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PS3 and HDMI

, posted: 26-May-2008 11:10

I bought a PS3 from the Sony Style shop on Willis St in Wellington last week, and was upset to discover no HDMI or component cable in the box. I rang them to complain that it would have been good to know at the time of purchase, and that they should have included one anyway, and straight away they offered me a cable at half-price. Good on you, Sony Style. But to Sony, and all manufacturers who make machines from which you can only get the best picture using HDMI, - shame on you for not including them in the box.

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Comment by chiefie, on 26-May-2008 12:13

The box has a list of items included, which you should have checked a bit more, and also, it is publicly criticised that PS3 should have included HDMI cable for more than a year now. AND I do agree with you, Sony should have included it!

At least you got a half-priced HDMI, and didn't get scammed into getting Monster Super-Duper-Gold-Is-Best-For-1M-Digital-Signal-Connection.

Comment by amanzi, on 26-May-2008 12:37

I think they should inlcude one in the box too. And good on you for complaining about it.

Comment by Justin Giles, on 26-May-2008 14:29

I agree that they should include one hdmi cable as well... at least in the 80 gig bundle like the elite for 360.

Comment by Thumbs, on 26-May-2008 19:51

Well they say the way to get the best picture is to use a HDMI connection and a HDTV, should they have included this in the box aswell?

yeah would be nice of them to include one, but really why are they obliged to? if you read the box you can see whats contained within it and a quick question to the staff in the sony style shop would have told you everything you need to know.

Author's note by TomAckroyd, on 26-May-2008 21:26

Of course they are not obliged to include anything. It's just years of buying stuff that had cables included (VCRs, hi-fi components, digital cameras, handycams etc) generates a very strong default assumption that they will continue to be included.
My biggest gripe is that the "cables included" products always supported native resolution, power supply or protocol - AA batteries, transformers, RF leads, SD composite & RCA audio, USB, Firewire, whatever.

When the default - or native - resolution of PS3, (ie 720P or 1080P), is suddenly not supported out of the box it trips you up.

And yes, maybe I should have checked, but I would still be just as aggrieved.