iPod Announcement Sept 5th (Confirmed!)

, posted: 29-Aug-2007 12:14

As I am in the market for a new iPod I've been keeping a close eye on the rumors flying around on technology forums and blogs.

The latest date rumored to bring the announcement of the long awaited update to the 5.5G iPod range is September 5th. This is due to lack of iPods available worldwide as Apple clears out its distribution channels and also fits between the Imac updates last month, and the expected update to Lepaod in October.

It looks like there will be four devices in the iPod line up moving to OSX. The Shuffle, Nano, Mini and iPod touch(name not confirmed).

Nano: Same as it is today but with price cut and perhaps even slightly reduced in height. Decreased price as well.

Ipod Slim*: Rumor has it that it will look like the photo of the shortened 5.5G that was circulating websites which Apple have issued cease and desist notices to. Will probably be flash based.

iPod Touch*: A touchscreen iPod with very similar design and measurement as the iPhone. Will probably be HDD based with 120Gb. Its unlikely to incorporate Toshiba's new 160Gb 1.8" drives.

I personally will be going to the IPod touch if the rumors turn out to be true. I like the look of the Iphone, but would rather do away with the phone and webbrowser, so this would be perfect.

* Names not yet announced.

Edit: The Apple event has now been confirmed for Sept 5th and 10am Pacific.

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