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I'm a bit worried about my cat...

By Rob Anderson, in , posted: 5-Dec-2007 10:35

I always knew he was clever, and after coming home one day to find this, that was definitely confirmed:

Clever Milton

I do realise that he needs to work on his spelling!

Milton was born in Hampshire, UK, in 1999, and travelled to NZ with his family (that's his family, ie: his humans and dog) in 2002.

Milton is a great hunter, preferring rabbits and the odd rat. He considers mice to be too trivial to chase, but the local mouse community are so traumatised by his hunting accumen, that one mouse committed a double-whammy suicide last week:

Double Whammy Mouse

But I hear you say; "Where is the Geek angle??!?"

Well, yesterday we came home to find that Milton had been writing again:

Milton Geek

Has he approached Geekzone about a login??!?

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Comment by TinyTim, on 5-Dec-2007 13:50

It's all because you let him up on the bench. Give them an inch, they'll take a mile. (Is that his diary on the bench?)

Comment by lugh, on 5-Dec-2007 18:29

Next he'll be tying up the phone line.

Comment by Fossie, on 24-Dec-2007 11:56

Pretty soon your internet cap will be exceeded and your credit card maxed out on balls of string!

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