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Our office is next to the Auckland Central Library, so I have started taking advantage of this, despite my passion for both eBooks and the ability in a print book to cover pages with Post-It Notes and highlighter ink.

I have a passion for learning, which is really essential in our business because, whilst Jon, Roy and I have a wealth of experience between us in our respective fields, in order to be industry leaders, we have to continue to stay ahead. As James H Lee wrote in the Mar-Apr issue of Futurist Magazine last year “The new norm is for people to maintain and develop skill sets in multiple simultaneous careers. In this environment, the ability to learn is something of a survival skill”.

I’ve just finished reading Jeff Jarvis’ recent book ‘Public Parts’ because privacy is something that is hugely important to us in this mobile world where we are sharing our locations, interests and habits. in order to develop applications and solutions that provide people with the experience, as Google recently put it, “before they even know they want it”, we need to also be cognizant of a huge responsibility. We need to protect people’s information from the wrong people and also make sure that people have access to the information that ‘we’ have about them and give them the right to revoke that access, where it doesn’t already form an un-erasable digital footprint.

collaborateI have now started reading Dan Sarker‘s 2012 book COLLABORATE! The Art of We. Our business at Imersia is founded on collaboration. It is how our team has evolved and it is how we work with our clients. We don’t look to do a job for a client, we look to get involved in their business and in many cases offer them the opportunity to get involved in ours. I have always maintained that 1+1=many.

Many companies fear collaboration, that it will take away their competitive edge. Many companies believe that they are the best in the world and look through jaundiced patronizing eyes at their competitors, believing they know what hey are doing and thinking and that they are inferior. Their assumptions on all of these things are generally just that, assumptions.

Collaboration is the way that new business leaders are emerging and in fact are all around us. Look at social media for example. TwitterTomTom (although we have struggle to communicate with them about them), FacebookMicrosoftImersiaFoursquareSpotifyLinkedIn all have API’s. That’s just an example of today’s web world.

Collaborations of course exist everywhere. Air New Zealand Taxis is a collaboration between the airline and a number of taxis. There are examples of shoe shops and cafes collaborating. Buy shoes and get a free coffee next door, buy a coffee and get a discount on your shoes.

Sometimes it is more difficult to know who t collaborate with or even come up with a collaborative idea. That’s where we come from. Anyone who knows us, knows that we are an idea factory. We come up with cool ideas every day, that’s part of the fun of our dynamic. Because our business is marketing support and inventing cool stuff, especially in the mobile space and we are on the leading edge, we can help your company come up with cool ideas. We will collaborate with you, ensuring that the ideas we come up with fit nicely with your business and its ideals and goals. We can also introduce you to useful partners who can help you and work with you. They may be academics, students, agencies or other companies that are complementary to your own.

As Dan Sanker says in the footnote of the book cover “combining capabilities to create new opportunities for success”. Success is what we all want in 2013 isn’t it?

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Comment by jack farrell, on 15-Jan-2013 12:17

Attn: PDAman

Over ten years ago, my interest in NZ peaked during my daughter Francine's junior year in Palmerston North. Since then a member of my other daughter Carla's natural birthing group (they are all in contact after more than five years) returned to NZ to do more work on movies. So I am familiar with the social aspects of the worldwide Web.

Social is nice but collaborating is where its at. Collaboration means changing products in real time using Hangouts and Circles and Google Drive. It is nice that you did not include g+ as a social App. Twitter and Facebook are social Apps. Google Plus is a computerized assistant that you can personalize to each and every Circle or work-group.

If you are concerned about securing your personal data wait until Australia's rules for securing cloud data come to NZ. In the mean time use https.

Sincerely, Jack Farrell

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