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, posted: 4-Jul-2008 15:14

Damn! I just wrote this long blog and got distracted by updating my status in the middle of it, which refreshed my page and lost my blog.

We have just finished our first facebook application which you can find and try at

It's called 101 Must-do's for Kiwis and is a social networking site about the 101 best places in New Zealand which allows you to select the places you have been to, the ones you want to do and invite friends to do them with you. It also allows you to upload photos and comments and blog. To plan your trip you can also go to a map page where you can view the 101's, plan your trip with accommodation etc.

This was our first attempt at a facebook application and also our first attempt at using contract developers in India. Fundamentally it is great imho although there is lots of room for improvement, such as being able to select all your 101's rather than one at a time (which was actually in our spec but got lost in the translation).

If you have facebook, I would love you to try it and if you like it tell lots of people. If the application gets lots of users we will be able to get resources to do an improved version 2.

If you have constructive criticism, please share it with me as well as any ideas you would like to see in the next release.

I'm not taking credit for this app. I was wanting to develop an LBS application for Facebook and then learned that one of my colleagues was already farther down the track, so I jumped on her bandwagon. This was the first time she had ever spec'd out a software application so much kudos to her.

Anyway, please give it a try and if you like it, drop me a friend request:) Luigi Cappel

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Comment by lugh, on 6-Jul-2008 20:04

Have signed up and think it's a great idea. Massively slow load and response time though.

Comment by Shadowfoot, on 8-Jul-2008 12:59

I have to agree, it's slow.

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