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, posted: 1-Nov-2013 13:28

You can download a FREE copy of my eBook Buying a House - Using Real Estate Apps, Maps and Location Based Services right now and for about another 8 hours. I did it as a Halloween promotion, but its in the Amazon US time zone.

Whether you are looking, in the industry, develop location based apps, or know someone in the industry, hopefully it delivers some value and your download helps my ranking:)

For more info about the book, check out this blog.

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Comment by crackrdbycracku, on 1-Nov-2013 13:40

Done, thanks heaps. I think this will come in very useful in the next 12 months for me. 


Author's note by PDAMan, on 1-Nov-2013 14:08

Thanks, welcome your feedback. I am now working on an edition specifically for New Zealand, so keen on feedback, experiences and anecdotal stories:)


Comment by xontech, on 1-Nov-2013 15:31

Thank you!!

Comment by TimA, on 5-Nov-2013 10:43

Nice, Will forward to others too.

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