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Monster fibs

, posted: 23-May-2007 11:02

In Harvey Norman's new Lower Hutt store, there's a Monster Cable demo that consists of two LCD TVs, side by side, one showing DVD playback via generic RCA leads and one via Monster Cable. The displays show pictures from the same DVD, "A Bug's Life". The "Monster" picture looks over-sharp and contrasty. The "generic" one looks quite nice, even though a bit desaturated and soft. I'm thinking "Oh they've set up the displays differently to exaggerate the difference between the two cables." But really. Could anyone tell the difference in a proper blind trial? But then I check round the back. The generic RCA carries the composite video out the back of the DVD player. The Monster cables carry component. What a shabby, shabby con.

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Comment by Grant17, on 23-May-2007 11:20

Yep, a typical salesperson trick, just trying to increase their commission.

Shabby is the word...

Author's note by TomAckroyd, on 23-May-2007 11:29

Actually it's probably more a Monster trick. It was a Monster sales display, with cards explaining how it all worked etc (with, to be honest, a disclaimer about the set-up, expicitly acknowledging the wiring set-up.) I doubt Harvey Norman salespeople are aware how dodgy it is, and would maybe even think there is an even bigger difference between the two kinds of cable than between composite and component.

Comment by sbiddle, on 23-May-2007 12:11

I spotted this myself on the weekend because I wondered why there was such an obvious difference between the two pictures.

Shocking sales pitch.. but I guess you need something to sell people a $200 cable. It's no different to snake oil salesmen.

I would challenge anybody to tell the difference between a $10 Warehouse component cable and $200 monster component cable. Their DHMI cables are even worse, something like $250 for a HDMI -> HDMI cable vs $15 for one off TradeMe. The pure digital signal is the least likely to be affected by a lower quality cable, if at all.

Author's note by TomAckroyd, on 23-May-2007 12:19

Steve - re. HDMI did you see this on Ars Technica this morning?

Comment by sbiddle, on 23-May-2007 12:33

I noticed in the recent LV Martin catalogue a huge promo on HDMI 1.3 cables to go with the new HDMI 1.3 capable TV's. What a shame that while the TV's are HDMI 1.3 compatible that there is no device capable of supporting 1.3 so there is no need for the exspensive cable!

Comment by sbiddle, on 23-May-2007 12:38

Your story also had another interesting link in it

Discusses the HDMI cable ripoff.

Author's note by TomAckroyd, on 23-May-2007 16:13

@sbiddle 12.38 - loving the comment thread on that.

Comment by paradoxsm, on 24-May-2007 00:12

Monster cables are actually junk...... Ever cut one open? the cables are very cheap-o looking and the plugs are no better than $10 cables.

The award for the solid-est lead is "Audio research" they are built like RF patch cables! (I won't say they are good though, just very solid!)

I have always made my own, USed "shark" connectors last time which were VERY solid.

Yes, that type of trick is a very old one, Take pictures and post them on Flickr. best payback ever!

Comment by Dean, on 18-Feb-2008 21:49

This guy doesnt rip you off for HDMI cables, good qaulity and very fair pricing.