Facebook 101 Must Do's for Kiwis

, posted: 7-Jul-2008 16:48

For those of you who have joined our Facebook 101 best places in New Zealand, thanks and also for the feedback (some of it offline)

Yes, the upload when you add 101's that you have done, or want to do, is slow. This functionality got lost in the translation and obviously you should be able to tick all the relevant ones and then upload them all at once instead of one at a time. Unfortunately between New Zealand and India this got lost in the translation and the option was have it fixed and delay another few weeks, or go with it for now and have it improved in the next revision, which is part of the reason why I am asking you to try it, so that you can give us constructive feedback and ideas on things we can improve or add.

Haven't tried it yet? It's at the link below

Imho it's a fun app and given the cost of travel constantly rising, there are lots of cool things you can do in New Zealand and the social networking component means that you can find friends to share this with, feel free to send me a Friend Request too:)

Luigi Cappel

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Comment by Shadowfoot, on 8-Jul-2008 13:08

It would be good to indicate that you've done something, and feel you want to do it again.

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