Death by CocaCola Zero?

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Well I had an interesting afternoon.

Near the end of my lunch break, I hopped up to "cleanse the palate" so to speak, sidling up to one of the many vending machines at work and purchased a can of CocaCola Zero.

Ready to quench my thirst and having cracked the can open, the first sip had its normal pleasant effervescence, coolness and caramel flavour. Quickly following was a second sip which much to my puzzlement had a completely different texture... of plastic. At this stage the normal swallowing reflex was put on hold in favour of a "What The" moment followed by an extreme urge to rid myself of something most definitely foreign to a can of soft drink.

To my amazement and horror I pulled out a thin piece of plastic roughly 4cm long and 1.5cm wide.

(**New Zealand 20c coin for scale**) Edit: The coin was NOT in the can - after many enquiries!

I don't know at this point what annoyed me most, the sinking feeling that I was to be refused the sweet taste of the rest of the can (two sips in) or the thoughts racing through my mind as to what is a piece plastic doing in my drink.. and where has the plastic been *shudders*.

With my curiosity piqued I rang the 0800 to enquire about getting a replacement can and reported the plastic to a wonderfully cheerful Helpdesk person called Amy. Minutes later after supplying details to which a voucher for 3x 600ml bottles will be sent, curiosity got the better of me again and I decided to pour out the remaining beverage and cut open the can to see if it was just the one piece.

Scarily enough and again to my bewilderment I found more pieces of similarly sized plastic stuck to the sides and bottom of the can. It seems there is a plastic coating all the way around the inside of the can.
Whether this is for the purpose of providing a barrier between the coke and the aluminium or a mistake with part of the batch using the same sheets of aluminium (against oxidisation maybe?).

So, all in all an interesting afternoon filled with queasy thoughts and inside jokes (such as the orgin and type of plastic).

Comment by JAMMAN2110, on 18-Jan-2007 17:07

Mmmmm free plastic

Comment by barf, on 18-Jan-2007 20:20

as if drinking acids that are metabolised into formaldehyde wasn't enough!

Author's note by SilentOne, on 19-Jan-2007 10:47

So true, the formaldehyde is even worse!

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