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, posted: 11-Apr-2007 16:45

Press Release 11.4.07

In an amazing show of support for the Warriors up coming season, Telecom have released a new deal to all its prepaid customers.

From Monday next week all Telecom prepaid customers will have the opportunity to text messages of support to the Warriors team and support staff, with one lucky 'texter' winning the chance to meet them in person.
Telecom Spokesman Humphrey Williams was excited about the news, saying "this is just the first step in our support for the New Zealand Warriors, next season we hope to bring even more features, including cheerleading competitions."
Telecom's share price rose 5c on the news, with investors rushing at the chance to get a piece of the "action" and prepaid phone sales were up 2%.

Telecom is New Zealand's largest phone and telecommunications provider, offering services to over 1 million New Zealanders and with offices also set up in Australia.
For more information please contact Humphrey Williams on (04) 586 4721.

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