Online Gambling with Augmented Reality Glasses

, posted: 10-Apr-2013 10:55

The concept of using Augmented Reality for virtual casino gambling is one that has been discussed for a long time. This is potentially a huge market, not just in the USA where online gambling is still illegal in most states, but poised to change all over the world. This is from my blog at Imersia. With so many gamers and game designers on Geekzone, I thought I might get a few comments from some of you. Is anyone developing gambling games for mobile or considering developing for AR? We're on the fringe at Imersia with our location based infrastructure. We have launched Finga Footy (new update on Android and coming on iOS) and are also close to launching an amazing 3D AR animal game for a client.

Sites like PokerStars have been very active internationally trying to come up with every version of poker they can come up with, for people with zero budget through to those who play multiple games concurrently for a living.

Immersive AR with glasses could be a game changer. It could be just a friendly ‘home’ game with your friends and family, but enabling people who are scattered all over the world to play at the same virtual table. It could be a real plus for those who like a social game where they can make new friends and talk to people as if they were really there. It’ also an opportunity for people who like to trash talk their opponents and try to get them to tilt.

There are many people confined to beds, wheelchairs or are otherwise disabled who might feel like they have a chance to be in the real world without being judged by their looks or circumstances and feel they can join in on an equal basis.

When times are tough, gambling grows. With technologies that are sanctioned and monitored by authorities, there is potential for safety and security, keeping organised crime at bay, collecting taxes (sorry) and also helping people with gambling addictions.

This is a game changer and doesn't necessarily have to take people out of the casinos. Competitions can be run giving people entry into casino tournaments and of course there is potential for new very high bandwidth games for people to play using VR and AR in the casino itself.

Watch this space. It is going to be very exciting and of course not limited to casino type games.

Personally I love poker, currently I'm really getting into Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo. I have never played a Massive Multiplayer Game. I used to love SIMCity and similar games. Now my interest from a professional perspective is location based AR games that can be played on mobile devices including HUD's and headsets and using the camera in the device to add new elements.

Imersia is very keen on collaborating with designers, developers and ad agencies. 

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