Winners of Windows Phone competition announced, more NZ Windows Phone apps

, posted: 13-Feb-2012 10:49

Microsoft has announced the winners four Samsung Focus Flash Phones in New Zealand.

Shane S Anderson – Auckland Bus Stops 
Donald Dingwall – Tap That 
Brian Donovan-Smith – Ye Be Lame 
Craig Moodie – Hip Hop Blog

And here is a list of all new New Zealand-developed apps submited to this competition:

App TitleDeep Link
Auckland Bus Stops
BAPS Satsang App
Beer Rater
Big Bang Fan Quiz
Bus Card Balance Auckland
CCNet Monitor
D&B Blogs
Dice Roller
Discover Boston
Doodle Draw
DubStep Blogs
Follow Curiosity
Game of Life
HipHop Blog
Indoor Rowing Calc
Learn NZSL
Life Hacks
Light Weight Free
Log Book
Magic 8 Ball
Mood Finger Scanner
Mugglenet News
My Deal USA
My Powershop
Nigh and Day
Number Guess
NZ Post
NZ rain Radar
NZ Soundboard
Office Calculator
Palmerston North City & Manawatu
Paris Movie Walks
Rainbow Calculator
Roadside Stories
Rock Blogs
Rock Paper Sissors
Simple Buzzer
Simple Calculator
Simple Strobelight
SlingShot Internet Usage
SuperMarket Finder NZ
Tap That
Team Connect
Team MCG RSS Feed
Vodafone NZ SMS Service
Walk Auckland
Word Rush
Ye Be Lame
Zombie Madness

Customise your Visual Studio 2010 colour scheme

, posted: 24-Jan-2012 10:12

While the default blue on white base colour scheme in Visual Studio 2010 is fine for most, some people (like myself and several of my colleagues) prefer working against a darker background or with different sets of font styles and colours – in my case this is mostly to help with eye strain, staring into a bright white monitor for hours on end can be somewhat harsh on the ol’ eye-balls at times.  

Luckily its quite simple to customise your environment in Visual Studio 2010, right down the the minute of details. Simply open up the preferences through the menu: ‘Tools –> Options –> Environment Fonts and Colors’.

It’s a good idea to back up your settings first (‘Import and Export Settings’) before playing around. This will ensure you can always revert back to your original settings at any point without fear.  

A fantastic little developer community has popped up recently over at where you can browse and download hundreds of pre-rolled themes that other people have already built and tested for longevity.

The top-rated schemes are a great place to start if you’re keen to try something new without spending a lot of time on tweaking everything just so.   

Download a trial of Visual Studio.

About the author

Phil Gale is a Software Architect and Graphic Designer with over a decade of hands on experience in the web and software industry. He is a director at Red Jungle where they make fantastic software with exceptional user experiences. You can catch him twitter at @redjungle and on Geekzone as well.

Welcome to the Visual Studio blog on Geekzone!

, posted: 17-Nov-2011 14:05

Hello and welcome to this Microsoft-sponsored Visual Studio blog on Geekzone. A few years back we ran the quite successful Visual Studio 2008 blog, a curated blog where some developers from the New Zealand .Net community had a space to share tips, tricks about Visual Studio, Windows Azure and Microsoft SQL Server.

There is now a new wave of tools available to .Net developers, system administrators and DBAs so we decided to bring this new blog online, covering the same topics plus Windows Phone and anything else related to development in the Windows platform.

As in our previous blog, Microsoft New Zealand is sponsoring the activities here, but you will find the posts come from actual developers. You will also find some posts from Microsoft experts.

Make sure you check the sidebar to connect with Microsoft New Zealand via Twitter or Facebook, and subscribe to this blog's RSS feeds.

About the Visual Studio blog

In the years since the hugely successful release of Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft has used developer feedback from all over the world to introduce new features in later releases.

This sponsored blog will bring Visual Studio tips and tricks from well known developers in the New Zealand tech community directly to you.

Every second day during November and December 2011 you will find something new here. Make sure you bookmark this blog or subscribe to its RSS feed.    

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