPS at bradstewart. "nah nah nah nah nah nah"
[20:58] [bradstewart] so do i
[20:58] [freitasm] The only bag that was marked for someone.
[20:58] [chiefie] oh?
[20:58] [bradstewart] ahh but i got mine the night before....
[20:58] [chiefie] personalised bag?
[20:58] * tony-pda has joined #geekzone
[20:58] * ChanServ sets mode: +oa tony-pda tony-pda
[20:58] [bradstewart] sure
[20:58] * tony-pda sets mode: +v mike_1
[20:59] [mike_1] got my plus back..leave it alone jamm
[20:59] [tony-pda] oh damn i missed weekly chat
[20:59] [tony-pda] lol
[20:59] [Jp9] well. i've got to go. later all
[20:59] [tony-pda] doh
[20:59] [freitasm] "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.” _ George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., August, 2004.
[20:59] [tony-pda] i forgot it was on
[20:59] [bradstewart] lol
[20:59] * Jp9 has quit IRC (Quit: 1,2%6,2`%2,6%,12,6`%6,12%'13,12`%12,13%,0,13`%13,0%,2,0 CarpeDiem 1.94 13,0`%0,13%,12,13`%13,12%,6,12`%12,6%,2,6`%6,2%'1,2`%11,1 (I was connected to ZiRC for 1hr 11mins 57secs) 4*12*3*4 http://users.pandora.be/cds/)
[20:59] [tony-pda] cya jp
[20:59] [bradstewart] take his moderator privildges
[21:00] [bradstewart] freitasm, i have a bush quote thing on my google homepage
[21:00] [freitasm] "The war on terror involves Saddam Hussein because of the nature of Saddam Hussein, the history of Saddam Hussein, and his willingness to terrorize himself." —George W. Bush, Grand Rapids, Mich., Jan. 29, 2003.
[21:00] [mike_1] It is New Zealand's role to send out its bright young men and women to help run the rest of the world. And they go, not hating the country of their birth, but loving it. From this loving base they make their mark on the world.
[21:01] [chiefie] http://www.geekzone.co.nz/chiefie/1355
[21:01] [bradstewart] Well, we've made the decision to defeat the terrorists abroad so we don't have to face them here at home. And when you engage the terrorists abroad, it causes activity and action.
[21:01] [bradstewart]     --George w. Bush
[21:01] [bradstewart] Washington, DC
[21:01] [bradstewart] 04/28/2005
[21:01] [freitasm] "The war on terror involves Saddam Hussein because of the nature of Saddam Hussein, the history of Saddam Hussein, and his willingness to terrorize himself." —George W. Bush, Grand Rapids, Mich., Jan. 29, 2003.
[21:01] [freitasm] "I'm honored to shake the hand of a brave Iraqi citizen who had his hand cut off by Saddam Hussein." —George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., May 25, 2004.
[21:02] [bradstewart] Border relations between Canada and Mexico have never been better.
[21:02] [bradstewart]     --George w. Bush
[21:02] [bradstewart] 09/24/2001
[21:02] [bradstewart] in a press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien
[21:02] [freitasm] “You're free. And freedom is beautiful. And, you know, it'll take time to restore chaos and order — order out of chaos. But we will." —George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., April 13, 2003.
[21:02] [freitasm] Folks, thanks for tonight very disorganised chat!

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