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Excellent customer service from amazon.com

By Rob Anderson, in , posted: 10-Feb-2008 16:38

When living in the UK we were frequent customers of amazon.co.uk, and always found their service to be outstanding. Having a bit of a book habit, which has over time developed into a DVD video habit (notably Star Trek), amazon was a great place to buy.

Since being back in NZ, I have used amazon.com from time to time (Star Trek again not surprisingly). My son has developed a CSI New York habit now, and for Christmas requested seson three - amazon.com being the cheapest (and only) source, I put in an order just before Christmas, of course realising it would not be here for the big day, but the boy was okay with that.
I surreptitiously ordered a couple of DVD movies, making the most of the shipping charges.

The CDINY and one of the movies arrived a few days after Christmas - excellent, really enjoyed Star Trek II: The Search for Spock, and the boy was happy with his New York forensics adventures.

But what of the other DVD movie?? After a couple of weeks I contacted amazon.com, email through the web site, asking where my package was. I got an email straight back, stating that the DVD had been "lost in shipping", and they would send a replacement via "expedited international shipping". They did bill me for the replacement, but promptly refunded the charge, leaving me with a couple of dollars profit from the exchange rates.

I was quite pleased about this. Although I had to wait for a bit longer, there was no interrogation, amazon just effectively said: "There has been a problem, don't care whose fault, we will put it right." Take note NZ companies!!?!

But it doesn't end there! A day after amazon sorted it out, guess what? - the DVD arrived (from the orginal order)!

I could have just not mentioned anything, but being the honest geek that I am, I emailed amazon.com again to let them know I had received the item. As the replacement had already been shipped, amazon suggested that I could either pay for the replacement or return it. I investigated returning it, and when I informed amazon that I didn't want to pay for the return shipping (why should I be out of pocket?) they turned around and said "just keep it with our compliments". They even suggested that I donate it to a library or somewhere similar - very civic minded!!?!

I now have two copies of Trading Places, which is a truly entertaining and very funny movie. Any suggestions as to a home for the replacement? Still in it's original packaging, bearing in mind it is a zone 1 DVD.

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Comment by freitasm, on 10-Feb-2008 17:59

The same happened to me when I bought a book about five years ago - they sent me a new one, and the first order arrived just a couple of days before the other one. Again I was told to keep it with compliments.

Very good service and never had anything to complain about it.

Comment by allstarnz, on 10-Feb-2008 20:10

I have bought things off the German and US bits of Amazon (books and DVD's) and have never had a problem with either of them. Things have arrived as described and usually in good time

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