Nokia Lumia 710: The Good

, posted: 10-Apr-2012 12:12

I wanted to end on the Good.

There are lots of good things about the Nokia Lumia  710 and the Windows Phone OS.

There are things that I will really miss when I move back to the Samsung Galaxy SII.

I’m in love
The things I love are the screen. I really find the screen a pleasure.  And in fact it’s my choice first thing in the morning to catch up on email, Twitter and Facebook from the Lumia 710.

Launching the camera by pressing down on the shutter button, and being able to take a photo by pressing the screen are just simple things done really well.  Clearly someone was thinking.

The feel
The phone just fits so nicely in my hand. It’s a good feel. It’s not heavy. You’ll notice it in your hand. This is good in my opinion. The shape is really good too. It’s curved, it’s designed well for your hand to mould around it. Pressing the power button while holding the phone in one hand is easy to do. There’s no strain to reaching the button.

The camera is good, really good. It's 5MP, not the highest spec’d camera but it does a great job. Videos also are smooth and play well on the phone.

And the icing on the cake is that you can automatically upload to SkyDrive, a free 25 GB storage service from Windows Live. 

Ok, this is going to use some data, but the convenience when you’ve got limited storage on your phone makes this a smart move.

Setting the Quick Share Account is a nice touch.  And the best thing I like is that whatever you’ve typed as the “status” is there to be reused if you choose to send the same picture to another service.

Nokia Drive
I know I’ve mentioned in another post strange directions, or that the notification of you reaching a street is just marginally off, but for all that Nokia Drive is a fantastic piece of software, and it’s FREE.  I can’t believe you can download maps from other countries …. FREE!

This is a huge deal for me.

And I know for my mother-in-Law this application alone will be the deal breaker for her. This one thing will be a life saver to her navigation challenges.

The other thing that goes hand-in-hand here is the GPS.  GPS is just so quick, and accurate.

I’ve really enjoyed the ease at which I can keep up with specific people by adding them into a specific Group.  This is an excellent way of weeding out the pieces of information that make sense to read together.

I find it so useful to see this live tile flicking over the recent Tweets that have been going on, and from there I can easily decide if I want to select the tile and delve further into the conversations/information that is being shared.

Something I wish would be integrated into Android is the cleverness of being able to “mention” on Twitter, write on the Facebook “wall” or email a contact right from the contact.

Another nice touch is the ability to “map” the home and work address. You can then use your current location to get to the End address (the address of your contact).

Not rocket science, but it’s done really well.

The other cool thing I’ve just discovered is as you scroll through the directions the map changes to keep up with where you’re at with the driving instructions. This is slick. And with a single press of the button the map is added as a tile to the home screen.

Wrap Up
Nokia has some great arsenal up its sleeve. You can’t go past some of the free applications it's developed and still developing.  They have beta testers, real people in the real world using the phone and applications in real situations. They are providing feedback to Nokia who then fine-tune the application ready for deployment.

But all this goodness isn’t much use if you’ve got a fickle provider.  Telecom has a great network on Telecom XT, a stable reliable network that provides service in parts of the country that I’ve not seen with other providers.

When you spend decent money on a smartphone, you want to make sure you’re going to enjoy the experience when you’re out and about.  And to me Telecom makes perfect sense.  It was due to the extensive coverage I had where others had failed that won me over to porting my number.  Not due to this trial, I did it during another review.  And I’ve not looked back.

The phone is just half of the partnership. Make sure that you’re getting the best fit for your needs with your telco provider too.

About the author:

Hi, my name is Anita, on Geekzone and other social network sites I’m known as Neets, sometimes with a “_”, sometimes with “_nz”. I’m a proud kiwi living/surviving in Christchurch. I’m not blogging about this Nokia Lumia 710 because I need a new phone. In fact I love my existing Samsung Galaxy SII. When offered the opportunity to review the Nokia Lumia 710 I took it up because, in truth, it was an honour to be asked, but I enjoy writing reviews, I like learning new things and I’ve got a bit of a fascination about how far you can push smartphones. The brief is fairly simple, use the phone as much as you can and then write about your experiences. My reviews will be honest about the good the bad and the ugly based on how I use the phone, which undoubtedly will vary to the way anyone else uses their phone.

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