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, posted: 6-Mar-2009 09:13

LinkificationNews / Web Happenings:

Vista SP2 Release Candidate Now Available
Firefox Updates to 3.0.7, Fixes Bugs and Improves Security
Sprint's Palm Treo Pro set to make its debut on March 15th
RIM names its app store 'BlackBerry App World'
Import and Export Your Gmail Filters
View Google Calendar offline
Facebook announces upcoming homepage redesign
Firefox 3.1 Arriving in Second Quarter of 2009 (or Later)
X Marks The Spot, Foxmarks To Become Xmarks

General / Neat Stuff:

Man holds woman hostage for 10 hours... with a Sega light gun
Researchers develop flying WiFi robots for disaster relief - This is very cool.
New Full-Length Terminator: Salvation Trailer Hits, is Awesome
How Optical Image Stabilization Lenses Work (Jiggle, Jiggle)
This Is What Happens When a Train Hits Nuclear Waste Containers at 100MPH
Dalek Randomly Found, Dredged Up from the Bottom of a Marsh
Downloads: SearchMyFiles is a Powerful, Portable File Search Utility


Why the internet sometimes freezes
xkcd - A Webcomic - Density


The Incredible Shrinking Apple Keyboard!
With a Straight Face, Apple Charges $200 USD for 1GB of RAM, 200GB of HD Space in New Mac Minis
Big Mac Tuesday: What Apple Dropped
Apple morning roundup, few Mac products left unscathed - What on earth went wrong with the NZ pricing? cheapest iMac is now ~$700 dearer!
Sync Your iPhone in Linux - Version 2.0
Amazon launches Kindle application for the iPhone

FAIL of the week:

Sleepwalking Fail

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