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I've got the wonkiest Christmas Tree

By Rob Anderson, in , posted: 27-Dec-2007 10:03

I hope everyone has had a fantastic Christmas and Boxing Day!!
(or a fantastic non-denominational/faith-unspecific/gender-neutral/racial-accepting holiday/celebration/festival/ordinary-day/Tuesday-Wednesday...
Wow!! How PC was that??!?)

My family and I had a great day. Not being religious (humanist actually), we celebrated nature through a morning visit to the beach, followed by copious worship of the gods of food and wine. Boxing Day was a similar event, celebrating with friends.

The Christmas tree has always been an important part of Christmas throughout my life, but this year we have had a great deal of tree culling and topping on our property, so we struggled to find a decent pine tree for the occasion. Finally on Christmas eve (too late to buy a tree - a totally abhorent idea from my wife's perspective, as is the idea of a fake tree), my boys and I trotted down to the bottom of the property and picked what we thought was the best option available - the straightest branch we could find among the topped shelter belt. A quick buzz on the chainsaw, haul it up to the house, find a bucket and fill with gravel/dirt/rocks, and stand back to take a look, oops...

After decorating it does look a bit better, but there is a definite lean wouldn't you agree?

We just tell everyone that it is a traditional "Chatham Islands" Christmas tree - all the trees on the Chathams grow like that!!

It's probably gone by now; de-frocked and added to the pile of other bits of pine tree to be burnt when the wind drops. Still, it performed it's duty admirably and we will miss the smell of pine in the living room.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! and have a happy geeky New Year!!!!

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