Finga Footy Doesn't Work Where You Are? We Have A Solution

, posted: 8-Mar-2013 09:38

We have been overwhelmed with the number of people who downloaded Finga Footy. We were also very surprised that a large number of the thousands of people who did so in the first week are scattered across the globe. That’s very exciting for us, but most of them couldn’t play it because we hadn’t enabled locations near them yet:( 

FingaFooty TorbayWe have a solution for you, so that all of you can at least try it out for starters. We want you to be able to play it and own thehigh score at your chosen location!

If you are in a location where our Augmented Reality game Finga Footy doesn’t work, simply enter your player name as requested, then tap the top left hand side of the screen and it will enter ‘Demo Mode’ which then allows you to play the game with the marker you have printed. Demo Mode

The catch is of course that while you can get a high score in the demo mode, it doesn’t give you bragging rights at your favourite location, such as your office, local bar,sports stadium etc. This is a location based game after all.

So if you would like to be the king of your castle and own the high score, we want to help you with that too.

We can enable the game anywhere in the world where we can get coordinates, so all you need to do is tell us the address where you want to be able to play the game and we will make it happen. To do that please email us

Please note that these locations are made available to all people playing the game, so we recommend that you do not send us a home address for obvious security reasons.

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