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Visionstream awarded Chorus Auckland patch - another blow against the industry at the hands of Telecom

By Rob Anderson, in , posted: 19-Jul-2009 10:16

NBR article, I heard about this last week through a colleague in the industry.

Telecom again chips away at the Telecommunications industry in NZ:

  • Awarding patch contracts to the lowest bidder erodes contractor margins and ultimately errodes customer service levels
  • Visionstream are implementing an "owner operator" system. The technicians take all the risk by shelling out up to $90k to set themsleves up, but are then dependent on Visionstream for their work - sounds like an ideal way to manipulate your workforce into lower rates.
  • Pissed off technicians are going to start looking elsewhere or even leave the industry - a skills sortage does nobody any good, especially customers

I remember something from a Massey management paper I did in the 80's that has stayed with me:

"Every organisation has a responsibility to the environment it operates within"

It's common sense really - not a good idea to destroy the industry you work in.


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Comment by Mark Jefferies, on 22-Jul-2009 08:15

Was saddened when I saw this announcement Rob. Another nail in the coffin for telecommunications technicians. How anyone will now be able to enter this industry at the ground floor is beyond my comprehension. Gone are the days of telco's taking on trainees, giving them world class skills... my intake was the last of the telecom days for radio techs, and 1986 was a looooong time ago :)

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