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Cheap HDMI cables in Wellington

, posted: 30-May-2008 10:07

Quick note - PB Computers on Vivian St (between Taranaki & Tory) are selling 2m HDMI cables for $33.
Good if you don't want to wait around for overseas couriers or TradeMe deals. (read the entire post)...

Vimeo, Flickr video cheat

, posted: 26-May-2008 11:24

You've seen a cool video on Vimeo or Flickr and you want to download the flv but it's not visible in the source code for that page?

If you have it, launch Safari and open the "Activities" window (Menu->Window->Activity). Then navigate to the relevant page (eg ). Click on the play button of the video you want to download. Scan the activity window until you see an item whose size is climbing in tandem with the video's progress bar.
Click on the activity window source, (in this case ), copy and paste into a new window and save as. (read the entire post)...

PS3 and HDMI

, posted: 26-May-2008 11:10

I bought a PS3 from the Sony Style shop on Willis St in Wellington last week, and was upset to discover no HDMI or component cable in the box. I rang them to complain that it would have been good to know at the time of purchase, and that they should have included one anyway, and straight away they offered me a cable at half-price.

Good on you, Sony Style.

But to Sony, and all manufacturers who make machines from which you can only get the best picture using HDMI, - shame on you for not including them in the box. (read the entire post)...

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American TV show audio

, posted: 11-Apr-2008 16:09

This is a cross between a blog entry and a topic. Bear with me.

For years now on analogue/cable FTA TV I've been hearing a dodgy-sounding audio artefact on broadcast US TV shows - Six Feet Under or The Sopranos for instance. It's most noticeable on music featuring sustained solo notes on violins or flutes and is best described as a regular (1 or 2 Hz-ish) momentary jump, bump or gap in the audio, as if someone stopped a 1/4" takeup spool and then let go, bouncing the tape as it comes to rest.

The thing is, I think I've figured out what it is, from watching Battlestar Galactica Season 3 on DVD. There's an option to choose a 5.1 or stereo soundtrack on these discs. The stereo is sped-up from the original 24fps to 25fps, but pitch-corrected back down. The 5.1 is sped up *and* pitched up from 24 to 25 - just like speeding up an analogue tape.

The artefact I described is exactly what I hear on the stereo DVD soundtrack, and is unbearably bad, especially on the BSG theme tune - that plaintive solo wind instrument and female voice.

Obviously it's a rough-and-ready realtime effect of pitch-correction and speed-adjustment of the soundtrack. It drives me nuts BECAUSE IT'S SOOOOOO BAD AND NO-ONE COMPLAINS.

Well, until now, obviously.

Does anyone know what I mean and/or can shed light?


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Flickr cheat

, posted: 14-Feb-2008 16:31

If you don't have a Flickr pro account, you'll know that, while Flickr stores your pictures at full res, it serves them smaller. Say you have a 2592x1944 original, the largest you can download is 1024x768.

If you want to download the original file, you can. Just set up an RSS feed of your photostream, and open your RSS reader. Find the photo you want. You'll see the words "original enclosure" in the feed item. This is the link to the full-res file. Download and you're done.

DOWNSIDE: You will only see photos you've tagged for the public.
UPSIDE: But this means you'll be able to go back further in time than your 200 limit if you have more than 1 photos tagged private. (read the entire post)...

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Monster fibs

, posted: 23-May-2007 11:02

In Harvey Norman's new Lower Hutt store, there's a Monster Cable demo that consists of two LCD TVs, side by side, one showing DVD playback via generic RCA leads and one via Monster Cable.

The displays show pictures from the same DVD, "A Bug's Life". The "Monster" picture looks over-sharp and contrasty. The "generic" one looks quite nice, even though a bit desaturated and soft. I'm thinking "Oh they've set up the displays differently to exaggerate the difference between the two cables." But really. Could anyone tell the difference in a proper blind trial?

But then I check round the back. The generic RCA carries the composite video out the back of the DVD player. The Monster cables carry component.

What a shabby, shabby con. (read the entire post)...

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