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, posted: 11-Sep-2009 13:12

LinkificationNews / Web Happenings:

BREAKING: Facebook Introduces @Mentions in Status Updates
Google Supersizes its Search Box
Hamachi Updates and Adds Web-Based Management
TweetDeck Updates with Better Facebook, New MySpace Support
Mozilla Releases Firefox 3.5.3 with Security and Stability Fixes

General / Neat Stuff:

HAL Robo-Suit Exoskeleton Hits the Streets of Tokyo
MotionPower speed bump installed at NJ Burger King
Pigeon transmits data faster than leading South African internet provider
Extend Your Razor's Life with a Pair of Jeans
Seven Easy Ways to Integrate Your Google Apps


Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: the Ars Technica review
Apple releases video podcast of Rock and Roll event
iTunes Finally Adds Watched Folder to Automatically Add New Music
iTunes 9 Sports Windows 7 Taskbar, Jump List Enhancements - Great stuff.. I'm really digging jump lists.
iTunes 9 Breaks Palm Pre Syncing Once Again
Caller ID issues fixed in iPhone OS 3.1
Apple's 9/9/09 Roundup
Apple Releases iPhone OS 3.1 for iPhone and iPod Touch
Apple Updates Entire iPod Family, Bringing Capacity and Performance Bumps to iPod Touch and Video Camera to iPod Nano
Apple Releases iTunes 9: New Media Syncing Options, Genius Mixes, iPhone App Organization
'It's Only Rock and Roll' Event Video Now Available, Steve Jobs' Return - Mac Rumors


jQTouch - jQuery plugin for mobile web development
What is in store for you at Microsoft Tech.Ed New Zealand 2009
Aptimize Speeds Up Microsoft
Microsoft creates the CodePlex foundation

FAIL of the week:

Lazy Fail

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