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, posted: 5-Sep-2008 09:52

LinkificationHere we go again:

iPhone / Apple:

Orange says Polish iPhone 3G customers weren't paid actors
Apple acknowledges iPhone passcode flaw, promises fix next month
Top 5 iPhone buzzkills
Apple's Next iPhone Killer App: Interactive Albums With Lyrics, Photos

Mobile / Gadgets:

Google talks Android Market app store
3 Mobile Web Apps that keep old Pocket PCs relevant
Presenting the winners of the Android developer challenge
How to Set Up a Laptop Security System
24 Killer Portable Apps For Your USB Flash Drive
Live Mesh Windows Mobile client teased


Mythbusters RFID hacking episode canned by credit card company lawyers - watch the video.
Adam Savage's RFID implant activates, orders him to change his story - saw that coming.
Ginormous robot spider invades Liverpool, England
Japanese firms to partially propel cargo ship via solar panels
Microsoft to launch “Skymarket” applications marketplace for Windows Mobile 7 - anyone else see a pattern emerging here?
Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: September 2008
88% of IT Admins Would Steal Passwords If Laid Off
Google Analytics Advanced Tips and Tricks
5 Apps For Painless Windows Reformats
Getting Wireless To Work On A Laptop Running Windows Server 2008 As Its Operating System
Fix for Windows Vista forgetting folder view settings - Freakin' yes!
Keep Vista from Changing Folder View
NASA Preparing to Service Hubble for the Last Time, In Glorious Pictures
Stunning Desert Canyon Flight Scares the Underpants Off Me
More mobile - Xero adds support for Blackberry and Windows Mobile.
Stephen Fry wishes GNU a happy birthday - he also has a great podcast (or Pod-gram as he calls them).
The Deadly Aftermath of a Rocket Explosion Seconds After Launch - incredible video of what happens when launching a satelite goes wrong.

Coding / Development:

Hug a developer today - great video.
20 Websites To Help You Learn and Master CSS
Protecting Your Cookies: HttpOnly
Free New Zealand web cartography tools for educational and non-commercial purposes
Roll your own 404s with Error Page Generator

NZ Teched 2008:

Microsoft Tech Ed New Zealand 2008 keynote now available in video streaming
TechEd 2008 Summary
Darryl Burling's TechEd 2008 Summary
The unofficial TechEd blog


This weeks FAIL comes via a Twitter from @freitasm this morning. Parking Lot FAIL.

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