MediaPortal, Windows Vista and Freeview via Satellite

, posted: 14-Sep-2007 01:15


This blog post is quite old and out of date now.  Here is a link to the wiki on the mediaportal site which might provide a bit more help:


    Some people were asking for some tips on setting up MediaPortal Standalone to work with Freeview over Satellite.  Seeing as I had never installed MediaPortal before I thought i'd give it a go and grab some screenshots while I was at it.  The results follow:


New Zealand Freeview

MediaPortal RC2

Windows Vista Ultimate

Hauppauge Nova-S-Plus

Driver CD wintvcd34b.exe
Driver Version: 2.119.25023.0
Dated: 23/01/2007


Step 1: Install MediaPortal

Install Step 1.1

Install Step 1.2

Install Step 1.3

Install Step 1.4

Install Step 1.5

Install Step 1.6

Step 2: Create the FreeView Satellite Tuning File

Create FreeView File

Open notepad and create a new file.  Add the frequencies for the FreeView transponders and save it as nzfreeview.tpl in the same directory as the other files.  (c:\program files\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\TuningParameters)

Step 3: Run the MediaPortal Configuration tool:

Config 1.1
Config 1.3

Config 1.5

Add the DVB-S Tuning card:

Config 1.5

Config 1.6

Set the LNB0 and LNB1 frequencies to either 11300 or 10750 depending on which LNB you have (if you dont know then try one, scan, then the other if no channels are found).  Set the Switch frequency to 0.  Select the FreeView option in the Satellite drop-down (this is the tuning file you hand-created in the previous step)

Config 1.7

Start scanning for channels.... hopefully you should find some!  If no go back and try the different LNB frequency, or make sure your Satellite Tuning file (nzfreeview.tpl) file is correct.

Step 4: Run MediaPortal

Run 1.0

Run 1.1

Run 1.2

TV is turned off by default.  Turn it on by clicking “TV On” or enter the TV Guide and select a channel

Run 1.4

Run 1.5

Note: No EPG Configuration has been done at this stage...


Screenshots are hosted on Flickr -

Comment by geekiegeek, on 17-Sep-2007 11:08

Hey Regs,

Did you manage to get the EPG working? If so are you using XMLTV or pulling it down from the sat?

Author's note by Regs, on 17-Sep-2007 15:11

I havent tried to get the EPG working at this stage.  Maybe if I get some time this week I might take a look at it.  I'm using MCE as my PVR so this was more a "try and see if i can make it work" type of exercise :)

Comment by Airw0lf, on 27-Oct-2007 18:45

To get the EPG working, all I did was tick "Grab EPG from DVB" under Setup->Television->Program Guide->General.

It takes a while for it to pull the guide information down from the air. So don't expect it immediately after you flick on the TV.

Comment by mjm132, on 19-Aug-2010 13:55

Hi Regs - can I ask if you updated to the latest version of Media Portal?
If so, what settings do you have for getting Freeview?

We got SkyHDi installed a month ago & believe we have a dual-throat LNB, but scans don't find anything.


Author's note by Regs, on 19-Aug-2010 15:41


this was a one-off for me.  I installed it to see what it was like, and how easy it was to set up.  I'm actually running Windows Media Centre, Windows 7 version, as my HTPC.

perhaps you could start with the links on the page, or check the HTPC forums for help:

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